Martial Peak

Chapter 1111 - What The Hell Do You Count For

Chapter 1111, What The Hell Do You Count For

However, it was different now. Since Yang Kai bought Origin Grade ores, it meant that Qian Tong’s previous conjectures were true. He had to discuss this matter with Grandmaster Ge Lin immediately to see if he could make a personal trip to speak with Yang Kai’s master. After all, Artifact Refiners shared a common language amongst themselves. Perhaps Ge Lin would have more success in forming a relationship with that person.

Qian Tong rushed to the palace to speak with Ge Lin, and it wasn’t long before Ge Lin too, became a little excited. The two of them discussed whether Ge Lin should speak to Yang Kai about the Artifact Refiner behind him the next time he came, not just to recruit him but also because Ge Lin himself was interested in having a discussion with a peer.

When Yang Kai arrived back at Dragon Cave Mountain, he found that Yang Yan was not in the cave, which made him feel a bit surprised. Rushing into the cave to investigate, the scene caused Yang Kai’s face to sink and a thick murderous intent to flash across his eyes.

Yang Yan was an innocent woman, so it was impossible for her to have disappeared for no reason, and even more impossible for her to rob his precious materials and escape.

However, there were some clear traces of fighting in the cave, so it was quite obvious that Yang Yan had encountered some kind of danger.

Yang Kai immediately became furious!

Without even mentioning the fact that he had handed over the Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion materials to Yang Yan and he had just purchased a lot of rare ores so Yang Yan could refine him an Origin Grade defensive type artefact, Yang Yan was a genuine Original Grade Artifact, she was his dedicated Artifact Refiner, Yang Kai refused to allow her to have any accidents.

Who did it? Was it the Hai Ke Family?

There weren’t many traces of battle left in the cave, so Yang Yan should not have gotten caught up in a struggle with the enemy here. Although she was an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner, through his observations over these past few months, Yang Kai discovered that she did not seem to possess much combat power.

If the Hai Ke Family really did this, Yang Kai would not even consider Wu Yi’s face and would definitely charge straight in and create a mess.

Releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai swept his surroundings and a moment later, his raging anger subsided greatly. He found that the situation was not as bad as he had thought. Yang Yan was currently safe, but she was seemingly being chased by someone. Right now, she was fleeing through the mountains and rivers a couple dozen kilometres away from the cave.

After discovering Yang Yan’s location, Yang Kai immediately left the cave and quickly rushed towards her, quietly condensing his Saint Qi as a cold look spread across his face.

A moment later, Yang Yan’s cries reached his ears, and Yang Kai’s heart sank.

“Yang Yan!” Yang Kai called out to her and flew over.

Hearing Yang Kai’s voice, Yang Yan, who was fleeing in panic, froze for a moment before a look of pleasant surprise flashed across her eyes and she tightly gripped her black robe and hurried over to his side.

Around her body was a fiery red flowing halo of light that gave off an astonishing heat.

This was clearly a very high-grade defensive artefact, and from the energy fluctuations it gave off, Yang Kai estimated that even if he used his full strength to strike it, he may not necessarily be able to hurt Yang Yan.

Yang Yan’s condition was not bad. In fact, besides being a bit flustered and looking a little pitiful, there wasn’t even a scratch on her, allowing Yang Kai to put down the last of his worries.

“Wu wu wu… Yang Kai save me! Someone is bullying me!” Yang Yan cried as she quickly ran behind Yang Kai and hid.

“Don’t be afraid!” Yang Kai comforted her before turning a cold glare forward.

Several figures quickly flew over towards them, with one of them shouting angrily, “Cheap slut, you dare hurt me? I want you dead!”

Before the words even finished leaving the man’s lips, a huge sword wave flew out, splitting the air and cracking the earth around it, exploding the trees it pass through as if they had been thoroughly rotted.

The sword wave was filled with cold and gloomy murderous intent and obviously wasn’t just meant as a threat but as a true killing blow.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, pulling Yang Yan along with him as he dodged this sword wave.

Five figures landed in the next instant, surrounding Yang Kai and Yang Yan tightly. Yang Yan’s tender body trembled as she clung to Yang Kai’s clothes tightly, an expression of pure fear on her face.

Even if her Artifact Refining skills were astonishing, Yang Yan was still just a little girl less than thirty years old with minimal combat experience; she had never once encountered a life or death fight so it was only natural that this experience frightened her. Although Yang Kai was no beside her, when she saw the fierce look on the faces of the five men surrounding them, Yang Yan couldn’t help feeling scared. She didn’t know if Yang Kai could cope with this situation; after all, he was just a Third Order Saint.

On the other hand, as Yang Kai glanced around at these people, he couldn’t help feeling a bit stunned.

Because he found that while the one being chased, Yang Yan, was completely unharmed, these five men who were doing the chasing all looked quite miserable, especially the young man who seemed to be about the same age as him. This young man had at least a dozen cuts on his face which gave him a particularly terrifying and bloody look.

The other four also had blood stains on them from multiple injuries, the worse off of them having a severe burn on his abdomen and seemed to be in great pain, his forehead dripping with cold sweat. It was obvious he had been hit with some kind of scorching hot flame.

