Martial Peak

Chapter 1127 - Just A Joke

Chapter 1127, Just A Joke

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After hearing Ba Qing Yan’s words, Wu Yi still didn’t respond while Yu Feng coldly snorted; it was the first time he realized that his own Elder could be so shameless, causing him a bit of embarrassment.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was just sneering. Ba Qing Yan was indeed an old fox, instantly making it appear that Yang Kai was the guest while his Hai Ke Family was the host, all but directly saying that this was their land, and since he was living here, shouldn’t he give them some face?

Ba Qing Yan also knew that he no longer had any prestige in front of these two, so after finishing what he had to say, he didn’t care about their attitudes and simply cupped his fists to Yang Kai before departing.

The man named Wu Ke also wore a complex look filled with envy as he glanced over at Wu Yi and Yang Kai for a moment. He had never expected that immediately after leaving the family, Wu Yi would find herself a powerful backer with seemingly unlimited prospects.

The young women following behind Ba Qing Yan also directed jealous looks towards Wu Yi, many of them turning their heads several times as they left, sending unambiguous looks towards Yang Kai, as if all he needed to do was nod and they would immediately throw themselves at him.

After a long while, only Yang Kai, Yang Yan, Wu Yi, and Yu Feng remained in the now barren Dragon Cave Mountain where neither birds nor beasts could be seen.

Wu Yi’s eyes were slightly red as she wore a forced smile, “Yang Kai, I’ve shown you something unsightly.”

“How can they be like this?” Yu Feng muttered. In the past, the two of them had felt pride in being members of the Hai Ke Family, but after all the events that transpired today, that sense of belonging had been directly destroyed. Wu Yi had even been forced into a position where she had to announce her separation from the family rather than be unjustly brought back by Ba Qing Yan to suffer sanctions under the Family Law. Even if she were to die here though, she had not wanted to see her Elders acting so pitiful and opportunistic.

Her family’s weakness was completely different from what she had imagined.

Yang Kai seemed to know what she was thinking and said lightly, “This world only respects strength, without it, one can only curry favour from others. Just surviving isn’t easy.”

Wu Yi heard these words and thoughtfully looked over at Yang Kai, but the confusion in her beautiful eyes did not abate.

Yu Feng didn’t think too deeply about the subject and instead asked with some worry, “Yang Kai, the Xu Family will never relent now that you’ve killed Xu Zhi Shen. Before today they didn’t understand how strong you were, so they only sent over a few masters, but those that ran away will certainly report what’s happened here so next time the Xu Family will prepare. Shouldn’t we hurry and leave this place?”

Before Yang Kai could respond, Yang Yan chimed in, “There’s no need to leave, just give me enough materials and I’ll arrange a proper Spirit Array here to repel any intruders.”

Yang Kai also didn’t plan on leaving. Even if he hadn’t implicated Wu Yi and Yu Feng today, with such a large Space Spirit Crystal mine beneath Dragon Cave Mountain, there was no way Yang Kai would abandon this place before the Stone Puppet finished clearing it out.

Yang Kai cultivated the Dao of Space and needed a lot of Space Spirit Crystals. There was nowhere else he would find such a rich deposit.

Yang Kai didn’t have a complete understanding of Yang Yan’s abilities with Spirit Arrays, but seeing her shocking performance today, he was quite confident in her skill.

Not to mention, Yang Kai was now a Saint King, and although he didn’t know if he could compete with Origin Returning Realm cultivators, the Xu Family didn’t have such a master anyway so he didn’t care even if they did come in force.

“What materials do you need?” Yang Kai asked.

“Ores and cultivation materials, basically anything besides spirit herbs for Alchemy will be useful.”

“I have some here,” Wu Yi immediately took some items from her Space Ring.

“Me too, but it’s not much nor is it very high grade,” Yu Feng also contributed.

“It’s no problem, just get Yang Kai to purchase them,” Yang Yan grinned. Others didn’t know how rich Yang Kai was, but she was different. The artefacts she refined for him had already been converted into Saint Crystals by Yang Kai and on top of that, he had so many Space Spirit Crystals that raising several tens of thousands of Saint Crystals was a cinch.

“I just broke through and need to consolidate my cultivation. Yu Feng, I’ll have to trouble you to make a trip to Heavenly Fate City,” Yang Kai said while taking out fifty thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals from the Black Book space, storing them in a Universe Bag, and handing it to Yu Feng.

Although he had never seen such a low-grade storage artefact, when Yu Feng swept its content with his Divine Sense, he immediately went pale, “So many Saint Crystals?”

The amount of Saint Crystals he was holding was almost equal to the total income of the entire Hai Ke Family for a year. Yu Feng had never expected Yang Kai to so casually hand him such a shocking amount of wealth and he couldn’t help wondering just where he had acquired all of it in such a short amount of time.

After all, when they picked Yang Kai up, there was only one Space Ring on him and it had already found its way into Wu Yi’s hands.

On the other hand, Yang Kai handing him so many Saint Crystals at once gave Yu Feng a profound sense of responsibility and quickly stated, “Brother Yang can rest assured, I will definitely buy the require materials at the best price available.”

Glancing over at Wu Yi, Yu Feng declared solemnly, “I’ll have to ask you to look after the Young Lady for a while.”

Yang Kai nodded and Yu Feng flew off towards Heavenly Fate City.

Yang Kai felt quite comfortable trusting Yu Feng with this errand. Just a moment ago, he had continuously stood up to his own family’s Elder for Wu Yi. Although his actions could be considered quite simple-minded, they also perfectly showcased the depths of his loyalty.

“Wu Yi, you should first take a rest, your complexion is quite bad,” Yang Kai said to Wu Yi.

Wu Yi nodded gently before walking silently to the cave, accompanied by Yang Yan.

