Martial Peak

Chapter 1052 - I’m Not Peeking

Chapter 1052, I’m Not Peeking

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Inside the hall, Yang Kai struggled to just keep standing as a pressure like a mountain weighed down on him, his forehead oozing sweat and his physique trembling as he tried to resist the suppressive force coming from all around him, bitterness filling his heart.

Xue Yue had always been in a position of absolute authority, meaning no one had ever dared act rudely to her, so she obviously didn’t know the concept of careless words causing trouble, or that she had implicated him because of it.

Feeling Ha Li Ka deliberately releasing his aura, a cold light flashed across the depths of Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes and on her waist, a jade pendant suddenly lit up, a series of powerful roars echoing from it before numerous beast phantoms appeared and formed a defensive barrier around her, isolating her Soul from the impact of Ha Li Ka’s pressure.

As this halo appeared, the sound of something breaking rang out and Xue Yue’s arduous steps became relaxed again as she lifted her head back up and walked forward.

Yang Kai, who had not been able to move, suddenly felt the pressure around him disappear.

It seemed that under the defensive halo of these strange beasts, Brand President Ha Li Ka’s momentum had instantly disintegrated.

Yang Kai suddenly felt relaxed and couldn’t help glancing towards Xue Yue’s thin waist. Worthy of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President’s heir, she was wearing extremely high-level artifacts!

“An Origin Grade Soul type artifact?” In his chair, Ha Li Ka, who had constantly had a cold expression, finally sat up and retracted his aura, a look of amazement soon filling his face.

Not just anyone could possess this grade of Soul type artifact, allowing Ha Li Ka to realize that Xue Yue’s identity could not be low. Before he was able to figure out Xue Yue’s status and purpose in coming here, he didn’t dare try to make trouble for her like just now.

Glancing over at Yang Kai again though, he still didn’t pay him any mind, instead focusing all his attention on Xue Yue and asking, “What is this young miss’ name?”

Xue Yue smiled and said sweetly, “Xue’er.”

Yang Kai’s mouth couldn’t help twitching as he stood silently behind her, diligently putting on the appearance of a guard.

“Miss Xue’er…” Ha Li Ka gently nodded, “So, what business do you have here?”

Xue Yue didn’t answer him directly and instead took out the token she had previously shown the guards outside and handed it over.

Accepting and examining the token, Ha Li Ka’s expression changed dramatically as he finally got up off his chair and politely cupped his fists, “So you are one of Young Master Xue Yue’s people! This old man had eyes but failed to see, causing him to offend Lady Xue’er a moment ago, I hope you will not take this matter to heart!”

Saying so, he handed the token back respectfully.

“Branch President is too polite,” Xue Yue’s expression became lighter as she looked around for a moment before walking over to a chair and sitting down.

Ha Li Ka remained standing in the same place, his expression showing clear puzzlement, asking after a moment, “Lady Xue’er, when will Young Master Xue Yue be arriving?”

“He won’t be,” Xue Yue smiled and said, “He has something to deal with and temporarily cannot leave.”

“Young Master Xue Yue can’t come?” Ha Li Ka was startled, hesitating for a while before asking, “Then the matter here…”

“He has given me sole responsibility for all the affairs here, Branch President only needs to coordinate with me,” Xue Yue said decisively, putting on a bossy appearance.

“You will take solely responsible for this matter?” Ha Li Ka couldn’t help but frown, seemingly not completely trusting Xue Yue’s words. “This old man must ask, Lady Xue’er, to Young Master Xue Yue… who are you?”

Xue Yue wore a radiant smile and showed an expression overflowing with charm as she replied, “He has given me responsibility for such an important matter, who do you think I am to him?”

Ha Li Ka suddenly wore a look of comprehension, his expression becoming somewhat ambiguous as he stared at Xue Yue, a myriad of emotions coursing through his chest, thinking that Young Master Xue Yue had finally been moved by a woman just like any ordinary young man. He had never heard of this kind of thing happening before. Young Master Xue Yue had never shown interest in any woman, and no matter how devastatingly beautiful they were, he simply wouldn’t spare them anything more than a polite nod.

Many of the older generation in the Chamber of Commerce were worried about Yong Master Xue Yue in this regard, wondering if he perhaps had some physical or psychological problem.

But now it seemed like he had simply not bumped into a woman capable of moving his heart!

Just… Why did this Lady Xue’er and Young Master Xue Yue share somewhat similar appearances?

This little girl couldn’t possibly be the product of one of President Ai Ou’s youthful escapades outside… If that was the case, she and Young Master Xue Yue would be…

All kinds of thoughts passed through his mind, and Ha Li Ka couldn’t help shivering slightly as his expressions became more and more awkward.

“Lady Xue’er, about that Ancient…” Ha Li Ka was about to deliver her a progress report when he was suddenly cut off by Xue Yue.

“Let’s discuss this matter tomorrow, I have just arrived here and am tired from the journey. One night of rest won’t cause any kind of problem.”

Ha Li Ka thought about it for a moment before nodding, “Very well, then I will arrange for someone to lead Lady Xue’er to her accommodations.”

Saying so, he sent out a Divine Sense Message and a moment later, one of the guards outside the hall hurried inside. Ha Li Ka gave the guard a few instructions before having him lead Xue Yue out.

Yang Kai, who had not said a word the entire time, followed after Xue Yue, a pensive look upon his face.

