Martial Peak

Chapter 1010 - Provocation

Chapter 1010, Provocation

Yue Xi walked straight up to Yang Kai, her eyes blazing with anger as she glared coldly towards him, her pretty face filled with ill intent.

Yang Kai frowned, not understanding why this woman’s attitude towards him had changed so dramatically, even if she had some misunderstandings towards him before, she wasn’t openly hostile.

However, now it was as if she couldn’t wait to kill him with her own hands.

This made Yang Kai feel very confused, wondering just what he had done to offend her this time.

“Did you kill Wei Wu?” Yue Xi suddenly asked.

“What did you say?” Yang Kai wore a confused look and feigned ignorance.

“Do you think I don’t know?” Yue Xi sneered, “Wei Wu died by your hand less than half an hour ago!”

Yang Kai was stunned, but quickly realized that this beautiful woman must have had some special method to investigate what had just happened, or Wei Wu had managed to send her a message somehow just before he died.

However, Yang Kai didn’t see Wei Wu use any kind of communication artifact before he died, so the former possibility was more likely.

Yang Kai immediately understood why Yue Xi was now acting so hostile towards him.

“Why did you kill him and what kind of underhanded plot did you use to do it?” Yue Xi asked sharply.

“He came to me looking for trouble, he just got what he deserved!” Yang Kai replied lightly.

“Why would he look for trouble with you?” Yue Xi continued to interrogate, “You and him don’t have any resentment between you.”

“You might as well ask him, I’d also like to know.”

“Good, just you wait, if one day we are able to leave here, I’ll make you pay for this!” Yue Xi clenched her teeth and threatened, her tender body trembling, fully illustrating her intense anger. Apparently, she thought that Yang Kai had somehow caught Wei Wei unprepared with a sneak attack, otherwise with Wei Wu’s strength he could easily have defeated Yang Kai.

Her disciple dying such a tragic death naturally meant that Yue Xi, as Wei Wu’s Master, had to seek vengeance for him.

“Those who threaten me never have good ends!” Yang Kai suddenly became annoyed and snapped back.

From the start, he could have mixed in together with Sword Union’s group; after all, he had saved both He Zao and He Miao’s lives. As long as Yue Xi had even the slightest bit of gratitude towards him for this grace, she wouldn’t have made things so difficult for him.

However, the first time Yang Kai contacted this beautiful woman, she had tried to spy on his Knowledge Sea, and although she may have just wanted to exercise an abundance of caution in case Yang Kai was a spy from Purple Star, her attitude had still made Yang Kai feel disrespected.

The subsequent events had caused the relationship between the two sides to deteriorate until now it had become irreparable.

Yang Kai had killed Wei Wu, no matter what reason he had for this, Yue Xi would certainly not forgive him.

“I’d like to see just what kind of end I’ll have,” Yue Xi grit her teeth and replied mockingly, “I hope you won’t let me down!”

Yang Kai suddenly broke out into a sinister smile, “The best fate for a beautiful woman like you is to be toyed with until death!”

Yue Xi’s pretty face went cold and her body trembled even more fiercely, her sharp eyes filling with murderous intent.

She seemed almost unable to suppress her anger and was on the verge of attacking Yang Kai.

“What? Haven’t you had the taste of a man before?” Yang Kai didn’t miss the change in her mood and grinned even more wretchedly, continuing to viciously provoke her, “Good, I’ll make up for all your regrets and let you become a real woman before you die!”

Yang Kai’s appearance right now could only be described as a wicked, shameless lecher.

Yue Xi’s murderous intent became more and more intense, her face twisting with rage as her strength began to surge up, but suddenly she clenched her fists tightly and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to calm her anger.

She knew that if she were to stir up trouble now, the mysterious old man wouldn’t let her off. Before she killed Yang Kai, she might very well be the one to die.

“Did you want to provoke me into attacking you?” Yue Xi opened her eyes again, still clenching her teeth hard as she shouted, “Boy, I’ll make you pay for this disgrace!”

She had never been so humiliated by any man ever before, especially a man she knew next to nothing about and who was far younger than her. The anger in Yue Xi’s heart could hardly be suppressed.

Fortunately, she had realized what Yang Kai’s intentions were at the last moment and did not let his plot succeed.

Having said what she needed to, Yue Xi turned around and left, no longer wanting to even see Yang Kai’s ugly face, worried she would be unable to control herself and really attack him.

Staring at the receding back of Yue Xi, Yang Kai audibly whistled while letting his eyes wantonly wandering over her figure, staring at her swaying hips and rounded bottom.

Being stared at with this kind of gaze caused Yue Xi’s skin to crawl and the anger she had just pressed down forcefully to rise up once more, her determination to butcher Yang Kai grown even stronger.

Only after she had gone far away did Yang Kai’s gaze became indifferent again, a hint of regret flashing across his eyes.

Just now he really had wanted to provoke Yue Xi into attacking him. In any case, the grudge had reached a life or death level, so the first one to strike would hold the advantage, but to his disappointment, Yue Xi had actually managed to endure her anger.

Now, she was patiently biding her time, waiting for the right opportunity, at which point, she would only act more violently than just now.

Yang Kai sighed and felt a slight headache.

The conflict between them had not been missed by the others in the surrounding.

