Martial Peak

Chapter 1083 - You Seem Happy

Chapter 1083, You Seem Happy

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After learning of the death of the three men sent out, Xue Yue said nothing and instead just stood up and walked towards her room.

“Lady Xue’er!” Ha Li Ka stepped forward and called out.

Xue Yue paused and looked back at him coldly.

Ha Li Ka couldn’t help feeling a sense of panic when those beautiful star-like eyes fixed on him, gulping to himself quietly.

He couldn’t understand why, but he felt as if it was Xue Yue Third Young Master staring at him in that moment.

Ha Li Ka, as the President of the Rainfall Star branch, had naturally met Xue Yue Third Young Master and experienced his ruthless methods. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was quite familiar with this look; it was clearly the one Xue Yue Third Young Master wore when he was displeased.

He couldn’t understand why two completely different people who were even of different genders had the exact same eyes, but pushing down his fear, Ha Li Ka quickly said, “Lady Xue’er, were Hei Ying and his team killed by Little Brother Yang?”

“Yes!” Xue Yue nodded slightly.

Ha Li Ka, Lin Mu Feng, and the middle-aged woman all paled.

“How could that be? Little Brother Yang is only a Third Order Saint. Even if he is capable of fighting above his realm, dealing with one person should be his limit, how could he defeat three stronger opponents all at once?” Lin Mu Feng shook his head repeated, seemingly unable to believe Xue Yue’s words.

That was three Saint Kings, not three Saints, such a result was simply impossible.

“Then how do you think they died?” Xue Yue turned to look Lin Mu Feng lightly, the latter immediately not knowing how to respond.

Ha Li Ka instead, after watching the situation carefully, asked hesitantly, “Lady Xue’er, why is it that after hearing that Hei Ying and his team died you seem happy?”

“Do I?” Xue Yue asked faintly.

Ha Li Ka shook his head and didn’t dwell on the issue. Hei Ying and his team dying were because their strength wasn’t high enough, so there was nothing to complain about. After thinking about it for a moment, Ha Li Ka asked, “Lady Xue’er, that Yang Kai was your guard, but he has now killed three members of my branch. How should I process this matter?”

“What else is there to do? He’s not my guard anymore, en, if you see him later, capture him alive for me, I want him to taste the most exquisite torture this world has to offer!” Xue Yue commanded, her voice seemingly filled with the coldest malice from the depths of purgatory. Finished with what she had to say, she waved her hand and slowly walked off.

The three executives left in the hall all stared at each other in blank dismay.

“Lady Xue’er seems to have put down something which was burdening her,” The middle-aged woman spoke thoughtfully.

“I don’t quite understand, how did those two go from being perfectly fine together a few days ago to bitter enemies in the blink of an eye?” Ha Li Ka was confused.

“The matters of youth… En, never mind, we shouldn’t get involved, since Lady Xue’er has made her stance clear, we can only follow her will. It’s a pity, that boy has such terrifying strength, if we had been able to understand that earlier, we might have been able to keep him here to cultivate.”

Ha Li Ka nodded a few times, also feeling it was a shame. A Third Order Saint Realm cultivator being able to kill three Saint Kings, such aptitude and strength was incredibly rare even taking the entire Star Field into consideration.

However, if they were to meet again the future now, the three of them could only follow Lady Xue’er’s instructions to capture him alive.


Amidst the endless expanse of the Starry Sky, the only light came from the distant twinkling stars.

Yang Kai had been wandering through the Star Field now for six months.

Since leaving Rainfall Star, he had been heading towards another Cultivation Star. The massive Star Chart above his Knowledge Sea provided him with many conveniences, and at minimum, he knew where his goal was and that he wouldn’t get lost in the Starry Sky.

For others, it was likely that after six months flying through the Starry Sky aboard a Star Shuttle they would be hopelessly lost.

But Yang Kai, who had the massive Star Chart at his disposal, didn’t need to worry about that.

The distance between one Cultivation Star and another varied greatly. Some were close together and could be travelled between by Star Shuttle in less than a month or two while others were extremely remote and even by Starship, the journey could take years.

Yang Kai’s destination was relatively far away, and although he had been travelling for six months already, according to his estimations, it would still be another three months before he arrived.

This was the sorrow of poverty, if one was unable to purchase a Starship and a crew to operate it, they had no choice but to rely on Star Shuttles to traverse the Starry Sky, an act that consumed a massive amount of time.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had found ways to not waste this time.

The Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid was helping Yang Kai draw in the surrounding World Energy at all times, but as there was very little World Energy in the Starry Sky so it couldn’t play much of a role.

Yang Kai had been depending on High-Rank Saint Crystals during this time to restore himself and cultivate.

While cultivating, Yang Kai busied himself by studying the Alchemy books he had received from Old Zong, familiarizing himself with the medicinal effects and cultivation environments of various spirit grasses and spirit medicines. Yang Kai also studied Zong Ao’s research material on Spirit Arrays and Alchemy techniques.

After committing this knowledge to memory, Yang Kai began to explore the Dao of Space again.

Fighting with those three Saint King Realm cultivators allowed him to discover more magical uses for the Dao of Space.

