Martial King’s Retired Life

Volume 1 Chapter 17

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"Big" Boss Shen

"Ming Feizhen."

Shen Yiren finally asked me,

"What are your goals?"

In one breath and without blinking I said: "To serve the country and be the vice-captain's best subordinate!"

Hearing this, the two kiddos standing next to me looked at me with contempt and a startled look.

Pfft! Are you two losers in any position to be giving me looks of contempt?

Your replies nearly jeopardized my life here! Hell, I probably wouldn't have lasted till my retirement!

Boss Shen looked at me to compliment me by hinting: "I like what I heard," before saying: "Feizhen doesn't have any strong points, but he's got more experience in both the pugilistic world and in life than you two, so you two should learn from him. Look after each other from now on, okay?"

Why do I feel like she wasn't really complimenting me…?



The two nodded and then looked at me with contempt. I kissed her ass for your sakes!

She clapped her hands to break up our little battle-of-stares, stuck her chest out and said: "Alright, alright, you guys will have plenty of time to get to know each other in future." I'll admit, when she stuck her chest out, I didn't hesitate to steal a few looks… You know, a few glances at her huge boobs…

She continued: "As I mentioned before, my goal with recruiting new members was to increase Liu Shan Men's forces, and re-establish our image in front of his majesty."

Shen Yiren looked at the three of us with her beautiful eyes and said: "The emperor has three major powerhouses in terms of fighting power, namely: the Qilin Guards, his personal entourage and us at Liu Shan Men. We've always been engaged in a power struggle since Yan Shisan's time, actually no, even long before that. We with each other to win the emperor's favour, the support of the imperial court and resources in the martial world. But fight as we may, no side was ever truly defeated.

During Yan Shisan's time, Liu Shan Men was famous, feared and unparalleled. But even so, that didn't remove the Qilin Guards and the emperor's entourage from the picture. After Shisan left, Liu Shan Men was relatively quiet, allowing the Qilin Guards to shine. But even then, Liu Shan Men remained standing. In the end, it all comes down to his majesty.

His majesty understands the principle of balance and without a doubt understands that if his servants get hold of too much power, they'll overstep their boundaries, threatening his authority and power. When Shisan was around, his majesty maintained the power balance, and continued maintaining it even after Shisan left. What this means is that Liu Shan Men will definitely be able to return to its former glory."

She said a lot, but it left my right ear as it entered my left ear. My gaze was fixated on her glorious valleys… Now that I've been looking at them for a while, I think, compared to Shiyi's they're even…

"Ming Feizhen, Ming Feizhen. I've called you many times already!"


"I just asked you, who holds higher seniority?"

Without a thought, I blurted: "You of course."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Boss Shen frowned and calmly said: "I asked you, based on the time you joined your sect, between you and Hero Lian Zhui Yue Jian, who's the senior?"

"Huh? Are you talking about Xiao Liu Zi (sixth little brother)**? He's my shidi*"


I just said something I shouldn't have!

Unsurprisingly, the two kids standing next to me gave me weird reactions. Su Xiao blinked several times at me.

Tang Ye directly asked me curiously: "Lian Zhui Yue is in the seventeen dragons in the 'Black and White Reflection'. He's considered one of the rarest young talents, and you call him… Xiao Liu Zi?"

Looks like Xiao Liu Zi made a name for himself while I was unaware, huh.

The three of them evidently became curious as they stared at me.

I laughed it off and said: "Have you forgotten? My shifu is Priest Wushan. My junior's shifu is the leader of Mount Daluo, so how could I compare? I just joined the sect a few years earlier than him." After seeing their suspicion disappear did I continue: "But why are you asking me this?"

Shen Yiren glared at me and said: "Did you hear what I said before? I said your martial arts skills are terrible, so ask your fellow disciples to teach you a few moves. That's how we got to talking about Lian Zhui Yue Jian."

Ooohh~ I see now.

But did she just say my skills suck?

I'm a bit…

"That's all for today. Yan Ling, Xiao Han, you two go on ahead. Ming Feizhen, you stay behind."

Hmm? Just me? The two young men were slightly perplexed but left anyway.

There was just Shen Yiren and I left in the room.

There was no one around and the room was silent. There was only my big-boobed superior and I in the room… If you want a book, I can write you a best-seller!


I'm off topic again, damn it.

She probably has business for her subordinates to take care of, but couldn't trust those two idiots with it.

Kekeke, you two are still children.

Being handsome comes with its woes.

I leaned over and quietly said: "What did you want to talk about, boss?"

"You were checking out my breasts, weren't you?"

Fuck! I started sweating due to panic…

I didn't expect her to bring this up! I gave her the puppy eye look.

Shen Yiren's beautiful face carried a hint of playfulness as she smiled and said to me: "I'm listening. Did you check me out before?"

What else could I do but grit my teeth and nod?

But that wasn't the end. Shen Yiren bit down on her red lips and seductively asked me: "What part of me were you checking out?"

Oh, fuck!!


I'll write my name backwards from now on if it's not a trap! But what can I do…?

While still gritting my teeth, I said: "Your boobs…"

Shen Yiren laughed elegantly and softly. Then she asked: "Do they look good?"

Heavens, fuck, me! You're teasing a dog in heat here…

Don't do this to me! You might as well crush my balls!

I replied to her as though I was crying tears of blood: "They look great!" Immediately after I replied, I closed my eyes expecting a physical attack.

To my surprise, Shen Yiren brushed her hand through her hair and casually said: "You're a man, aren't you? Just admit it if you did. What am I going to do, eat you or something?"

Say What?!

You're not going to hit me?

Please allow me to call you Boss Shen! You carry so much generosity in your "chest".

Could this be the start of the romance of a superior and her subordinate?

I put on a smile, looked at Shen Yiren's mesmerising eyes and smiled again.

Right then, I felt an ink-stone smack me in the face…

"Unfortunately, you still need to get hit. I have to remind you who your superior is, and your position as a subordinate."

She looked at me who was bent over from the pain with a smile and said: "But you're quite honest. I'll destroy the balls of those who take advantage of women and don't have the guts to admit it. What's the point of having balls if you can't even man up. That'll let him live a peaceful life."

Well, thank you then…

"You can go now. And stop having dirty thoughts all the time."

"Understood, I've been smacked awake."


She thumped her shoulders and said: "What a busy day. I'm so damn tired."

I instinctively nodded and said: "It's perfectly normal for you to be tired. Look at your 'burden'…"

"Burden my ass, get out!"

And another ink-stone smacked me in the face.


Lao Da = Boss. Here he's giving another meaning to the character "大(Da)" which means big as you saw from the chapter content.

*师弟 = Younger Fellow Student/Disciple in the same school/sect

**He uses an extremely casual way of referring to him, almost like a nickname for a child which sounds belittling.

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