Martial Peak

Chapter 1046 - Profiting

Chapter 1046, Profiting

Inside the crater, Yang Kai and Xue Yue faced each other up close, each of them able to feel the heat of the other’s skin and smell the fragrance of the other’s breath.

Yang Kai tightly embraced her, putting as much strength into his arms as he could, as if he wished to break her tender body in two.

Xue Yue’s beautiful face paled, the boiling hot dragon which was scaling her legs throwing her heart into chaos. She immediately realized what was happening, and she couldn’t help shuddering, her beautiful eyes filling with fear and panic as she involuntarily clamped her legs together as tightly as possible, trying to impede this monster from further encroaching upon her innocence.

Her efforts, however, only further stimulated Yang Kai.

Xue Yue’s beautiful legs were as smooth as silk and as soft as clouds, so her tightly gripping them around Yang Kai’s little brother brought him unimaginable pleasure and comfort, causing his murderous intent to stagnate momentarily.

“I’ll… I’ll kill you!” Xue Yue had never suffered such humiliation before and screamed out hysterically. At this moment, she no longer had any of the calm and gentle demeanour of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s Third Young Master and instead had transformed into a crazed woman, summoning strength she, by all rights, should no longer possess to double slap towards Yang Kai’s face, bursts of seven coloured light covering her palms as they struck forward.

*Peng peng…*

Yang Kai felt as if he was struck by lightning and his body shivered, a fog of golden blood spewing from his mouth, covering Xue Yue’s face and body.

His current state was barely better than hers. Before he had immobilized Xue Yue, he had suffered a frontal blow from her, and now he had taken another two heavy slaps to his face, Yang Kai was already an arrow at the end of its flight and his aura quickly became dispirited.

With these two palms, all the injuries Yang Kai had just managed to stabilize worsened once again.

Xue Yue had gone completely feral, kicking, scratching, and gouging out Yang Kai’s body however she could, even opening her mouth and sinking her teeth into his shoulders and chest, struggling with all her might, exhibiting an attitude of wishing to perish together with him.

Xue Yue was at least a Second-Order Saint King, and although she couldn’t use even thirty percent of her full strength right now because of her injuries, her all-out resistance was difficult for Yang Kai to endure. In a flash, his body was covered with fresh bloody wounds and teeth marks…

“You court death!” Yang Kai shouted before sending his fist straight into Xue Yue’s pretty face without holding back in the slightest.

This punch immediately knocked Xue Yue’s head to the side and caused her cheek to swell up, the residual force sending both her and Yang Kai tumbling onto the ground.

Before they landed though, Yang Kai flipped her body around and forced her to face away from him, both his arms still gripping tightly onto her, making sure she could not scratch and bite him any further.

Xue Yue struggled and resisted fiercely, refusing to surrender, transforming every part of her body she could move into a weapon to thrash against Yang Kai as she desperately attempted to escape from his clutches.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

The pair rolled around in the crater on this unnamed Dead Star, their fists and feet hitting towards each other, fighting as if they were the most hated of blood enemies.

Dust flew up everywhere and every once in a while an explosion of light would appear.

However, both of them gradually grew weaker until, eventually, neither could move.

Violent wheezing breaths sounded as the two of them lay down in the crater somewhere, Xue Yue lying down on top of Yang Kai which her back facing him, the two of them staring up at the cold and dark Starry Sky.

At some point, Yang Kai’s two hands had latched onto Xue Yue’s two great peaks and an amazing feeling of elasticity was transmitted to his palms, causing his dispirited dragon to once again rise up towards the Heavens.

When Xue Yue was disguising herself as a man, Yang Kai obviously couldn’t tell how rich her assets were, but after firmly grasping her jade peaks in his hands, Yang Kai could tell this woman had abundant capital.

Yang Kai’s palms were by no means small, but even so, he couldn’t completely take her completely in his hand.

Small and delicate cherries rubbed against Yang Kai’s palms, adding texture to her amazingly soft and elastic peaks.

Yang Kai couldn’t help increasing the strength of his grip to ruthlessly squeeze them.

A fascinating note spread from Xue Yue’s throat as her head arched back slightly as if being pinched like this was uncomfortable, but even more so shameful.

Yang Kai didn’t care about her objections and instead revelled in the feeling of her smooth skin and plump bottom gave him.

Although Xue Yue’s body had many scars and a great deal of fresh blood on it, her skin was still white and tender, as lustrous as a newborn. As they had tumbled about, Yang Kai had fully experienced the charms of her lower moons which were constantly brushing up against and squeezing his spear, lighting a flame in Yang Kai’s body which he found difficult to extinguish.

His dragon was still firmly clamped between her well-rounded valley and it seemed like all Yang Kai needed to do was move slightly and he could break through her last line of defence and plant his flag upon her.

The two of them were exhausted and could only maintain this ambiguous and awkward posture.

A single drop of warm liquid suddenly rolled down onto Yang Kai’s arm and the sound of Xue Yue soft whimpers echoed in his ears.

“Don’t tell me you’re…” Yang Kai was speechless, during this life or death struggle, this woman actually broke down into tears; worse though, Yang Kai couldn’t tell if they were genuine or simply a ploy.

“From when I was a child until now, no one has ever treated me like this… even the few people who know my true gender would never dare act so discourteous to me, I’ll remember you, I’ll certainly make you pay for this!” Xue Yue said through clenched teeth.