Lu Gui Chen of Purple Star had been standing nearby and, after Yue Xi left, he actually shot Yang Kai a grin and a thumbs-up, expressing his approval and admiration.

Bi Ya also covered her mouth and tittered, throwing Yang Ki a coquettish look as she said, “Surprisingly you’re quite the hoodlum. Elder Sister suddenly has a bit more interest in you.”

“I’m also quite interested in you too,” Yang Kai grinned back at her.

Bi Ya suddenly shivered and snorted, “Liar, only a fool would believe you!”

“Master, are you okay?” On the other hand, He Zao saw the look on Yue Xi’s face and couldn’t help asking worriedly.

“I’m fine,” Yue Xi took a deep breath, her rich chest heaving up and down once before she solemnly said, “I’ve clearly seen that boy’s ugliness. Don’t approach him again in the future, but if there’s a chance, kill him to exact revenge for your Senior Brother!”

He Zao pursed her lips and nodded cleverly, “Yes!”

He Miao frowned, the look she directed at Yang Kai changing subtly.

She was completely convinced of her Master’s words, thinking that this was Yang Kai’s true face. In public, daring to shame her Master, and even openly flirting with that slut Bi Ya from Purple Star, He Miao was thoroughly disgusted.

She secretly thought she had been too naive before, believing that Yang Kai was actually a good person.

The fallout from this small storm quickly subsided, and as time went by, more and more cultivators began arriving.

After another hour or so, Shen Tu appeared.

Looking around for a while, he quickly spotted Yang Kai and noticed the energy fluctuations coming from his body, calling out in surprise, “Were you successful?”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Congratulations! I didn’t expect you would actually succeed. It seems I looked down on your, brother!” Shen Tu sincerely congratulated, very happy that Yang Kai had managed to recover his strength.

“My luck was just good, what about you? How were your gains during this time?”

“My harvest was huge,” Shen Tu’s eyes lit up, a big smile appearing on his face as he patted the Universe Bag on his belt, “I collected many Saint King and Origin Grade herbs, I even managed to obtain a few Origin King Grade herbs. You can’t possibly comprehend how rich the materials in this damned place are; those scraps we collected previous were nothing but trash in comparison.”

Yang Kai’s brow couldn’t help rising, “Origin King Grade?”

“The highest grade of spirit herb!” Shen Tu laughed, “I’ve really struck it rich now. If I can find and Alchemist to refine these things into pills, at the very least I won’t have to worry about having enough pills before through to the Saint King Realm.”

Saying so, his look suddenly became somewhat bitter, “If on my own, I was able to gain so much, those Purple Star and Sword Union people must have obtained many times more. Fuck, it really makes me want to kill and rob them all.”

His expression was filled with anger and indignation, as if these people had snatched the good things that belonged to him.

“Right, brother, you arrived here earlier than me. Do you know why that old Senior called us?” Shen Tu suddenly asked.

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai shook his head. After getting along with Shen Tu for a while, he had gotten used to the endless chatter of the other party, so when he spoke, Yang Kai made a habit of not interrupting him, only replying when he was asked a question, such as now. “Were you summoned by him too?”

“En, I was looking for herbs when the voice of that old Senior suddenly rang in my ears. If that weren’t the case, how would I dare come here?” Shen Tu said, his face suddenly becoming heavy, “The people here were scattered across this entire continent, yet he was able to communicate to all of them with his Divine Sense. It seems there’s no doubt he is a master at the Origin King Realm. I wonder just what kind of background he has.”

Origin King Realm masters were rare existences in the Heng Luo Star Field, and all of them were powerful Seniors on the same level as Star Masters, many of them living in seclusion while holding honoured positions.

“Not only am I curious about this, the people from Sword Union and Purple Star are as well. I suppose if we just wait we’ll find out eventually though.”

The two immediately stopped talking and looked around.

At this moment, most people’s eyes were focused on the old man, watching him busily adjust the position of the various Saint Crystals, most of them confused about just what he was trying to do.

Even Lu Gui Chen and Yue Xi couldn’t recognize what the function of this Spirit Array was, the complexity of it beyond their level of understanding.

However, they could tell that the door-like arch was made from the scattered debris of their Starships.

After nearly an entire day, the old man suddenly stopped moving his hands and released his Divine Sense to inspect the entire Spirit Array in front of him, releasing a wild laugh towards the Heavens in the next moment, “Finished, hahaha, it’s finally finished!”

His laughter was so thunderous that it deafened everyone present, causing their vitality to roll and their faces to pale.

The old man’s mood was very good, his face filled with joy and excitement.

After a moment, he stopped laughing and turned his eyes towards the crowd gathered nearby.

“Good, you’ve been here for some time now and I know you have many questions. This old master had no time to care about you earlier but now I can answer some of your doubts. Who wants to ask something?” Saying so, he swept his eyes over everyone’s face.

“Senior, may I ask, where is this place?” Lu Gui Chen cupped his fists respectfully and spoke.

“This old master isn’t quite sure, I only know that this place is a Dark Star, a Dark Star hidden inside the Chaotic Abyss!”

“Dark Star?” Many people heard these words and couldn’t help calling out in alarm, as if this so-called Dark Star had an unparalleled appeal to them, making them feel excited.

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