By attaching his insights into the Dao of Space to his Divine Sense, Yang Kai was able to let threads of his Spiritual Energy leap across space and explore the situation at far greater distances than would ordinarily be possible. On top of that, these threads of Divine Sense were incredibly difficult to detect and even if they were, tracing them back to Yang Kai’s location was impossible.

This was an application of the Dao of Space Yang Kai had long ago comprehended.

But now he had learned that the Dao of Space could be used in conjunction with his Saint Qi to launch attacks.

During his last battle, Yang Kai had relied on his comprehension of the Dao of Space to allow his Nine Heavens Divine Skills to break through space and strike at the enemy from places they could not have anticipated.

This inadvertent discovery had allowed his combat power to soar.

As a Second-Order Saint, back on Water Moon Star, battling a First Order Saint King had left him quite exhausted, but now, killing three cultivators at the same realm had been quite easy.

This was an advantage brought about by the flexibility of the Dao of Space.

Having gotten a taste of these benefits, Yang Kai was naturally determined to study this application in much greater detail.

As he flew forward, Yang Kai contemplated and comprehended many of the mysteries of the Dao of Space, allowing some previously obscure notions to become clear.

Since entering the Star Field, he had encountered too many powerful masters, a number of whom had truly awe-inspiring strength, making Yang Kai realize just how vast the gap between himself and those people was.

To survive in this place, great personal strength was essential. Fortunately, he had a number of advantages others couldn’t hope to obtain.

Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, Demon God Golden Blood, his massive stockpile of Saint Qi, his aptitude which had been tempered to the limit, all these advantages convinced him that as long as he was given enough time, he would be able to surpass any of this world’s masters.

On top of that, Yang Kai had traversed this path before and was experienced in what he had to do. Back on Tong Xuan Realm, he had also risen from obscurity to fame, from being alone to commanding millions, so he was no stranger to this life. Now he simply had to continue forging ahead, it would take longer this time for sure, but that wasn’t a problem.

As the Star Shuttle flew forward, Yang Kai didn’t waste a moment of time.

At one point, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and frowned, glancing sideways with some surprise.

More than a dozen azure lights were quickly approaching from afar, each one of them clearly a Star Shuttle. They moved swiftly in a type of pack, their leader apparently a member of the Monster Race with two short horns on his head. Yang Kai couldn’t identify which lineage this man belonged to but from his short cut hair and ruddy face, it was apparent he was quite a rough character.

This Monster Race man was surrounded by cultivators from various races, each of whom was exuding the energy fluctuations corresponding to the Saint King Realm, holding artifacts of different shapes, their eyes cold and sharp.

Yang Kai had been immersed in his own meditation and by the time he had noticed these newcomers, it was too late for him to avoid them.

He hadn’t expected to encounter a group of cultivators also flying through the Star Field by Star Shuttle.

The dozen or so azure lights approached quickly and arrived in front of Yang Kai a short while later, each of their riders directing curious looks towards him. After discovering that Yang Kai was just a Third Order Saint though, many of these people’s gazes became dismissive, some of them even openly laughing at him.

The leading Monster Race man seemed to have been born with a pair of narrow snake eyes and was holding a silver spear decorated by blue patterns that gave off a rich Water Attribute aura.

His gloomy eyes swept Yang Kai as he used his own Divine Sense to probe this unfamiliar youth, seemingly wanting to investigate all of Yang Kai’s details.

Yang Kai’s face remained unchanged, still sitting quietly atop his Star Shuttle.

“Boy, did you see anyone else pass by here?” The Monster Race man asked in a booming voice that rang in Yang Kai’s ears.

Yang Kai shook his head.

“Did you really not see anyone?” The Monster Race man didn’t seem to believe Yang Kai and directed a doubtful look towards him, “That group of people clearly came this way, we’ve been tracking them the whole time, so how could you not have encountered them? What kind of benefits did they provide to you in exchange for not revealing their whereabouts?”

He obviously felt that Yang Kai was lying to him.

Yang Kai however just shrugged. “You’re really the only living people I’ve encountered for the past few months, no one came here before you.”

Yang Kai spoke in a calm and genial tone, not wanting to stir up trouble in this place, all he wanted to do was reach his destination a bit sooner and settle down on that Cultivation Star.

Always drifting through the Starry Sky, was not a pleasant experience, and the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid’s medicinal effects were nearly exhausted.

“Di Ji, the courage of this little boy isn’t small,” A woman next to the leading man commented.

A Third Order Saint facing so many Saint Kings yet still being able to remain indifferent was either crazy, bold or had something he could rely on to get him out of this situation; the woman though the second possibility was the most likely.

The Monster Race man named Di Ji nodded.

“What’s this brat smiling about? He doesn’t look trustworthy, he definitely saw that group of people and is deliberately not telling us,” Another person interjected, glaring maliciously towards Yang Kai, seemingly wanting to rush forward and attack him.

Di Ji just stared at Yang Kai coldly, his eyes flashing slightly, not expressing an opinion either way.

“Why bother trying to talk with him? After we kill him and search his Soul everything will become clear won’t it?” Another person called out, looking rather impatient as he shouted, “Brat, if you don’t cooperate, don’t blame us for being heavy-handed.”

Yang Kai glanced over at this man and smiled lowly, and wisp of cold light flashing across the depths of his eyes.

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