Martial Peak

Chapter 1067 - Third Order Saint Realm

Chapter 1067, Third Order Saint Realm

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Zong Ao’s concerns weren’t unwarranted. Even if a great force wanted to train their young disciples, they would carefully control the maximum amount of load placed on them, otherwise, it would only hinder their development rather than help it.

And currently, Yang Kai was clearly trying to take on far more than what an ordinary cultivator in his realm would be capable of.

Even if he was a First or Second Order Saint King, absorbing such thick World Energy was not possible.

Yang Kai dying was no concern of Zong Ao’s, the old man only cared about the boastful bet this young boy had made with him about refining a Burning Flame Pill with Pill Clouds!

Even if Zong Ao was absolutely certain this was impossible, for some reason he couldn’t help holding out a faint hope that Yang Kai really could make him suffer a convincing loss!

The production of Pill Veins had been his lifelong pursuit, for this he had given up lofty status and immense wealth, secluding himself in Alchemy here in this place for a hundred years just to find hope of a more reliable method to produce the illusive Pill Veins and Pill Clouds.

So despite how small this hope was, and even if this boy was just ranting wildly, Zong Ao wanted to see it through to the end, thus he didn’t want Yang Kai to have any accidents.

If Yang Kai were to die, all his worries would have been wasted.

For one month after Yang Kai set up the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flags and started cultivating, Zong Ao did not perform any Alchemy, instead just observing him silently from inside his palace. But to Zong Ao’s astonishment, this little brat’s physique and vitality were incomprehensibly stronger than he had anticipated, and the massive amount of World Energy that could easily cause a Saint King Realm cultivator’s body to explode was actually easily accepted by Yang Kai. All of this occurred without any signs of discomfort or distress. Day by day, Zong Ao simply saw how the energy fluctuations coming from Yang Kai grew noticeably stronger.

Not only did this little boy’s face not show the slightest bit of tension, it was instead filled with comfort and joy, making Zong Ao unable to believe his eyes.

As time passed, a pale light halo appeared around Yang Kai’s body. At first this halo wasn’t very obvious, but as more and more aura was injected into it, it became brighter and more vibrant.

The thick World Energy in the surrounding area began to condense into a kind of fog that lingered around him.

Zong Ao’s extensive Medicine Garden was soon submerged in a faint layer of mist and the herbs that were planted began to grow even faster than before.

With such rich World Energy for them to absorb, it would actually be stranger if these herbs didn’t gain some benefits.

For a time, this mountain valley became the place with the densest World Energy aura on all of Rainfall Star; even the great palaces in the mountain range where the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce branch was located couldn’t compare.

Changing the flow of the world’s ​​World Energy to create a rare cultivation paradise with one’s own strength; despite his long life, Zong Ao had never encountered such a strange phenomenon.

“Just who is this boy?” Zong Ao was puzzled and slowly shook his head, knowing his previous worries were completely unnecessary. After one month of observation, he didn’t bother himself with Yang Kai anymore, returning his attention to his Pill Room where he fired up his several dozen pill furnaces again and began his own Alchemy!

He finally understood that Yang Kai’s was nothing short of a monster, and it was impossible for this level of cultivation to cause him any trouble.

Zong Ao clearly saw that Yang Kai was constantly throwing auxiliary cultivation pills into his mouth while exchanging High-Rank Saint Crystals in his hands…

No matter how low his current strength was, Zong Ao concluded that, in the future, this boy would surely become a bright star in the Star Field!


At the same time they were scheduled to deliver herbs to Zong Ao, Lin Mu Feng personally brought along a few special Space Rings.

Inside these Space Rings were all the herbs that Yang Kai had requested in order to save Xue Yue who remained in a coma. Lin Mu Feng and the other executives had used their private fortunes in order to collect these herbs as the situation could not be reported to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters.

After purchasing these various herbs, the personal property of the three executives had almost been halved.

Zong Ao accepted the Space Ring and closed the doors of the palace without even inviting Lin Mu Feng inside to sit for a while.

Lin Mu Feng didn’t dare make any complaints, simply standing outside with an awkward look upon his face, his attention soon attracted to the incredibly thick World Energy aura that pervaded the surrounding Medicine Gardens, his eyes brightening when they landed on a certain spot.

Through the World Energy fog, he surprising discovered Yang Kai’s figure.

Which Saint Realm cultivator could engage in such crazy cultivation? Looking at Yang Kai’s posture, it was clear he had been cultivating like this for quite some time, yet he showed no signs of distress. Regardless of anything else, it was apparent that this boy’s physique was extraordinary.

After watching for a while, Lin Mu Feng quietly left without disturbing Yang Kai.

The days passed by as Yang Kai sat in the Medicine Garden, the baby’s face on his chest which had appeared after he consumed the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid greedily devouring World Energy as the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flag drew more of it in.

The role of the Snow Pond Crystal Essence had also continued until this day, not weakening in the slightest and always allowing Yang Kai to maintain a tranquil mental state without any fluctuations.

Yang Kai was still taking supplementary pills one after another and the remains of a few hundred pieces of High-Rank Saint Crystal were piled up beside him!

There had never been a time when Yang Kai and entered such an intense period of cultivation.

