Martial Peak

Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097

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The cultivators cheered and shouted, celebrating their victory, and even Wu Yi wore a faint smile, her pair of beautiful eyes slowly sweeping over her all too familiar subordinates, seemingly inspecting them for the first time, trying to see into the depths of their hearts and discover if they had been hiding something. After a while, with a thoughtful look still on her charming face, she waved her hand and ordered, “Return!”

As she flew towards the Starship, all the other cultivators followed close behind. The main hatch of the Starship slowly opened and those who had remained aboard stood there to welcome the triumphant return of their crewmates.

Never before had any of them experienced such a battle. The Black Rock Beast pack they encountered this time were the largest they had ever seen and all of them had lost hope that they would be able to survive, but to their great surprise, they had actually emerged victorious without even paying that great a price, only a dozen dead in battle with the others having some minor wounds.

Such a victory was worth celebrating!

“Yu Feng, get some of the uninjured to repair the damage to the Starship. Two hours from now, I want everyone who was involved in the battle to assemble in the main hall, I have something to say,” Wu Yi said quietly.

Grinning widely, Yu Feng was boasting about how brave and gallant he had just been when he heard this order and immediately nodded, “I’ll see to it.”

After watching Yu Feng assign a few people who were familiar with repairing the Starship to the task, Wu Yi walked towards her own room. The victory just now was completely unexpected, so naturally, she had to figure out what had happened, but before that she wanted to clean up her bloodstained clothes.

Inside his room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, his Divine Sense carefully examining his body, particularly the hundred drops of Golden Blood, unable to hide the joy and surprise on his face even though his eyes were closed tight.

He had no idea that the power of a single drop of Golden Blood would be so massive.

When he saw Wu Yi and the others fighting just now, Yang Kai had suddenly come up with the idea to use a drop of his Golden Blood. He had only wanted to provide them with a bit of help while testing out the power and usage of his Golden Blood, but the results had wildly exceeded his expectations and directly resolved the crisis.

Yang Kai had used a single drop of Golden Blood to display the Heaven Punishing Spear from his Nine Heavens Divine Skills while employing his Divine Sense and comprehension of the Dao of Space to deftly control its movements even as he remained on board the Starship.

What most satisfied Yang Kai though, was that even if the drop of Golden Blood had separated from his body, it still felt like a part of himself, like one of his hands or feet, allowing him to control it without any kind of obstruction even across a great distance.

A drop of Golden Blood was the result of three months of Yang Kai’s hard work. The Saint Qi he could cultivate over the course of three months was all condensed into a single drop, which explained how it could possess such power.

This kind of Golden Blood was thousands of times more precious than his previous Yang Liquid, and its might was also incomparable.

However, using a drop meant losing a drop, and unlike his Yang Liquid, which could be replenished casually, the pure Golden Blood required a long period of accumulation to condense, making Yang Kai feel a little distressed.

Yang Kai also wanted to know what other uses the Golden Blood had other than as a weapon. If Great Demon God was alive still, perhaps Yang Kai might have been able to obtain some inspiration from him; after all, Great Demon God’s comprehension of the Golden Blood was definitely more profound than his own. Unfortunately, Great Demon God was long dead, so Yang Kai could only rely on himself to slowly explore the Golden Blood’s mysteries.

While Yang Kai was studying his Golden Blood, all the cultivators who had previously participated in the battle gathered in the Starship’s main hall. Many people assembled were smiling and discussing whether the Young Lady was going to grant them some kind of special reward and were all looking forward to what would happen next.

Only Yu Feng and Foreign Elder Chang Qi exchanged a glance and guessed what Wu Yi’s intentions were, bringing all these people together.

After waiting for a short time, Wu Yi appeared in an enchanting long green dress, her arrival catching everyone’s attention as shallow smiles began creeping onto their faces while a fascinated look flashed across their eyes, one they couldn’t extricate themselves from.

Even while not concealing his own enraptured gaze, Yu Feng began slapping the heads of a few of his ruder companions while gnashing his teeth and shouting, “Wipe those grins off your faces you fools! Since when did you all degrade into horny dogs?”

“Brother Yu Feng, why are you hitting us? Your face ain’t any better than ours,” Some people held their heads and complained.

“Father here only admires the Young Lady, it’s different from you lot! Don’t you understand what appreciation is?” Yu Feng coldly snorted, and having said so, with a flattering smile on his face, he rushed over to Wu Yi and said, “Young Lady, everyone has been gathered, please speak your mind.”

“En,” Wu Yi nodded gently, her pair of beautiful eyes sweeping across her group of uncouth and rowdy subordinates. As her eyes passed over them, each of these delinquents puffed up their chests and restrained their smiles, putting on their best heroic look.

Yu Feng diligently brought over and offered a chair, allowing Wu Yi to take a seat and say, “You’re all quite fierce, why didn’t I notice before? I always thought you were just a bunch of mixed fish waiting for death to take you, but it seems I’ve been very mistaken.”

Many people didn’t comprehend the not so subtle ridicule in Wu Yi’s words and began grinning broadly; trying to act humble by saying that the Young Lady was praising them too much.

