Martial Peak

Chapter 1055 - Ancient Ruins

Chapter 1055, Ancient Ruins

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Yang Kai pushed his Saint King Grade High-Rank Star Shuttle to its limits, flying back at maximum speed.

The anxiety and sense of crisis in his heart grew stronger with each passing breath.

After half a day, Yang Kai arrived back at the mountain range where the branch was located and directly flew to the palace which Ha Li Ka had arranged for him and Xue Yue.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and found that the small palace was just as he left it with no traces of anyone having come or gone. Xue Yue was obviously not here.

Immediately turning around, Yang Kai flew to the branch’s headquarters.

A moment later, Yang Kai arrived at the hall where he had met Ha Li Ka.

Several guards who were standing at the gate of the main hall saw Yang Kai rush over and began to frown, wondering just what had happened to make this young guard so nervous.

The last time they had seen Yang Kai, they had learned that he was a guard of Lady Xue’er who was a representative of the Home Star; however, due to his low strength, all of them looked down on him somewhat.

“Is Branch President Ha Li Ka back?” Yang Kai landed in front of them and asked directly.

“What do you wish to see Sir Ha Li Ka about?” One of the guards asked back.

“Did he come back?” Yang Kai growled, his expression sullen, looking like he was on the verge of snapping.

The guard couldn’t help but feeling a little frightened seeing this look and shook his head subconsciously.

“Do you know where he went?” Yang Kai asked again.

The guard who shook his head seemed to become angry out of shame because of his unconscious cooperation just now and coldly snorted, “You think you’re qualified to question Branch President’s whereabouts? Who do you think you are?”

Even if he came from the Home Star, he was just a Second-Order Saint Realm guard. His tone and attitude were really unpleasant.

Yang Kai shot this man a faint glance but didn’t ask anything more. These people obviously didn’t have a very high status and shouldn’t know much in the first place.

Without saying another word, Yang Kai turned around and left, flying towards a different palace.

Inside that palace, there was the aura of a master at the Origin Returning Realm, they should know something.

“Why that little brat…” A few guards couldn’t help muttering in annoyance as they stared towards Yang Kai’s back in anger. If it weren’t for him coming from the Home Star, they wouldn’t have let Yang Kai just walk away so easily.

A moment later, Yang Kai arrived at a different palace and landed, walking straight up to the guards at the door and shouting, “I must see the master inside!”

“What’s the matter?” One of the guards asked.

“Branch President Ha Li Ka has had an accident!”

The guard’s brow furrowed, glancing over Yang Kai, someone not believing him and asking, “How do you know? Sir Ha Li Ka is a master at the Origin Returning Realm, one of the strongest on all of Rainfall Star, what kind of accident could he…”

“Can you go report it already?” Yang Kai interrupted him impatiently.

“Let him pass!” A loud voice suddenly called out from inside. The commotion here had obviously been noticed the mater of the palace.

As soon as these words were spoken, before the guard could even respond, Yang Kai stormed into the palace.

Similar to Ha Li Ka’s palace, inside the main hall there was a large desk with a chair behind it. A middle-aged man was working on something behind the desk and when Yang Kai rushed in, he looked up and asked, “You’re the guard who came from the Home Star with Lady Xue’er?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

“I am Lin Mu Feng, Vice President of this branch,” The middle-aged man coldly snorted, “I don’t care if you come from the Home Star or which master you follow, here, I have the final say!”

Yang Kai said nothing.

“Why do you claim Ha Li Ka has had an accident?” Lin Mu Feng was satisfied with Yang Kai’s cooperative attitude and asked, “As far as I know, you aren’t eligible to participate in this confidential operation, so how could you know something went wrong?”

Yang Kai frowned before a thought flashed across his mind and he took out a communication type artifact, “Lady Xue’er sent a message saying they encountered great danger.”

“What kind of danger?” Lin Mu Feng paled slightly, somewhat believing Yang Kai’s words now.

Yang Kai just shook his head, “I can’t reach Lady Xue’er anymore so I came to request you try to contact Branch President Ha Li Ka and ask him.”

Lin Mu Feng hesitated a moment before taking out a similar communication type artifact and pouring his Divine Sense into it in an attempt to get in touch with Ha Li Ka.

After a moment, his expression became dignified and he muttered, “It seems something truly has happened.”

Being unable to get any response let him know that Yang Kai was not lying.

“Come with me!” Lin Mu Feng beckoned to Yang Kai and hurried out.

Outside the palace, Lin Mu Feng summoned his Star Shuttle directly and flew off in a certain one direction with Yang Kai following close behind.

As they flew, Lin Mu Feng took out his communication type artifact again and began contacting a number of others, issuing various orders.

After a moment, from all directions, streaks of light flew out and quickly converged around the pair. All of these streaks were Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce cultivators who Lin Mu Feng had summoned.

These cultivators rendezvoused with Lin Mu Feng and matched his speed without asking any questions.

Yang Kai observed secretly and felt a little surprised.

Many of these cultivators were Saint King Realm masters. Few were Saint Realm masters but even fewer were at the Origin Returning Realm masters.

