Martial Peak

Chapter 1076 - Divine Sense Intrusion

Chapter 1076, Divine Sense Intrusion

Zong Ao was right about one thing though, Yang Kai couldn’t remain here for long, there was no way to tell how Water Moon Star would respond after learning about Xue Yue’s situation, and if some top-level executive were to come to investigate, it would be incredibly difficult for him to explain.

Xue Yue also didn’t want to expose her biggest secret.

Right now, Yang Kai had to hurry to restore her consciousness, lift the fetters of the Soul Chains, then soar off into the sky to disappear.

For the next half a month, Yang Kai received very generous treatment as he recovered his strength. Every day, inside his luxurious guest palace, the very best food and wine, as well as rare spirit fruits were provided to him allowing him to slowly restore his lost vitality and rid himself of the crippling sense of weakness.

Yang Kai secretly decided that he would never attempt to refine Pill Clouds again unless absolutely necessary.

If his luck was good, and while performing Alchemy he inadvertently refined a pill that formed Pill Clouds, then that was fine, but he never wanted to purposely generate them again. The consumption cost was simply too great.

Ha Li Ka sent a few dozen masters to build a grand palace for Zong Ao in his mountain valley, finishing the construction in short order.

However, Zong Ao didn’t go back immediately, because the World Energy in the mountain valley was still too thin and it would be some time before it recovered to even the average level of the rest of Rainfall Star.

The news that he had refined a Burning Flame Pill which formed Pill Clouds spread like wildfire and every Alchemist on the Rainfall Star made a special pilgrimage to pay him their respects. Since these people were in a sense his colleagues, Zong Ao couldn’t just send them away, so he spent many days suffering from their incessant flattery and praise, not having a moment of free time to himself for quite a while.

Whenever he saw this scene, Yang Kai secretly rejoiced about his decision.

If the merit of refining Pill Clouds were to be assigned to him, such a harmonious scene would never have appeared, instead, these old men and women would only be trying to make things difficult for him, using any method they could to verify he wasn’t cheating or lying to them.

None of them would admit to being inferior to Yang Kai, that would be too great an insult to them.

Inside a separate room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged on the bed next to the still sleeping Xue Yue.

Staring at her enchanting face, Yang Kai really didn’t want to wake her up.

The sleeping Xue Xue was the easiest to get along with, he could do whatever he liked to her and she wouldn’t put up any resistance or make any complaints, but once she woke up, it would only bring Yang Kai endless trouble and danger.

But Yang Kai had to wake her up, lifting the Soul Chains’ fetters required both of them to agree. Currently, Xue Yue’s Soul Avatar was nowhere to be seen, and without her cooperation, Yang Kai couldn’t break free of this burden.

Sending out his Spiritual Energy, Yang Kai dived silently into Xue Yue’s Knowledge Sea.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar appeared over Xue Yue’s Knowledge Sea.

This was not the first time Yang Kai had entered Xue Yue’s Knowledge Sea, he had visited here before to examine her condition, but at that time, he hadn’t looked around carefully.

At any time, investigating another’s Knowledge Sea was a taboo among cultivators, it was something only those who shared the most intimate of relationships would do. One’s Knowledge Sea contained all the experiences and secrets of a person’s life, searching through someone’s Knowledge Sea was worse than stripping away their clothes and groping around their body.

Last time, Yang Kai had used discretion and did not probe into Xue Yue’s secret too deeply; he didn’t want to have too much entanglement with this woman.

But this time, he no longer had a choice.

The sea breeze blew gently and the waters themselves were calm. Aside from a vast ocean, there was nothing else inside Xue Yue’s Knowledge Sea, unlike the colourfulness of his own Knowledge Sea.

One’s Knowledge Sea was the greatest reflection of a person’s experiences and personality, so it was quite clear that Xue Yue led something of a desolate and dull life.

Xue Yue was a woman, but she was raised by Ai Ou as a man. She may have had the prestige and style of Xue Yue Third Young Master, but she was surely tired of that by now and simply supporting herself with willpower alone.

“It’s not that I want to spy on your secrets, but I can’t wake you up if I don’t do this, don’t hold it against me in the future,” Yang Kai murmured softly, his Soul Avatar diving into the ocean in Xue Yue’s Knowledge Sea in the next moment.

The warm seawater wrapped Yang Kai’s body like the finest of silk, giving him an unimaginable excitement and comfort.

Yang Kai almost lost himself in this feeling for a moment.

The blending of Souls was a terrifying experience that allowed a man and woman to enjoy a sensation a thousand times more joyful than a mere physical union. It was like sharing the deepest part of one’s self with another, resulting in a sense of euphoria that was difficult to extricate oneself from.

Fortunately, this was not Yang Kai’s first time doing this kind of thing. When he went to Ice Sect to find Su Yan, he had blended Souls with her once, so he had some experience dealing with this kind of overwhelming sensation.

Struggling to restrain the innate desires welling up in his Soul, Yang Kai constantly called out in his head to remind himself of his original purpose; this was no time to simply seek pleasure.

