Martial Peak

Chapter 106 – Enough strikes to break it

Chapter 106 - Enough strikes to break it

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After confirming that the other two people were no longer in the vicinity, Kai Yang proceeded to jump down from the tree and followed the weakest disciple.

Originally disciple Wu was at the qi transforming ninth stage, which wasn’t too bad. But after his strength had been sealed, he could only exert power equivalent to the qi transforming fourth stage. Currently, he was tracking the blood vestiges Kai Yang had left behind throughout the forest as he fled. Unfortunately in the time it took for a cup of tea to cool, the trail ended.

This mountain valley was densely populated with trees, so finding someone would prove difficult.

Disciple Wu didn’t leave any suspicious place unsearched, even lifting his head to check for someone hiding in the trees every once in awhile. But the light in this area was far too dim, increasing the difficulty of his search many fold.

‘I mustn’t allow those two senior brothers to be quick footed and instead I should climb up first! If Kai Yang was caught by them first, then that earth grade secret artifact would be theirs, and I wouldn’t have any claim.’

Earth grade secret artifact! Just thinking about it made disciple Wu’s blood boil. If he could obtain that artifact, then disciple Wu’s power would rise significantly within the Blood Group. By relying on this artifact, he would even be able to defeat practitioners at the separation and reunion boundary.

As he was busy searching around, he heard a crashing and crackling sound from behind him.

Startled, he quickly turned out and shouted: “Who!”

Following this, he looked around in all directions. Clutching his sword tightly, he remained on high alert, but didn’t see or find anything unusual. From time to time, he heard crashing sounds. Looking around, he noticed the wind was blowing around loudly, he was able to discern the reason for the various sounds.

He had treated every bush and tree as an enemy! Disciple Wu inwardly mocked himself. In this mountain valley, apart from his own people from the Blood Group, only Kai Yang Xia Ning Chang, these two people remained. Furthermore, they were focused on preserving their lives. So why would they readily walk down the road to death?

Chuckling lightly, disciple Wu turned around and prepared to continue his search.

Unbeknownst to him danger lurked above, just as he relaxed his heart, a searing hot feeling suddenly appeared above his head. Simultaneously, his skin tightened as the smell of death closed in.

Flabbergasted he lifted up his head. Both eyes popping out of their sockets, disciple Wu cried out in fright: “Kai Yang………...”

Just as those words escaped his mouth, Kai Yang arrived at his side. His movement like that of a swooping eagle, he flew towards disciple Wu. This move was accompanied by a blistering hot palm, as Kai Yang slapped towards disciple Wu’s head.

Because these events happened so fast, by the time disciple Wu could react and swing down with his sword, Kai Yang had already sent out his palm attack.

In the midst of the exchange, disciple Wu hurriedly moved his head to the side and dodged the lethal attack.

“Hong” it flew past his sword and landed on his shoulder. After it landed, a cracking sound immediately followed. Disciple Wu’s entire arm had been lowered by a level, the bones broken.

“Ah!” As the boiling hot Qi invaded his body, disciple Wu let out a blood curdling cry. With the sword shaking due to his trembling arm, he went for Kai Yang’s neck.

Kai Yang immediately jumped backwards through the air and landed on the sword, narrowly avoiding the strike. Dropping to the ground once more, like a pouncing snake, he used his feet to quickly push him into disciple Wu’s wake. His hands like the wings of a butterfly, he spread out and disturbed disciple Wu’s balance. Making full use of the opportunity, he threw him to the ground.

These movements were executed very quickly and smoothly. To anyone watching, it would have been a somewhat blurred sight, it was truly executed like the moving clouds and flowing water.

Crashing to the ground, disciple Wu spat out a mouthful of blood while Kai Yang pinned his knee on disciple Wu’s shoulder and exerted more force through his hands.

Ka-cha…….disciple Wu’s right arm was now broken.

Letting out a miserable scream, he was turned around. With both his arms disabled, he was ruthlessly stepped on by Kai Yang.

Kai Yang only looked at him coldly without the slightest bit of emotion in his eyes. Lifting up the discarded sword, Kai Yang raised it up before lowering it straight down into disciple Wu’s chest.

“You… can you actually…...” With blood foaming at his mouth, he looked incredulously at Kai Yang.

‘How can you actually have the strength to still battle? You are only at the initial element stage, and as such should be weary and exhausted!’

“Senior brother Yuan, I curse your mother! Your junior disciple’s death could only be caused by you!” Thinking his final thought, disciple Wu’s eyes started to dim.

After killing disciple Wu, Kai Yang’s breathing was slightly ragged. The wounds on his body also showed indications of splitting opening again, with fresh blood starting to trickle out again.

Not daring to tarry, Kai Yang started to search disciple Wu’s body. Not long after, he found his Yang pills on his dead body.

Not only this, disciple Wu also had some fairly precious things. There was about half a bottle of Returning Qi Pills and a few silver taels; all of which were taken by Kai Yang.

Carrying disciple Wu’s corpse, he jumped into a nearby tree and proceeded to hide his body among the branches. After doing so, he jumped back down and began to search in another direction.

Time was pressing, there was only about four hours left until the sun rose again. Meanwhile he still needed to kill four more enemies, one of them was even a powerhouse at the true element boundary; a tough road was waiting for him.

With the promotion of his cultivation, the area of effect of his Origin of Yang also increased. A rough estimation of his range was about 2000 feet, Kai Yang was able to sense any Yang Qi presences within this range.

2000 feet, this was quite a large area. Ordinarily, only those at the separation and reunion boundary would be easily able to sense any movements within this distance. But now, Kai Yang was the true master of this 2000 foot area.

In less than the time it took a stick of incense to burn, Kai Yang suddenly stopped in his tracks because he sensed the presence of another person.

It was just that this person had been stationary in that position for a quite a while, so he didn’t know what their intentions were. Even after waiting for a while, that person still didn’t move.

Not to mention, Kai Yang felt that the place where that person was stationed at was quite strange. It was like the Yin Qi within the valley was converging in that position.

Creasing his brows, Kai Yang stealthily crept over.

Shortly, Kai Yang arrived about thirty feet away from the mysterious person. Hiding behind a large tree, he peered over.

Thirty feet away, a hazy figure could be seen. Not only that, a group of shimmering, snow white objects could be seen blossoming over there.

Those things were like small suns, lighting up everything in the area. They weren’t big in size, about the size of a dove’s egg, but from within they emanated a bone chilling coldness; cold enough to freeze one’s soul.

Currently, those things were constantly revolving around and around. As it turned, an invisible force was pulling the Yin Qi in the valley towards them, hurrying over.

The Nine Yin Dew Crystals had appeared!

It was practically in an instant that Kai Yang realised what those things were.

Although he had never seen what they looked like, Kai Yang was still able to recognise them. The reason why Xia Ning Chang had brought him over to the convergence place of this object, was to allow her to refine it.

It turns out that the Nine Yin Dew Crystals looked like this! Originally, Kai Yang thought that it would have the appearance of a dew drop, but now that he saw them he could see that this object was full of spirit energy. It was truly absorbing the Yin Qi from the heavens and earth.

Just as Kai Yang was observing it, the person thirty feet away finally started to make their move.

This person was junior disciple Xie. As his chase of Kai Yang was fruitless, he had unexpectedly found the place where the Nine Yin Dew Crystals appeared. With his experience and knowledge, although he didn’t know what this thing was, he still knew that it was something highly precious.

After secretly observing from the sidelines, he couldn’t wait anymore and want to take action.

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