“Mu Feng, what happened, calling all of us out in such a flurry,” A middle-aged woman approached Lin Mu Feng and asked.

“Ha Li Ka’s group seems to have had an accident, I can’t get any response no matter who I try to contact!” Lin Mu Feng explained hurriedly.

The middle-aged woman’s expression changed dramatically as she exclaimed, “Is there really some kind of danger inside those Ancient Ruins?”

“I don’t know. When we first uncovered those ruins we simply reported them to the Home Star. We didn’t dare to investigate it privately. This time, Lady Xue’er came here to lead an expedition into those ruins, so there being unknown dangers is only natural.”

“What about Lady Xue’er?” The middle-aged woman asked.

“She was with Ha Li Ka,” Lin Mu Feng’s expression became extremely ugly, glancing over at the middle-aged woman and whispering, “She seems to be Xue Yue Third Young Master’s woman!”

The middle-aged woman’s face suddenly turned pale, and she quickly realized that the situation was more serious than she thought.

If it had been someone else who had unexpectedly fallen into danger, it wouldn’t have been too big a deal; after all, Branch President Ha Li Ka was also involved, so it was clear this was not the branch’s negligence.

However, if Lady Xue’er was the woman of Xue Yue Young Master, things would be different.

No one dared to withstand the anger of Young Master Xue Yue! If things went badly, the entire branch might be cleansed. When that happened, rivers of blood and mountains of corpses would be made. No one could take such a responsibility.

Everyone knew of Xue Yue Third Young Master’s cruelty and ruthlessness.

As these two were talking, Yang Kai kept silent, and since they hadn’t made any attempt to cover their voices, Yang Kai naturally heard about the Ancient Ruins and also why Xue Yue had come to Rainfall Star this time.

Normally, Yang Kai would definitely be interested in these Ancient Ruins, but right now he didn’t have time to care about such things.

The more he flew forward, the more uneasy Yang Kai’s heart became.

He didn’t know what happened to Xue Yue, but one thing was certain, she wasn’t dead yet!

Because their lives were linked together, if Xue Yue died, Yang Kai would surely die as well.

He secretly decided that after this incident was settled, the Soul Chains needed to be immediately unlocked. Regardless of whether Xue Yue came to find trouble with him afterwards, the feeling of not being in control of his own life was simply unacceptable.

After speeding forward for a long time, Lin Mu Feng and the middle-aged woman suddenly flew downward.

Down below, there was a mine shaft that produced some unknown ore. The ground was filled with cave entrances, many of which seemed dark and bottomless.

The several dozen people all landed next to the largest entrance.

A chamber of commerce cultivator who was apparently standing guard next to the entrance cupped his fists and greeted, “Senior Lin, Senior Qi!”

Lin Mu Feng nodded lightly and asked him, “What happened here?”

The cultivator was confused for a moment and replied, “Nothing has happened …”

He didn’t seem to know about the situation yet.

Lin Mu Feng shook his head, no longer asking this guard anything, instead taking out his communication type artifact and trying once more but still failing to get any response from Ha Li Ka.

“Did something happen to the Branch President?” The cultivator finally noticed that something wrong from the look on Lin Mu Feng’s face and asked in amazement.

Lin Mu Feng nodded, “Probably, I’ll take some people down to see, you wait here for me to contact you.”

Saying so, he prepared to enter the mineshaft when the middle-aged woman surnamed Qi suddenly exclaimed, “Someone came up …”

Lin Mu Feng’s face brightened as he quickly released his Divine Sense. At the same time, Yang Kai also began investigating the situation.

From the mouth of the mine, several life auras were rapidly approaching, and judging from the fluctuations in their auras, they seemed to have suffered some injuries. One of them was exceptionally faint, as if they were on the verge of death.

“It’s Ha Li Ka!” The middle-aged woman shouted upon noticing Ha Li Ka’s aura.

Lin Mu Feng smiled happily and waited patiently.

A moment later, a few blue lights emerged from the mouth of the mine, dashing out as if there was some kind of great danger behind them.

Those few blue lights were all flickering. Apparently, these Star Shuttles were all damaged and their performance had become unstable.

Several of the Chamber of Commerce’s cultivators who had followed Lin Mu Feng rushed up to assist their companions.

One of the cultivators who had emerged from the mine was surrounded by a profound chill. A cultivator from the Chamber of Commerce ran up and caught him but immediately began trembling violently, the chill spreading to his body at a speed visible to the naked eye, and before long, he too had turned stiff, unable to move.

These two seemed to be frozen together and soon after fell from the sky.


With a muffled thud, these two cultivators hit the ground and shattered like ice sculptures, both of them dying instantly.

“Stay back!” A roar resounded as Ha Li Ka fell down from the sky and landed, looking pale.

Hearing this roar, the cultivators from the Chamber of Commerce who were preparing to rescue their companions stopped and no longer dared to dare to approach them.

Lin Mu Feng and the middle-aged woman stared at Ha Li Ka intently, and after seeing his current state, they both narrowed their eyes and couldn’t help feeling a chill grip their hearts.

Yang Kai also observed Ha Li Ka’s condition and couldn’t help wearing an expression of dread.

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