“Say that again after you live through this!” Yang Kai snickered, “When I finish restoring myself, the first thing I’ll do is kill you!”

“Go ahead and try!” Xue Yue remained defiant, shouting back at Yang Kai, “Your present condition is terrible, and before you arrived, I had just taken a Saint King Grade High-Rank healing pill. Soon I’ll have enough strength to escape your evil clutches, when that time comes we’ll which one of us dies!”

No longer sobbing, Xue Yue actually sneered, “You can rest assured, I won’t let you die easily, I’ll let you taste the world’s most brutal torture as I slowly kill you!”

In response, Yang Kai lightly blew on her delicate earlobe, causing Xue Yue’s face to blush bright red and her tender body to shiver as fear of Yang Kai further humiliating her rose up within her again.

“Then we’ll have to see who can recover first!” Yang Kai declared confidently, as if he had already won.

When it came to restorative ability, Yang Kai didn’t fear anyone. Although Xue Yue had taken a Saint King Grade High-Rank pill, he had his Demon God Golden Blood. The minor wounds and bites Xue Yue had inflicted on him had already begun to heal and his body’s five viscera and six organs were already starting to recover.

The two of them no longer spoke and simply lay together, skin touching skin, as if the two of them were the most intimate of partners enjoying a moment warmth and tranquillity; however, beneath this spring scenery was a cold and potent murderous intent.

Suddenly, a burst of seven coloured light blossomed and Yang Kai let out a grunt, his expression sinking as he ground his teeth, “Slut, you’re actually so insidious?!”

“Ha…” Xue Yue smiled smugly, “Dealing with people like you, what reason is there to not act sinisterly? Hurry up and release me or else I’ll shatter your dantian and waste your cultivation, turning you into a cripple for life.”

One of her jade hands had silently punctured Yang Kai’s ribs and was now inserted into his tight abdominal muscles. At her fingertips was a sharp blade of seven coloured energy just waiting to invade Yang Kai’s dantian and destroy his source of strength.

Yang Kai didn’t know when she had condensed this bit of power, perhaps she had been concealing it from the beginning…

He finally understood how different this woman was from other women. Even if he had managed to suppress her to this extent, she would still not yield and take any possibly opportunity to reverse the situation.

“Will you release me or not? I’ll give you three breaths to consider, after three breaths, you can… hey, what are you doing!?” Xue Yue’s calm and confident tone suddenly became disordered as her face paled and she let out a scream of panic, “Stop! Don’t you dare move again!”

Ignoring her threats, Yang Kai did not retreat and instead advanced, pushing his body forward, allowing Xue Yue’s little hand to dig deeper into his abdomen as he gradually closed the last bit of distance between his dragon and Xue Yue’s cavern.

Yang Kai touched the tip of his spear to its mark before stopping.

Xue Yue’s thoughts were once again thrown into chaos and for a moment she was too flustered to respond.

Yang Kai ignored the impending crisis to his dantian and put more strength into his waist as he stretched out his tongue and licked Xue Yue’s delicate earlobe.

“You bastard!” Xue Yue screamed, her tender body now shivering uncontrollably.

“Scream and shout all you like, there’s a saying that dying beneath a beautiful flower is a worthy death. Even if you ruin my dantian, it matters not, go ahead and try, I’ll immediately claim your innocence for myself!” Yang Kai smiled lowly, “I’m a lone wanderer, no one will care if I disappear, my status can’t compare to Young Master Xue Yue’s. Heh, just wait until after you marry and your new husband discovers you’re body isn’t pure, I’m sure it will be a glorious show to see! A small nobody like me being able to possess a woman like you, even if I need to give my life, it will be worth it!”

“Lunatic! Madman! You’re insane!” Xue Yue’s beautiful face filled with panic. She was really scared that Yang Kai would follow through with his threat, and feeling of the hard foreign body between her legs, she knew that all her carefully laid out calculations and schemes had completely collapsed.

This man was more vicious than any bandit from Galaxy Ridge and more sinister than any rouge from Abandoned Lair.

“How am I insane? Our situation has already reached the point where it is either you die or I perish. Since there’s no other path forward from here, I may as well enjoy your taste before I die, then wait in the underworld to taste it again.”

Saying so, Yang Kai put more strength into his waist and slowly but surely swung his hips forward.

He exhibited the behaviour of really wishing to die beneath a beautiful flower, not caring one bit about his life.

“Wait a moment!” Xue Yue tensed up her tender body, trying to wiggle her way forward while speaking in as calm a tone as possible, “Can’t we talk about this?”

“Talk?” Yang Kai stopped his aggressive charge and said with great interest, “What’s there to talk about?”

“You and I don’t actually have any great hatred between us, so is there really a need for us to be at such odds?” Xue Yue lightly opened her lips to speak these words while flames of pure hatred burned within her eyes, but for her innocence, she had no choice but to compromise.

“What you mean is… we can exchange weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk?”

“Why not?” Xue Yue turned her head to the side, her snow white cheek immediately pressing up against Yang Kai’s lips. She couldn’t help immediately jerking her head back, silently criticizing this bastard for still trying to profit at this moment, wishing she could roast his flesh to ash and grind his bones into dust.

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