Martial Peak

Chapter 1129 - Saint King Pill

Chapter 1129, Saint King Pill

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Seeing Yu Feng’s loose expression, Wu Yi glared at him and shouted, “Shameful! What I want to know about is the materials we sent you to purchase.”

“Oh, that. I bought them, it’s all here,” Yu Feng said, handing the Space Ring in his hand to Yang Yan.

Yang Yan accepted the ring and swept it with her Divine Sense for a moment before nodding, “Good, with these materials, as long as I have a month, I can arrange a Spirit Array to perfectly protect this mountain. When the time comes, we won’t have to fear anyone!”

Wu Yi and Yu Feng both looked at her with some surprise, but soon, Wu Yi shook her head and turned back to Yu Feng to ask, “What are you holding?”

“This? This was something Young Master Wu Ke brought over and told me to hand to Yang Kai,” Yu Feng explained. When he returned just now, he had seen Wu Ke loitering around outside the cave and went up to ask what he was doing here. As soon as Yu Feng asked though, Wu Ke simply shoved this jade box into his hands and said it was something Elder Ba wished to gift to Yang Kai before he quickly flew away.

“Elder Ba ordered my cousin to deliver this?” Wu Yi’s brow furrowed for a moment, but suddenly remembering something, her eyes fixed on the jade box as she said, “Open it and let me see.”

Yu Feng opened the jade box and a refreshing fragrance immediately filled the cave.

“Saint King Pill?” Wu Yi and Yu Feng both exclaimed at the same time, the former secretly shocked that her stingy family had so readily gifted away the last Saint King Pill they had in storage while the latter was constantly gulping as his eyes filled with avarice.

On the other hand, Yang Yan only took a brief look at the Saint King Pill before going back to her own business.

“Was this really what Elder Ba asked my cousin to deliver?” Wu Yi asked in an uncertain tone.

“En, otherwise where would I have obtained it?”

“It looks like the family intends to forge a friendship with Yang Kai…” Wu Yi muttered and before immediately chuckling, “En, it seems they haven’t gone senile from old age yet. They truly should want to create a friendly relationship with him, but seeing how they sent my cousin and not one of the Elders, they should still be having some scruples about something… Forget it, since they have sent this Saint King Pill, just give it to Yang Kai, he should need this right now.”

If it had been something else, Wu Yi would have told Yu Feng to send it back, but this Saint King Pill was different.

“Ok,” Yu Feng carefully closed the jade box before walking deeper into the cave.

Arriving in front of the stone room where Yang Kai lived, before Yu Feng had time to speak, Yang Kai’s voice came over, “Brother Yu, come in.”

Yu Feng grinned and walked inside, handing over the jade box in his hands before explaining where he had obtained it.

“A Saint King Pill…” Yang Kai looked at the longan sized pill inside the jade box with amusement. As an Alchemist, he naturally knew what the Saint King Pill was for.

After breaking through to the Saint King Realm from the Saint Realm, taking a Saint King Pill would help a cultivator consolidate their foundation and mood. Because this pill only had such effects when crossing this particular Great Realm, it was called the Saint King Pill.

The Saint King Pill was a Saint King Grade Mid-Rank pill, not to high in terms of grade, but refining it required a lot of materials.

Basically, a pill to help stabilize one’s cultivation existed for each Great Realm breakthrough; however, because Yang Kai possessed the Demon Eye of Annihilation and had absorbed the insights and sentiments into the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao of many higher realm cultivators, he had never needed such pills to consolidate his foundation.

While Yang Kai didn’t need this thing, others did, and for many cultivators, this pill was incredibly precious.

The Hai Ke Family delivering him a Saint King Pill was clearly their way of showing goodwill. Yang Kai knew this, and if he had been anyone else, it might have had some effect, but to him, pills were what he needed the least.

Yang Kai himself was a high-grade Alchemist, so if he ever needed pills, he would refine them himself as there was more than enough spirit grasses and spirit medicines in his Black Book space.

Seeing Yu Feng literally drooling at the sight of the Saint King Pill in his hands, Yang Kai closed the jade box again and tossed it over to him, “You eat it.”

“Ah?” Yu Feng was shocked and after fumbling to catch the jade box frantically waved his hands, “I can’t! This is something the family gave to you, it’s extremely precious! Our Hai Ke Family had to specially request an Alchemist to refine a few of these many years ago. When Young Lady broke through to the Saint King Realm, she took one, but as far as I know, this is the last.”

“If you want to eat it, just eat it. I have no need of it,” Yang Kai shrugged casually.

“But I broke through to the Saint King Realm over three years ago, taking this now will only give me some minor benefits,” Yu Feng couldn’t bear to waste this precious treasure.

“Then I’ll just give it to you instead. Whether you eat it or sell it is up to you,” Yang Kai smiled.

“Brother Yang, don’t you want it? I won’t be able to explain to the family if you do this.”

“Didn’t you just leave the family along with Wu Yi? Why would you need to explain anything to them?” Yang Kai gave him a wryly laugh.

Yu Feng froze up for a moment before patted his forehead, “Right…”

As if he had only now remembered he had left the family, Yu Feng’s expression became a little gloomy.

Yang Kai spoke a few words of comfort, “It’s not necessarily a bad thing for you to leave the Hai Ke Family. At the very least, you can rest assured that you’ll get better cultivation conditions here than in the Hai Ke Family.”

