Martial Peak

Chapter 1122 - You’re Quite Arrogant

Chapter 1122, You’re Quite Arrogant

Seeing Wu Yi silently crying, Yu Feng was also enraged and quickly stood beside her, his fists clenched tight and his glare focused directly towards the Elder called Ba Qing Yan.

“Dissolute!”  Ba Qing Yan became even angrier.  Wu Yi questioning his decision, even openly opposing him, was enough to infuriate him, but since she was a woman and destined to leave the Hai Ke Family sooner or later, he could still bear it, yet now even her subordinates dared defy him, how was this tolerable?

“Little Yi, it seems you haven’t been negligent in your management these past years. Do even your subordinates dare rebel against the family’s Elders?”  A man standing to the side, who had not spoken yet, suddenly called out. This man had the appearance of a thirty-year-old and possessed a First Order Saint King cultivation, and from the attire he wore, it was evident his status in the Hai Ke Family wasn’t low.  He called out sternly, “Quickly apologize to Elder Ba, you know the Elder has always been true to his word, don’t let a momentary lapse in judgement harm your future. “

This young man wore a righteous look upon his face and seemed to be helping Wu Yi, but as soon as her cousin spoke these words, Wu Yi knew there was no more room for maneuver.

Elder Ba was indeed a man of his word, stubborn and unrelenting, and now her cousin’s words had clearly fanned the flames.

Sure enough, as soon as his words had ended, Ba Qing Yan coldly snorted and declared, “Apologize?  This old master only acts in the interest of the family, there’s no need for her to apologize, as soon as she returns to the family, she will receive judgement according to the Family Law!”

Saying so, he then turned to Yu Feng and added, “You will be held accountable too!”

Yu Feng’s face turned pale as he glanced over at Wu Yi with a stunned look, this sudden disaster befalling him had stunned him ignorant.

A hint of concealed joy flashed across the thirty-year-old man, but he still maintained an anxious look upon his face, constantly appealing for Wu Yi’s sake in front of Ba Qing Yan, listing out the various merits she had won over the years.

His words not only didn’t help though, they instead aggravated the situation as many who were listening began to feel that Wu Yi had grown arrogant and was trying to take advantage of her status.

“What wrong did I do?”  Wu Yi suddenly wiped the corners of her eyes and stared stubbornly at her cousin and Ba Qing Yan, biting her red lips so hard they bled, “I haven’t done anything wrong, it’s you who are using strength to bully the weak!”

“Good!” Ba Qing Yan smiled instead of becoming angrier, “You dare talk back to this old master like this, it seems you’re impatient to die!”

Wu Yi smiled miserably, “I don’t need this kind of family.  From today on, I hereby separate myself from the Hai Ke Family and will have nothing to do with it in the future.  As for the Family Law, I need not accept it anymore!”

“You…” Ba Qing Yan never expected this little girl would dare say such outrageous words and for a moment was stunned silent.

All cultivators from the Hai Ke Family were also dumbstruck as the stared at Wu Yi in surprise, none of them having anticipated she would cut off her relationship with the family for a small cultivator of unknown origin.  Something like this had never happened before.

It was always the family which cast out disciples, not the disciple who separated from the family.  This was a display of pure contempt for the family, an outrageous insult!

Wu Yi’s cousin named Wu Ke was secretly overjoyed in his heart.  Although Wu Yi was a woman, she had better aptitude and skill than him.  Over these past many years, he had never underestimated Wu Yi, even taking pains to specifically investigate her.  He knew that Wu Yi had ambitions of changing the family and also understood that if she really won the favour and affirmation of the Elders, becoming the Matriarch of the Hai Ke Family was possible.

Although the Elders of the family never expected much from Wu Yi because she was a woman, acting cautiously was never a mistake.  What if those old fools were misled by Wu Yi and stupidly named her heir of the family?

However, today, Wu Yi had completely fallen out with Elder Ba and even gone so far as to declare she was leaving the family, a matter worth celebrating.

[Excellent!]  Wu Ke was ecstatic while he maintained a look of calm on his face, silently sneaking a glance towards Yang Kai, wondering if Wu Yi had fallen in love with this man, making her act so recklessly to protect him.  No matter the reason though, Wu Ke gave silent thanks to Yang Kai; if not for this stranger, his cousin might have become his strongest competitor in the future.

“Young Lady…”  Yu Feng called out to Wu Yi in shock, also never having expected her to say such words, but quickly he too wore a determined expression and solemnly declared, “Wherever Young Lady goes, this Yu Feng will follow!”

“Thank you, Yu Feng!”  Wu Yi glanced at him apologetically and said in low spirits, “I’m sorry.”

She knew that her actions just now had caused Yu Feng to become involved.  Now, no matter what she said, Yu Feng would not be able to escape the family’s punishment so his best and only choice was to leave the family with her.

“There’s no need for Young Lady to apologize,” Yu Feng grinned, “If it weren’t for Young Lady rescuing me five years ago, I would have been killed by that Steel Armoured Beast.  On that day, I swore I would only follow Young Lady.”

“Good good, such deep loyalty between master and servant!”  Xu Zhi Shen suddenly clapped and smiled, turning his head to look at Ba Qing Yan, “Brother Ba, I didn’t expect to see such a good scene from your family today.  This grand display has allowed the suffocation in this old master’s heart to ease significantly.”