“What’s this all about?” Yang Kai was confused and turned to Yang Yan for an explanation.

Yang Yan’s face was still pale and her teeth were chattering as she cried, “I don’t know… I was just resting inside the cave when they broke in. That guy said he wanted me to accompany him and when I said I didn’t want to, he tried to drag me out so I summoned my Burning Sun Halo then sent out my Frost Bone Nail. After he was injured, those four all shouted angrily and attacked me, so I tossed my Dragon Whisker Whip, Ten Thousand Flame Cover, Coloured Glass Ring, and Profound Golden Cloud Wire at them then ran away. They chased after me so I kept running and running… then… then you came.”

Listening to Yang Yan’s words, the five cultivations standing around the pair wore extremely embarrassed and angry looks.

Yang Kai knit his brow and pondered over the situation for a while, imagining how Yang Yan had been thrown into a panic and kept summoning one high-grade artefact after another inside the cave, smashing these five men with them until they cried for their mothers and begged for their fathers…

Yang Kai almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

Worthy of an Origin Grade Artifact Refiner! Yang Kai had never known that Yang Yan actually had so many good things on her. Although her combat effectiveness and courage were quite small, she was not someone who could easily be bullied. With her luxurious collection of artefacts, if she had intended to kill these five people, they would likely have already been pounded to death.

Although it turned out there was nothing to worry about, Yang Kai was still quite annoyed.

It was clear that Yang Yan had a near-endless supply of these artefacts, yet these five had still persisted in pursuing her. If it had just been some kind of minor dispute, they would have long ago withdrawn. Since they continuing to chase her, it either meant they fancied Yang Yan’s beauty or her treasure trove of artefacts.

The latter possibility was much larger.

Considering all this, Yang Kai’s look became even colder.

After realizing that Yang Kai was just a Third Order Saint, the bloody faced young man who had originally worn a frightened look immediately relaxed and became arrogant again, shouting rampantly, “Brat, I don’t care who you are, or what kind of relationship you have with this woman, none of that matters any more, hurry up and scram if you don’t want to die. Otherwise, don’t blame Father here for killing you!”

Yang Kai grinned, “You break into my site, act unruly, attack my friend, yet claim it’s none of my business?”

“Your site?” The young man suddenly showed a look of enlightenment, “Are you from the Hai Ke Family? Good, that makes things easier.”

Suddenly his expression became extremely relaxed as he put on a high and might act and pointed to his face while declaring, “My name is Xu Tian Ze.”

After introducing himself, he proudly waited for Yang Kai’s response, seemingly thinking that his name would be enough of a deterrent on its own.

How could he have imagined that Yang Kai would just stare at him indifferently, without any response?

Xu Tian Ze froze up for a moment before exclaiming in an exaggerated manner, “Hey, don’t you know who I am?”

“Should I know you?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “What the hell do you count for?”

Xu Tian Ze turned to his four subordinates with a stunned look before bursting into laughter, “The quality of Hai Ke Family’s people continues to decline it seems, there’s actually someone among them who doesn’t know the name Xu Tian Ze.”

“Young Master, this kid isn’t very strong and doesn’t seem like someone important from the Hai Ke Family. It’s likely he has never had a chance to hear your name!” One man said.

This explanation allowed Xu Tian Ze’s complexion to improve noticeably. An insignificant nobody from a small force like Hai Ke Family really wasn’t someone he could take seriously, the only one to be feared here was this small-statured, big black robe wearing woman.

This lowly whore’s piles of artefacts had just made him and his guards suffer quite a bit. At first he had no idea she possessed such treasures, but now that he did, Xu Tian Ze wasn’t about to just give up. Those artefacts were really too attractive.

On top of that, this woman didn’t seem to know how to fight. She only knew how to run away. In this case, as soon as he grasped this woman, he would obtain both her body and wealth. This woman was of the highest quality; even her black robe is unable to hide her abundant peaks or full moon.

Xu Tian Ze could already imagine what she would look like after stripping her clothes away, causing him to become even more eager to seize her.

He had never thought that after simply passing through this area, noticing that the aura was quite good, then coming down to investigate, he would be able to obtain such big benefits.

Seeing Xu Tian Ze staring at her with such an obscene look, Yang Yan subconsciously grabbed Yang Kai’s clothes tighter and hiding behind him while whispering softly, “Yang Kai, they have four Saint Kings, we need to run.”

“Are Saint Kings something special? More than one or two Saint Kings have died in my hands,” Yang Kai patted Yang Yan on the shoulder.

“You, kill a Saint King?” Xu Tian Ze seemed to have heard a joke and laughed aloud, “You really doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Do all people from the Hai Ke Family speak without thinking? Xu Wei, go teach him a lesson, let him understand the difference between him and a real Saint King is.”

“Yes, Young Master,” The cultivator who was named snickered and walked forward step by step, smirking as he cracked his neck and said, “Boy, daring to provoke my Young Master, your end will be very miserable.”

“It’s him who annoyed me, but you won’t get a better end than him. After you die, you can regret it in Hell!” Yang Kai stared at him lightly, and as soon as he spoke, a pitch-black flame suddenly appeared and rushed out towards the cultivator called Xu Wei.

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