Martial Peak

Chapter 1034 - If I Have Any Demands, I’ll Inform You

Chapter 1034, If I Have Any Demands, I’ll Inform You

The young girls inside the bath were all innocent maidens, so although each of them had received training in this area before, seeing how it was their first time going into battle, it was inevitable that their actions were a bit clumsy, but it was just right for Yang Kai. Relaxing inside the bath, he leaned up against its edge and closed his eyes, allowing the girls to wash every part of his body.

The maidservant who had led Yang Kai here walked over with a basket of flower petals and using her jade hand lightly sprinkled them into the bath while lightly explaining, “These Soul Soothing Flowers can help nourish one’s Spiritual Energy as well as strengthen one’s physique while they bathe… En, it can also help enhance a man’s ability in that regard!”

Saying so, her face went bright red with embarrassment.

Suddenly, Yang Kai gently pulled her into the bath, causing her to let out a yelp of surprise, the warm water soaking her clothes. When she straightened herself up and gently brushed the water from her face, she shot an embarrassed look towards Yang Kai.

Her wet clothes now stuck to her body, emphasising her pair of rich jade peaks which were grander than any of the other girls present, her body exuding a mature and graceful charm her younger cohorts lacked.

“Do you no longer possess your innocence?” Yang Kai smiled towards her.

The maidservant’s face went redder and she shyly nodded, “This servant has already been deflowered, so she is no longer qualified to serve Young Master in this regard.”

“Whether or not you have such qualifications is for me to decide.”

Her beautiful eyes brightened as she elegantly removed her wet clothes then plunged into the water and disappeared.

Soon, Yang Kai revealed a blissful look.


Inside a grand hall, instruments played while rows of beautiful young women sang and danced.

Behind a long table filled with precious foods and fine wines, Shen Tu and Yang Kai sit side by side while drinking and enjoying themselves.

A progression of maidservants brought new delicacies to the table frequently.

Yang Kai didn’t recognize most of these dishes, but he could easily tell that each of them was exuding potent energy fluctuations. These foods weren’t just capable of satisfying one’s appetite, but would also serve as nourishment for one’s cultivation.

Yang Kai did not stand on ceremony and ate and drank in a relaxed manner.

The middle-aged cultivator named Jia Long stood not far away, and observing the manner in which Shen Tu received Yang Kai, serving him the finest of food and wine, he realized that this Second-Order Saint Realm youth had an incredibly high status in his Young Master’s heart.

He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of skill this young man possessed to warrant Shen Tu treating him so seriously.

The maidservant who had served Yang Kai before came up and leaned over to Shen Tu, whispering a few words into his ear before shooting a glance over at Yang Kai, her cheeks dyed bright red, and then withdrawing.

Shen Tu couldn’t help grinning, a meaningful look appearing on his face, but he didn’t bring this matter up, instead turning to Yang Kai and asking, “Brother Yang, do you have any ideas about what you’re going to do next?”

“Not yet,” Yang Kai shook his head.

Shen Tu knew that he had just arrived in the Star Field and perhaps didn’t have any particular destination or plans in mind as of yet.

As such, he was seriously thinking about trying to recruit Yang Kai.

Water Moon Star was Yang Kai’s first stop in the Star Field, and Shen Tu had a good relationship with him, so he believed that if Yang Kai stayed with him for a time, he would be able to persuade him to join Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.

After the series of events they had experienced together, Shen Tu had become fully aware of Yang Kai’s ability and potential and knew that if given enough time he would become a truly terrifying master.

“Well, in that case, there’s no need to be anxious. You can live here for now with your good brother and when you think of something you want to do you can let me know,” Shen Tu didn’t openly invite him to stay and instead left the decision up to Yang Kai; after all, he couldn’t treat him like a subordinate.

“Good, when the time comes I’ll let you know,” Yang Kai smiled as he continued to watch the group of dancing girls perform, admiring their graceful postures.

After a couple of hours, when they were both fully satiated, Shen Tu stumbled back to his room thoroughly drunk to rest while Yang Kai was also taken to a room under the guidance of a maid.

This room was quite large and was located nearly a thousand meters off the ground. Standing inside the room and staring out the large transparent windows, Yang Kai could see the lights of the city down below as well as all the various cultivators going about their business. Watching all this, he suddenly felt a sense of loneliness.

When he arrived in Tong Xuan Realm from the Great Han Dynasty many years ago, he hadn’t experienced such feelings.

Because the Great Han Dynasty and Tong Xuan Realm were relatively close to one another.

Now though, he had travelled far out into the Star Field, so far he didn’t even know where Tong Xuan Realm was relative to him.

The feeling that he was all alone out here sudden weighed down on him.

His heart was also filled with various thoughts and concerns.

Suddenly, thinking of something, his eyes lit up and he hurried over to the bed and sat down cross-legged.

Immersing his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea, his Soul Avatar appeared above the flaming ocean.

From there, Yang Kai looked up at the giant Star Chart hanging over his Knowledge Sea and guided his Divine Sense through it in an attempt to locate Tong Xuan Realm.

This Star Chart was extraordinarily detailed and seemed to have depicted the entire Star Field as well as every single motion of each and every large and small star following some inexplicable law.

The changes that occurred here were really happening in the Star Field!