Since the Hai Ke Family’s internal quarrel broke out, he had not moved and had simply observed with interest.

The Hai Ke Family had roughly the same strength as his Xu Family.  The two forces also shared a border so although there was some trade between them, there was also some friction.  Xu Zhi Shen naturally enjoyed seeing the Hai Ke Family squabble like this; after returning home, it would provide some good laughs for him and his friends.

Xu Zhi Shen’s blatant sarcasm caused Ba Qing Yan’s face to become very ugly, his eyes filling with murderous intent as they stared towards Wu Yi.

Family members squabbling wasn’t a big deal, there were always internal contradictions, but exposing those contradictions to outsiders and allowing them to laugh at them made Ba Qing Yan very angry, wishing he could waste Wu Yi right now and drag her back to punish her severely.

“Brother Ba, this old master doesn’t care how your family decides to settle your own matters, this time, I only want to kill the little beast that hurt Tian Ze!”  After watching this good show, he had also grown somewhat impatient. Stretching out his hand, he pointed at Yang Kai and sneered, “Little beast, do you only know how to hide?  Evidently you’re nothing but a piece of trash that can only survive by leeching off women, quickly come out and die!”

From beginning to end, Yang Kai had only watched; even when Wu Yi was being scolded by her own Elder and declared she would leave the Hai Ke Family, he never said anything.

Because this was a matter related to another’s family; although Yang Kai was the cause of this incident, him interjecting at that time would only make the situation worse.

Yang Kai knew that while part of the reason Wu Yi declared she would leave the Hai Ke Family was because of him, the bigger issue was because she had come to realize the coldness of these people towards her.

Regardless, Yang Kai was very grateful to Wu Yi, her taking such a decisive stand was more than he could have asked for.

Yang Kai secretly decided that he would compensate Wu Yi greatly for her actions today and satisfy her wish to see the world outside Shadowed Star.

A woman of her caliber shouldn’t remain chained to such a small family!

Considering all this, Yang Kai stepped forward, patted Wu Yi’s shoulder gently, and pulled her behind him before turning to Xu Zhi Shen with a sneer, “Old dog, you’re quite arrogant.”

Xu Zhi Shen’s eyes flashed a cold light as he nodded, “Good good good! Little brat, you’re certainly wild enough, I just hope your tongue isn’t the only thing that’s sharp!”

Saying so, a gloomy pulse of Spiritual Energy burst from Xu Zhi Shen’s eyes and shot forward like an arrow towards Yang Kai’s head.

Yang Kai had turned Xu Tian Ze into an idiot with a Divine Sense attack. Xu Zhi Shen knew this better than anyone present, so now he planned to return the favour in kind.  Seeing that Yang Kai was only a Third Order Saint, an entire Great Realm lower than him, Xu Zhi Shen didn’t even use his full strength, wanting to prolong Yang Kai’s suffering so he could deeply understand the cost of boasting shamelessly.

The cold Spiritual Energy that pierced into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea was instantly incinerated by his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, unable to set off even a rippled, causing a backlash on Xu Zhi Shen’s Soul, turning his face pale.

“You…” Xu Zhi Shen stared at Yang Kai in disbelief.  At that moment, he clearly felt a Spiritual Energy stronger than his own burn his thread of Divine Sense.  If it weren’t for only using part of his strength, the backlash just now would have seriously injured if not killed him directly.

Xu Zhi Shen’s complexion changed as he quickly swept his eyes around Yang Kai, trying to find something.

He didn’t believe that pulse of Spiritual Energy had come from Yang Kai and instead thought he was wearing some kind of powerful Soul type artefact.

However, after searching for a long time, Xu Zhi Shen was unable to find anything and fear began creeping into his heart

Of everyone present, only the old man named Ba Qing Yan had the same strength as Xu Zhi Shen, the cultivations of the others weren’t very high, most of them just Saints with only a handful of them being First or Second Order Saint Kings, so none of them knew what just happened and all of them simply saw Xu Zhi Shen take action and were just waiting to see Yang Kai’s miserable fate.

But now, Yang Kai wore the same indifferent look on his face while Xu Zhi Shen had actually gone pale, seemingly having suffered some kind of wound, confusing all of them greatly.

Only Ba Qing Yan’s eyes flashed as he focused his attention on Yang Kai, as if he had discovered something, but soon he slowly shook his head, denying his own guess, refusing to believe that with such pitiful strength, Yang Kai could hurt Xu Zhi Shen.

But Xu Zhi Shen’s Soul aura had definitely become weaker, and it didn’t seem he was faking it, causing Ba Qing Yan to also wonder what happened.

“Old dog, are you going to make your move?  If not, then I will!” Yang Kai grinned towards Xu Zhi Shen.  When he had broken through to the Third Order Saint Realm, Yang Kai was able to kill Second-Order Saint Kings. Now that his body was coursing with pure Golden Blood, and his vitality was far stronger than before.  It was rare for someone in the Third-Order Saint King Realm to offer themselves up for a fight, so Yang Kai was eager to take this chance to determine the full extent of his current strength.

Not wasting any more time, Yang Kai swiftly condensed a sword of Demonic Flame in his hand.

As soon as this sword appeared, both the Hai Ke Family and Xu Family members showed panic-stricken looks.  Ba Qing Yan and Xu Zhi Shen, who were the strongest masters present, both wore dignified expressions as they stared at the dark Demonic Flames.

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