Ha Li Ka had not been able to finish what it was he was trying to say, but the word ‘Ancient’ had aroused Yang Kai’s curiosity, making him wonder what exactly had happened on this Cultivation Star and how this ‘Ancient’ thing had necessitated Xue Yue to personally come over and deal with it.

No matter what this matter was, it was obviously something of great importance.

Xue Yue not letting Ha Li Ka continue to speak was obviously because she didn’t want Yang Kai to hear about this secret. She currently felt quite close to Yang Kai, but the Chamber of Commerce’s secrets weren’t something even she could casually leak.

Yang Kai naturally understood this and didn’t attempt to pry.

Following behind the guard, Yang Kai and Xue Yue flew across the mountain for a moment before arriving at a location with incredibly beautiful scenery, just far enough away to avoid the hustle and bustle in the branch’s centre; it was just the perfect place to rest.

There was a quaint palace built nearby with an exquisite yet temperate atmosphere.

Outside this palace was a small bridge built over a flowing stream of water that led to a natural hot spring used for bathing. When Xue Yue arrived here, her eyes became bright, seemingly suddenly remembering that she had not bathed for quite a long time. These months flying through the Star Field, escaping from one Dead Star to another, both her and Yang Kai, despite their profound cultivations, had accumulated a good deal of filth on their bodies.

Seeing the natural hot spring, Xue Yue’s tender body couldn’t help feeling slightly itchy.

After the guard left, Xue Yue walked around the palace and surveyed the mountain scenery, smiling as she nodded, “That Ha Li Ka did a good job, actually arranging such a good residence for me, seems he’s smarter than he looks.”

Yang Kai curled his lips into a grin, “If you live life with your current appearance, you’d quickly discover many things you previously hadn’t experienced.”

Listening to him, Xue Yue thought about it seriously and agreed, “What you said makes sense. A difference in identity will create a difference in life, it’s truly a marvellous concept. Unfortunately, I can’t remain in this form forever. After things are finished here, I will have to return to Water Moon Star to restore my Xue Yue Third Young Master status.”

As long as she found the Grandmaster who originally refined the artifact which hid her true gender and had them repair it, Xue Yue could return to her previous life.

“Enough about that,” She suddenly said, as if she didn’t want to continue thinking about this subject. Turning back around, her skirt twirling enchantingly, Xue Yue declared, “I’m going to take a bath to wash away all the dirt and dust from this long journey. You can’t peek, if I catch you trying…”

Saying so, she clenched her fists and shook it towards Yang Kai before walking over towards the open-air hot spring.

Arriving beside the water, Xue Yue lightly disrobed while secretly paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements.

According to her observations during this time, she had determined that Yang Kai was not an honest person; secretly trying to peek at her in this kind of situation was something he would definitely do.

As such, she had warned him in advance.

However, to her surprise, even after she slipped her lithe body into the steaming hot water, Yang Kai didn’t show any particular movements. He seemed to still be standing where she left him, not moving a muscle.

Xue Yue was quite surprised by this and felt she may have misread Yang Kai and misunderstood his true nature.

Just as she was thinking this though, Yang Kai suddenly leapt up into the air above the bath and immediately fell down towards it, shedding all his clothes before he hit the water.


Water splashed up greatly and the mist which lingered atop the hot spring was greatly disturbed.

“Yang Kai!” Xue Yue grit her teeth and sent out a thick menacing intent.

Yang Kai surfaced from the hot spring and leaned relaxedly against its edge while casually stating, “I also want to wash off the fatigues from the road, and I’m not secretly peeking…”

Saying so, he stared directly and openly towards Xue Yue.

Xue Yue was extremely annoyed and she spared no words to curse Yang Kai as a shameless bastard while retracting her naked figure into the water.

Her perfect body was instantly covered in a shroud of seven coloured light which, accompanied by the white mist of the hot spring, only served to enhance her appeal, tempting others to move closer to see the wonders that were hidden beneath these layers.

“You and I were only one step away from the most intimate of relationships, why would you suddenly be shy about taking a simple bath together now?” Yang Kai chuckled, not understanding what this woman was thinking.

“Don’t talk about that!” Xue Yue scolded angrily, sending a water arrow out towards Yang Kai’s head, missing by only the narrowest of margins, “If you dare speak any more nonsense, I’ll rip out your tongue.”

“I haven’t spoken any nonsense, I only spoke the truth!” Yang Kai grinned strangely.

Xue Yue didn’t respond, only sinking her head lower into the water and blowing some bubbles in silent protest.

Yang Kai no longer tried to provoke her and instead focused on enjoying the warmth of the natural hot spring.

Sometime later, Xue Yue suddenly said, “Tomorrow I have to go with Branch President Ha Li Ka to handle some things, so I won’t be bringing you along with me.”

“I know.”

“You’re too weak, and there will possibly be danger where I’m going, so…”

“You don’t have to explain it to me,” Yang Kai shook his head, “I have self-knowledge and won’t inquire about secrets I shouldn’t know. Sometimes, knowing less is safer.”

“As long as you understand,” Xue Yue smiled lightly.

“I’ll go rest first,” Yang Kai said, standing up and circulating his Saint Qi to dry the water on his skin before putting on a set of clothes and walking towards the small palace.

Staring at the receding back of Yang Kai through the fog, Xue Yue couldn’t help feeling an urge to tell him everything!

This feeling made her beautiful face pale as she realized the impact the Soul Chains were having on her was actually getting worse.

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