After also returning to the cave, Yang Kai began sorting through his Space Ring and Black Book Space. Everything he could use he handed over to Yang Yan. He had already confirmed her abilities and now that she was about to arrange a grand Spirit Array to protect the cave, the more materials she had the better.

Yang Kai kept the Thunder Attribute Bird Wood that had been formed from the corpse of the Tenth-Order Monster Beast Thunder Luan as he planned to discuss how to best use it with Yang Yan later.

After handling these trivial matters, Yang Kai took out several dozen High-Rank Saint Crystals, placed them around himself, and sat down in the middle of the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags to consolidate his new Saint King Realm cultivation.

If Yang Kai had only broken through a Minor Realm, consolidating his cultivation wouldn’t be particularly urgent, but breaking through to a new Great Realm was different. Stabilizing his realm was essential for his future cultivation.

And so, the storm surrounding Dragon Cave Mountain came to an end, but a new one was now brewing within the Hai Ke Family.

Wu Yi’s friend surnamed Yang, a Third Order Saint, had killed Xu Zhi Shen, a Third Order Saint King, and robbed him of two high-grade artefacts. On top of that, Wu Yi’s female friend turned out to not only be a Saint Grade Artefact Refiner but also a Spirit Array Grandmaster!

When this news spread to the Hai Ke Family’s leadership, all of them were incredibly shocked.

“Qing Yan, you mean to say that youth named Yang Kai killed that old fox, Xu Zhi Shen? You really saw it with your own eyes?” A long-bearded old man sitting in the middle of the family discussion hall asked with clear disbelief.

This old man was the current Patriarch of Hai Ke Family, Yi En.

It wasn’t that Yi En was unwilling to believe Ba Qing Yan, but the story this time was simply too difficult to imagine. Saying Yang Kai killed a First Order Saint King as a Third Order Saint might have been acceptable, but who was Xu Zhi Shen? He was a Xu Family Elder and one of their most powerful masters. Even if Yi En had taken action personally, he may not have been able to win such a fight, and if he had to face Xu Zhi Shen while the latter was wielding the Hundred Mountains Picture, Yi En would only be able to withdraw.

If it had been anyone else telling such a tale, Yi En would have just laughed it off as a joke, but it was Ba Qing Yan who was speaking.

Not only did Yi En have doubts, all the other Elders and Foreign Elders inside the hall were giving Ba Qing Yan strange looks.

“Old Ba, did you become muddled after cultivating too hard? Convening us here in the middle of the day to talk about such nonsense isn’t funny,” An Elder named Wa Lun sitting nearby chuckled.

“En, Elder Ba, if this is just a joke, I suggest you try something different. This one isn’t funny at all,” A beautiful woman with rich curves said with some dissatisfaction. She was a Hai Ki Family Foreign Elder named Huang Juan.

“Qing Yan, explain the situation carefully. I don’t believe you are one to make up such stories!” Yi En said seriously to Ba Qing Yan.

Ba Qing Yan’s expression remained unchanged. He knew that the words he was speaking sounded ridiculous and if he had been in everyone else’s position and heard them he wouldn’t easily believe them, so he didn’t mind Wa Lun and Huang Juan’s cutting remarks and instead just called out, “Come in.”

More than a dozen people walked into the hall after receiving this summons, most of them from the Hai Ke Family’s younger generation. This group had followed Ba Qing Yan to Dragon Cave Mountain and after entering the hall, bowed respectfully.

The Elders and Foreign Elders present didn’t know what Ba Qing Yan was up to but they held their tongues and waited quietly for whatever was to come next.

“Wu Ke, tell the Patriarch and the Elders present here what you witnessed day. Do not conceal anything, make any slanderous remarks, or add any exaggerations or you will be disciplined in accordance with the Family Law!” Ba Qing Yan said solemnly.

Wu Ke quickly cupped his fists and accepted this task before describing Xu Zhi Shen and the Xu Family’s crusade to Dragon Cave Mountain and the ensuing conflict with Yang Kai. Wu Ke was an eloquent speaker and although none of the Elders besides Ba Qing Yan were present today, from Wu Ke’s speech they had no trouble imagining the scene which had taken place.

When they heard about Wu Yi and Yu Feng choosing to separate from the family in order to protect Yang Kai while openly opposing Ba Qing Yan, the faces of many Elders and Foreign Elders became ugly, many of them calling for the Patriarch to capture them back and subject them to the harshest punishment available under the Family Law to serve as a warning to others.

However, after hearing that Yang Kai had snatched Xu Zhi Shen’s Nether Shadow Soul Silk and instantly erased his Soul Mark from it, forcing the latter to summon six of the Hundred Mountains Picture’s phantom peaks, none of them cared about this minor issue anymore. And when they heard that Yang Kai had managed to burn Xu Zhi Shen to death with his strange black flames even though the latter had the protection of four illusionary mountains and about this young man’s subsequent terrifying breakthrough to the Saint King Realm …

All the Elders and Foreign Elders were dumbfounded, hardly able to believe their ears.

They all already faintly believed this story though, because just now, all of them had felt the disturbance in the local World Energy aura. Dragon Cave Mountain wasn’t too far from here so, naturally, they had noticed this strange phenomenon, but none of them had cared much about it at the time.

Now it seems that disturbance was caused by a single young man breaking through to the Saint King Realm!

Wu Ke finished quickly, and Ba Qing Yan next turned to the other dozen young men and women present and asked, “Did Wu Ke speak even half a lie?”

The dozen people all shook their heads, “No.”

“This matter, did all of you witness it today with your own eyes?”

“Yes, Elder Ba!” The crowd nodded.

“Good, you’re excused,” Ba Qing Yan waved his hand and the dozen or so youths withdrew after saluting.

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