His Second-Order Saint Realm cultivation rapidly rose as the amount of power inside his body grew larger and larger, gradually touching the threshold of the Third Order Saint Realm.

One day, a dark Demonic Flame suddenly emerged from his body, swelling up rapidly, as if it wished to burn down the entire world.

Inside the palace, Zong Ao’s expression was solemn as he observed the changes in Yang Kai from far away.

The Demonic Flames grew in size and intensity, gradually bursting out from Yang Kai’s body as if they had a life of their own, condensing into the form of a dragon. At the same time, the Golden Dragon Tattoo swam faster and faster across the surface of Yang Kai’s body.

A loud dragon roar rang out as the Golden Dragon leapt out from Yang Kai’s body and merged with the mass of Demonic Flame.

The jet black dragon, which from time to time emitted a golden halo, soared into the sky and swam through the clouds.

The dragon opened its mouth wide and swallowed massive amounts of World Energy. With each mouthful, the dense mist shrouding the mountain valley became thinner, and after a dozen breaths the scenery had been restored to its original state, all the excess World Energy having been absorbed and assimilated by the black dragon.

Another great dragon roar echoed and the flaming dragon dived down, rushing straight into Yang Kai’s body.

Yang Kai shuddered and an invisible wave of energy centred on him suddenly spread out, kicking up a storm that flung rocks and even trees nearby him into the distance.

Slowly, Yang Kai opened his eyes, a profound light flashing within their depths as the light halo which had been surrounding his body quickly converging and soon disappearing altogether.

Third-Order Saint Realm!

After this intense round of cultivation, Yang Kai had finally stepped into the Third-Order Saint Realm.

Back on Tong Xuan Realm, this level of cultivation would already make him a peak existence, whether it was Demon Commander Zhang Yuan, his four Demon General subordinates, Meng Wu Ya, Chu Ling Xiao, Thunder Dragon, or Old Ox, all of them were Third Order Saints.

Having reached such a realm, there were only slight gaps between each of them.

Today, Yang Kai had finally reached the same height as these masters.

However, in the Star Field, such cultivation was nothing worth speaking of, not even enough to hire oneself to a great force.

The number of cultivators with such cultivations in the Star Field was the same as the number of hairs on an ox, and although they weren’t the lowest and weakest existences, they also didn’t possess any special status.

“Boy, congratulations,” Zong Ao strode over, “Being able to break through to the Third Order Saint Realm in only three months, although you heavily relied on powerful treasures to do so, it is still an accomplishment that greatly surprised this old master. I had originally thought it would take you at least five or six months to reach this point, seems your natural aptitude is quite outstanding.”

“Many thanks, Old Zong,” Yang Kai didn’t get up, simply nodding lightly, not showing much excitement or emotion of any kind, as if everything was as it should be.

Zong Ao was surprised as he realized that Yang Kai’s state of mind did not develop any flaws as a result of his rapid increase in strength. The Snow Pond Crystal Essence had performed its function perfectly.

“Old Zong, is there any word from Ha Li Ka,” Yang Kai asked.

“Lin Mu Feng sent a few rings of herbs over a while ago, but the Dragon Turtle Spirit Fruits are still missing. He said that Ha Li Ka had already had them transferred from the nearby Medicine Star and it would only be a month or two before they arrived,” Zong Ao said indifferently.

Yang Kai nodded gently, although he did not have a deep relationship with Ha Li Ka and the other executives, he also knew that they did not dare act perfunctorily with regards to this matter. The arrival of the Dragon Turtle Spirit Fruits was only a matter of time.

“I’ll go and check up on my Young Lady,” Yang Kai said, standing up without even putting away the Seven Coloured Spirit Gathering Flag.

Inside the room, Xue Yue was still sleeping peacefully, but perhaps because no one had come to attend to her for a long time, a layer of fine dust had covered her enchanting face. Yang Kai found some clean water and washed it off for her.

Perhaps because of the influence of the Snow Pond Crystal Essence, Yang Kai was able to remain indifferent as he performed this action, as if he was treating a stranger.

He had already decided that if he could rescue Xue Yue this time, he would immediately sever their relationship. Regardless of whether she would seek to exact revenge upon him, Yang Kai didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

His intimacy towards Xue Yue was forced, unlike with Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang.

He believed that Xue Yue was the same. With this woman’s demeanour and temperament, once she was freed from the restraints of the Soul Chains, she would likely try to immediately kill him in order to safeguard her many secrets.

Regardless of what reason it was for, she could not allow Yang Kai to continue living in this world, the two of them were destined to be enemies after this brief ceasefire.

After he finished tidying up, Yang Kai went back outside the palace again, sat back down in his previous position, and continued to circulate his Secret Art.

He had just broken through to the Third Order Saint Realm, and even if the Snow Pond Crystal Essence was able to maintain his mental state, allowing him to not worry about flaws in his state of mind, Yang Kai still had to consolidate his foundation as quickly as possible and stride towards the next Great Realm.

He didn’t have high expectations, knowing that within a few years he would have no chance of breaking through to the Saint King Realm. Yang Kai only hoped to advance his cultivation as far as possible so as not to waste the limited time the Heavenly Spirit Ghost Orchid’s effects would last.

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