Gradually, the euphoric joy faded and Yang Kai managed to regain control of his Soul Avatar, allowing him to breathe slightly easier.

He didn’t know why, but his current set of actions and situation made Yang Kai feel as if he was violating Xue Yue.

Xue Yue was unable to sense anything right now, and with her Soul Avatar missing, she also couldn’t put up any kind of resistance to Yang Kai’s Divine Sense intrusion, how was this any different from him raping her? And the most vicious type of rape at that!

A woman who had no Soul Avatar was no different from a doll, thinking so, Yang Kai’s sense of fascination instantly faded away.

This kind of one-sided action was something only those who had twisted psychology would enjoy.

Yang Kai quickly spread out his Soul Avatar’s senses through this ocean.

Inside Xue Yue’s Knowledge Sea were an incredible number of bubbles that seemed to be suspended in the water, each bubble representing one of Xue Yue’s memories.

Yang Kai began to scrutinize the information hidden in these bubbles.

He saw many, many scenes and pictures …

A baby fell as her nearby mother lay weakly on the bed, her face pale and bloodless, but upon hearing the baby’s cry, the most beautiful smile in the world blossomed on her face. A burly man who had been waiting outside rushed in, his hands shaking as he picked up the baby, completely disregarding the dirt and filth staining it, a look full of affection filling his face as he gently kissed the baby’s forehead, his eyes shining with fatherly love.

The seven or eight-month-old child was being held in the arms of its mother to breastfeed, closing its eyes as it drank thirstily. The mother smiled with satisfaction as she teased her daughter from time to time, the burly father standing nearby grinning dotingly.

The baby started toddling about and even began to babble, sending out a stream of wordless noises as she walked forward cautiously, falling down once in a while, causing her mother to rush over in distress and hug her into her arms, the father smiling warmly nearby, a happy family of three.

An old man with a snow white beard came to see the baby, carefully examining her before solemnly reporting something to the burly father. The smile and joy immediately vanished from his face, a solemn light flashing across his eyes as he stared at his nearby daughter.

A three-year-old child was received into a palace, dressed in boys clothing, and raised as a man. The little girl stood ignorantly inside the grand palace, followed by servants and maids. She was forbidden from leaving the palace and no longer able to see her loving mother, only able to meet her dignified father.

She began to learn all kinds of miscellaneous things and began to cultivate, growing healthy and strong, but only able to live as a man.

Her aptitude was excellent, and only when her strength increased would she be able to see a smile from her father, at other times his face only contained sternness and scolding.

Xue Yue Third Young Master’s spread out and soon the entire Star Field knew about her.

She learned how to deal with those strangers she met by showing the perfect smile, her elegant demeanour and beauty able to mesmerize men and women alike.

But she couldn’t see her own mother, and only at night, when she was all alone, would she be able to take out a few sets of women’s clothing and lay them on her bed sadly.

These clothes were all sent by her mother secretly and seemed to retain a traced of her gentle aura.

Watching these scenes, Yang Kai felt as if he was experiencing them himself and was able to sense the pain and resentment in Xue Yue’s heart, the sadness and helplessness of this woman.

Under her immutable smile that was able to dazzle and dumbfound all sentient beings lay a bitter and fragile heart, hidden under layers of false strength.

Years of pretence not only allowed her to deceive the world but herself as well.

Until that life or death struggle atop that Dead Star. At that time, Xue Yue was enraged and her murderous intent soared to the Heavens, but it was also the first time she had ever experienced such strong emotions stemming from her female nature. She had been hugged naked and had her snow-white peaks squeezed tightly causing her pulse to race and her tender body to shiver, new and indescribable feelings surging through her body, making her feel numb and unable to breathe. Whenever she thought back to that time, she would blush bright red.

The boisterous and noisy period of time after that then became the most unforgettable days of her life, making her wish she could stop time and forever remain on that Dead Star.

Because only in front of this man could she let down her guard and be herself.

Yang Kai injected vitality into her life, making it no longer seem so dark and dreary.

When she was exploring the Ancient Ruins, she had ignored the deaths and injuries of many of her subordinates while constantly ordered for the expedition team to pick up speed just so she could leave there a bit faster and return to that small world of freedom.

But when the Space Ring she tried to collect burst, she was sent into a coma.

It took a long time for Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar to emerge from Xue Yue’s Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai now knew all of Xue Yue’s secrets. He hadn’t expected this vicious woman to have such a miserable past; and although he felt some sympathy and pity for her his heart, that did not change what he had to do.

He saw not only Xue Yue’s misery but also the darkness in her heart.

Even if this woman was worthy of pity, that didn’t mean she wasn’t extremely dangerous.

Her sentiment towards him wasn’t her pure feelings, but all because of the influence of the Soul Chains.

After watching for so long, Yang Kai also faintly knows why Xue Yue’s Soul Avatar had disappeared, as well as how he should go about treating her.

This kind of heart knot wasn’t a physical wound, so as long as Xue Yue could untie it, she would naturally wake up.

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