The real-time situation of the Star Field was shown here.

Considering how detailed it was, Yang Kai figured he would be able to find Tong Xuan Realm as well.

His Divine Sense leapt from one star to the next as Yang Kai back-traced the approximate route he had taken from Tong Xuan Realm.

After an hour though, he couldn’t help revealing a weary look as the Spiritual Energy in his Knowledge Sea had been exhausted!

Arriving at this state, Yang Kai had no choice but to stop and restore himself.

After recovering, he started again from where he had left off but even after repeating this process several times, Yang Kai was unable to locate Tong Xuan Realm. However, his understanding of the arrangement of the stars in the Star Field had increased greatly and he had learned about the existence of several dangerous regions he should avoid in the future.

Yang Kai also found that he had still underestimated the profoundness of this Star Chart. Even after so many repeated explorations, he was unable to even determine the full scope of this Star Chart, it was as if it was endless. Spending an entire night studying it had only resulted in him exploring a tiny fraction of the Star Field.

Yang Kai realized that his strength wasn’t high enough.

If his cultivation realm was higher, this investigation would become faster and easier.

Opening his eyes, Yang Kai was greeted by a bright sunrise, he had temporarily given up the idea of exploring the Star Chart and searching for Tong Xuan Realm until his strength grew to a certain extent.

A knock came from the door at that moment and Yang Kai casually said to enter.

When the door was pushed open, a familiar maidservant stood at the entrance, bowed gracefully and smiled towards him, “Young Master Yang, Young Master Shen Tu asked me to inform you that he was summoned by the President and may not be able to return for short time. He also said that you may relax here to your heart’s content while waiting for him.”

“En, I understand,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

The maidservant didn’t rush to leave, her red lips pursing slightly as she directed a bashful yet somewhat expectant look towards Yang Kai, “Does Young Master Yang have any other demands?”

Her meaning was obvious.

“If I have any demands, I’ll inform you,” Yang Kai smiled back at her.

The maidservant’s face blushed pink as she gently nodded and closed the door.

After she left, Yang Kai sat on the bed and furrowed his brow.

With Shen Tu not here, he was at somewhat of a loss as to what to do, and the feeling of idleness was somehow unpleasant to him.

Tossing a pill into his mouth, he began to meditate while restoring himself.

A moment later, he suddenly remembered something he wanted to do, replace his Star Shuttle!

The Star Shuttle he was currently using was something he had discovered a long time ago in the Starry Sky along with Li Rong. Back on Tong Xuan Realm, his Star Shuttle gave him an absolute advantage over everyone else in terms of speed, but out here in the Star Field, his Star Shuttle was nothing but a broken, outdated model. Even the one Bi Ya was using was far better than his.

In addition, he had to purchase some precious ores!

Gui Zu had reminded him specifically to raise the two pitch-black round stones in his Demon Mystic Tome well, and that they would eventually give him a pleasant surprise!

And to raise the two pitch-black round stones, what was needed was high-grade ores!

Yang Kai slightly regretted that he had forgotten to ask Gui Zu what exactly these pitch-black round stone were before he had left.

In the end, his relationship with Gui Zu had eased significantly, so if he had asked at the time, it was likely he could have gotten an answer, but at that time Yang Kai had been too shocked by the Star Emperor Token to remember this point.

Considering all this, Yang Kai stood up and strode out.

Arriving at the bottom of the grand tower, Yang Kai was about to leave Shen Tu’s palace when the middle-aged cultivator called Jia Long suddenly appeared, smiled and asked, “Does little brother want to go out?”

“En, I want to buy something,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Buy something?” Jia Long suddenly grinned, “What does the little brother want to buy? If it is convenient, can you inform me?”

“I want to purchase a better Star Shuttle and some ores.”

“A Star Shuttle and some ores?” Jia Long didn’t ask what Yang Kai wanted with ores and instead said, “Little brother is new here and probably not too familiar with the various stores nearby, if you can wait a moment, I’ll arrange for someone to accompany you.”

Yang Kai smiled happily hearing this, “Then I’ll have to trouble you for that.”

His proposal really solved one of Yang Kai’s worries.

“Little brother is too polite. Young Master Shen Tu said before he departed to meet any request Young Master Yang made, I will certainly not neglect an honoured guest such as yourself,” Saying so, he took out a communication type artifact and poured his Divine Sense into it.

After a moment, he took back the compass and smiled towards Yang Kai, “Please wait a moment, someone will soon come over.”

Yang Kai nodded and waited.

A short time later, a man flew over from afar and landed in front of Yang Kai and Jia Long, raising his eyebrows and asking, “Need something?”

This man had bulging muscles, a wild temperament, and a beast like aura about him. He also had thick facial hair that made him look like a mad lion.

[Monster Race!] Yang Kai was immediately able to infer this man’s race from his appearance and the energy fluctuations he gave off.

Because he was part of the Monster Race, he exuded a thick Monster Qi from his body.

Silavin: It happens in China that they have these kinds of service in the business world. Well, it depends on case by case and which sector you would be in but yeah. It does happen.

In these kinds of situations, it would be rude not to accept.

I believe, in this case, Yang Kai settled on the one that has been deflowered to not be burdened by his actions.

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