Wu Yi snickered, watching her subordinates bragging about themselves while faking humility when it was obvious that each and every one of them was growing more pompous by the breath. Unable to take it, Wu Yi slammed her fist against the arm of her chair, smashing it to bits as she ground her teeth and shouted, “Are you all not clear why all of us are still standing here? Do you think I’m really praising you? One crowd of mindless fools!”

Even though Wu Yi was reprimanding them like this, everyone was still laughing merrily, not showing the least bit of shame or anger.

Being scolded by a beautiful woman was an honour, and all of them knew that although Wu Yi’s words were harsh, they didn’t reflect what she felt in her heart.

“Whoever it was, step forward and reveal yourself, don’t think you’ve managed to conceal yourself, this Young Lady already knows who you are. Don’t think you can play tricks in front of me,” Wu Yi shouted as she gazed at the crowd. Everyone present felt she was looking at himself.

Everyone’s expression immediately became serious as they remembered the golden spear which had suddenly appeared in the previous battle, finally understanding why Wu Yi had ordered them here.

The Young Lady clearly wanted to uncover the owner of that golden spear!


At least a dozen people stepped out from the crowd, each of them wearing an apologetic expression as they fidgeted restlessly and shamelessly proclaimed, “Young Lady, in fact, I didn’t want to say anything, but since you’ve found me out, I won’t hide it anymore. ”

Wu Yi rubbed her temples in frustration as her pretty face filled with helplessness because she found that even Yu Feng had included himself among these dozen or so people, realizing that she had still been underestimating the shamelessness of these bastards.

The crowd immediately fell into chaos as these dozen or so men began clamouring about how that golden spear was their own masterpiece which they secretly cultivated, none of them willing to give in, raising a huge ruckus.

“Young Lady,” Foreign Elder Chang Qi, who was very old, walked over to Wu Yi with crossed arms and as the corner of his brow twitched declared, “Do you not know what quality of goods this lot is? That golden spear could not possible belong to any of them.”

Wu Yi let out a sigh, “Then who did it belong to? In addition this group of blowhards, there is only Yang Kai aboard our Starship, but during the fight with the Black Rock Beasts, Yang Kai was still inside, and he is only a Third Order Saint. It couldn’t possibly have been him.”

Chang Qi thought about it for a while before proposing, “Perhaps a great master who happened to be passing by unintentionally saw our plight and took action to help us.”

“A passing master?” Wu Yi frowned, “Does Foreign Elder Chang know of any master on Shadowed Star who uses such an artifact?”

Chang Qi shook his head, “Young Lady, that golden spear didn’t seem to be an artifact.”

“Not an artifact? Then was it a Martial Skill?”

“It’s also not like a Martial Skill. This old master was paying close attention to that spear during the fight and noticed that it exuded an amazing vitality. Although it was in the form of a spear, this old master always felt it was closer in nature to a living creature.”

“I also noticed its shocking vitality,” Wu Yi nodded, “But why didn’t that master who saved us make an appearance? They could have at least let us know who our saviour was.”

Chang Qi smiled slightly, “There are many powerful masters who do not like publicizing their names, perhaps in his opinion saving us was only a slight effort.”

“En, but his slight effort managed to save several dozen of our lives.”

“Young Lady doesn’t need to worry, as long as that person is from our Shadowed Star, we will one day come to know his identity, and it won’t be too late to offer our thanks at that time. Our family isn’t one that cannot understand gratitude, but Young Lady, if in the future you come to know the identity of this master, you must be careful when speaking with them, such powerful masters are often subject to shifting moods, on top of that, this time’s matter may not even be remembered by them.”

“What Foreign Elder says makes sense,” Wu Yi nodded slightly, glancing back at the still-arguing crowd who were trying to snatch up credit, snorting in the next moment as she shouted, “If you continue acting so shamelessly, I’ll confiscate all your rewards for this time’s expedition!”

Once these words came out, the several arguing men went silent, none of them daring to let out a single squeak as they bowed their heads.

“We still have a month’s journey back to Shadowed Star, so remain vigilant, I won’t tolerate any mistakes!” Wu Yi reprimanded before getting up and leaving.

After she left, Yu Feng snorted before turning to the crowd, “Good, now there’s nothing left to fight over. You fools, why did so many of you come forward all at once? Couldn’t you have left this credit for Father to eat up? Calling you all comrades is this Yu Feng’s greatest disgrace!”

The dozen or so people who had just been clamouring rolled their eyes and ignored the outraged Yu Feng, quickly leaving to take care of their own business.

Inside his room, Yang Kai was in a state of meditative cultivation when Wu Yi rushed in and without a hint of politeness sat on her usual chair, her full chest bouncing slightly as she sat, making for a spectacular view.

Yang Kai opened his eyes to glance at her for a moment before closing them again and continuing to meditate.

After waiting for a while, Wu Yi saw him remain motionless and took the initiative to say, “I’m quite angry.”

Yang Kai sighed, knowing there was no way he could continue to cultivate. This young lady was a beauty, but her persistence was another matter altogether, each time she came, she wouldn’t give up until she drew out some stories from him, as if she had been starved for conversation for hundreds of years.

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