Yu Feng politely nodded, “Then I’ll express my thanks in advance for Brother Yang’s kindness. Honestly, it doesn’t matter much to me, but Young Lady, she… haa…”

Yu Feng was obviously more concerned about Wu Yi than himself. On top of that, he didn’t take Yang Kai’s words seriously. He acknowledged Yang Kai’s combat power, but to say he could provide better cultivation conditions than the Hai Ke Family wasn’t something Yu Feng could easily believe.

After Yu Feng left, Yang Kai sank into contemplation for a moment before sending out a Divine Sense Message.

A short time later, the Stone Puppet popped up from underground.

After a few days of hard work, the Stone Puppet had collected a lot of Space Spirit Crystals. Yang Kai let it spit out these Space Spirit Crystals before ordering it to open up a few more stone rooms in the cave.

Wu Yi and Yu Feng were now homeless and could only live here temporarily. It was because of Yang Kai that they had fallen into this awkward position so naturally, he wasn’t going to just abandon them.

The Stone Puppet opened up stone rooms incredibly quickly. On top of that, its thoughts were simple so when it received Yang Kai’s orders, it went all out, completely re-modelling the cave.

One stone room after another was neatly arranged on either side of the main cave tunnel, each of them equal in size and dimension, as if they had all been measured and cut by the most precise of tools.

Soon, there were hundreds of rooms in the cave.

A short time later, when Yang Kai swept the cave with his Divine Sense and saw this, he could only grin wryly before letting the Stone Puppet go back to mining Space Spirit Crystals.

While in retreat to consolidate his Saint King Realm cultivation, Yang Kai was also refining the purple shield artefact that Yang Yan had newly forged for him. Xu Zhi Shen’s Hundred Mountains Picture had caused Yang Kai some difficulties with just six of the phantom mountains being summoned. If all one hundred of the illusionary peaks had been summoned, perhaps the surrounding thousand-kilometre region would have been flattened.

Yang Kai desperately needed a defensive artefact.

After Yang Yan and the others sorted through their cache of materials and emerged from their chamber, they were shocked by the changes the cave had undergone. After just two days, there were now hundreds of stone rooms of equal dimension inside the cave, making Wu Yi and Yu Feng feel like they were in some kind of dreamland!

The two of them thought it was Yang Kai’s handiwork, but neither of them had even noticed when all this work had taken place. Only Yang Yan understood that this was all thanks to the Stone Puppet.

Since there were now many stone rooms, Wu Yi and Yu Feng freely chose one for themselves as their own residence. Yang Yan took out some Saint Crystals and materials to arrange small Aura Gathering Spirit Arrays for them inside their stone rooms to improve the cultivation environment before beginning her work on the mountain’s defensive Spirit Array.

Fortunately, Wu Yi cultivated a Fire Attribute Secret Art, and although she wasn’t versed in Artifact Refining, under Yang Yan’s guidance, it was still possible for her to refine some simple items.

The Stone Puppet was the busiest of all. Shortly after it had been sent Yang Kai to mine Space Spirit Crystals, it was called back by Yang Yan and began spending all day quenching different materials. This was the Stone Puppet’s innate ability and it could complete it both faster and with higher quality than any human could, so why wouldn’t Yang Yan use it?

As a result, Yang Yan saved a great amount of time and energy, allowing her to experience a far more relaxed and enjoyable Artifact Refining process. With the Stone Puppet assisting her, all she needed to do was mold the materials and portray the appropriate Spirit Arrays.

Half a month later, Yang Kai exited his retreat.

As soon as he left his stone room, he immediately realized the great changes that had occurred outside.

Originally it was just him and Yang Yan here, Wu Yi and Yu Feng joined them sometime later, bringing the total occupants of Dragon Cave Mountain to four. Now though, there were at least forty cultivators moving about the cave.

Some were cultivating in the stone rooms, others were running errands, the entire Dragon Cave Mountain had become lively.

What was going on?

Yang Kai was suspicious as he walked out, but everyone he met greeted him with great enthusiasm. Yang Kai soon discovered that he recognized all of these people, even if he didn’t know all of their names.

These people were the cultivators who had been aboard Wu Yi’s Starship as well as the ones who had helped set up the cave for Yang Kai under Yu Feng’s leadership.

“Yang Kai!” Wu Yi’s voice suddenly called out and Yang Kai turned a smile towards her.

After not seeing her for half a month, Wu Yi’s complexion had improved a lot, and the sorrow between her brows had disappeared. She now seemed more youthful and beautiful than before, her whole aura filled with happiness.

“These people are…” Yang Kai asked her curiously.

“They all came here to follow me,” Wu Yi looked at Yang Kai apologetically, “They also announced that they will separate from the family.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai was somewhat taken aback, he hadn’t expected Wu Yi to command such respect. If there were one or two men who decided to follow Wu Yi because they adored her, that would have been one thing, but over forty men and women not even hesitating to separate from the Hai Ke Family could only be a result of Wu Yi’s prestige and charisma, there was no other explanation!

It was not a trivial act to separate from one’s family without authorization, especially if so many left all at once. This was no different than slapping the Hai Ke Family’s face dozens of times! Facing this kind of insult, it was unclear if the Hai Ke Family would stand idly by.

“Sorry, I didn’t know things would turn out like this,” Wu Yi said guiltily. The main reason she had announced she would leave the family was not because she wanted to protect Yang Kai, but rather because the family had treated her too coldly. Wu Yi’s decision leading to more than forty others following her had caught her by surprise, but it was a pleasant one this time.

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