Martial God Space

Chapter 951: It’s Time to End This!

Chapter 951: It’s Time to End This!

The silver giant horn on his head began to sparkle. Dense demon auras surrounding the battlefield started to gather towards his giant horn.

A horrifying wave emitted his massive horn with fluctuations sweeping out. The space in the battlefield instantly twisted here and there.


A beam of light shot out from the silver giant horn towards Ye Xiwen.

Inexplicable fluctuations swept across this horrible beam of light, glaring with the profound law entwined in it. It was the destruction law, shooting out swiftly.

Ordinary warriors had no time to react. The direct bombardment shattered them into pieces.

But, Ye Xiwen was not a simpleton. He stomped his feet and dashed to a higher altitude, dodging the attack at the critical moment.

Ye Xiwen’s speed was breakneck. Even if Demon Wings was not utilized, his movement speed was terrific.

The silver-horned giant demonic sea beast was stunned on the spot. He did not expect his ultimate technique to miss Ye Xiwen.

“Boom!” The light beam directly blasted a hole in the ground, shaking the mountains and sending off flying sand and rocks. Many onlookers were startled by this terrifying power.

“He’s so fast!” Among the two young experts leading the sea demons, the younger sister blurted.

Many races possessed tyrannical physiques. However, it was rare to be equipped with the agile speed at the same time.

Ye Xiwen’s swift dodge like lightning allowed influential experts present to determine the battle outcome.

“With this speed, he is invincible in this battle!” added the sea demon brother.

Initially, not many warriors were optimistic about Ye Xiwen. Since Ye Xiwen showed off his tyrannical body and agile speed, the onlookers were confident that Ye Xiwen would be invincible.

On the other side, Crown Prince Crocodile’s eyes glittered. But, what happened was not surprising for him anymore. He learned Ye Xiwen’s agile speed personally. If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen’s agile speed, how could the human possibly escape?

It was because of this terrifying speed that Crown Prince Crocodile could not catch up with Ye Xiwen. Once the crown prince took a shot, it would need to be a fatal blow to prevent Ye Xiwen from escaping again.

Si Konghao was also unusually calm. He had witnessed Ye Xiwen’s speed. Of course, unlike the depressed Crown Prince Crocodile, he was delighted. It was a rare opportunity to see Crown Prince Crocodile suffering a defeat.

At this moment, Ye Xiwen’s counterattack had landed. The fiery saber aura slashed downward swiftly. At this moment, countless saber auras intertwined in mid-air, spreading out a net. The net string was entwined with Ye Xiwen’s understanding of the law and martial arts, rendering the net shining brightly in the sky filled with demon auras.

Tyrannical saber aura smashed downward in a slash.

The silver-horned giant demonic sea beast’s reaction was a tad bit slower, but he could at least react. He immediately sent out a claw attack to confront it.



The terrifying collision directly trembled the arena. Dangerous aura instantly rippled out, like endless sea tides.

This was the first time that two terrifying fierce beings confronted truly. Unlike before, they confronted only on the physique aspect. With the law imbued in their attack at this moment, they both fought without holding back.

Ye Xiwen stood alone in the vast sky and said: “Is that what you got? It seems that you who keep despising us like ants are nobody!”

“Damn it, who do you think you are!?” This silver-horned giant demonic sea beast retorted. When did he suffer such a loss? His journey had always been crushing the opponent utterly. He never had such grievances.

With a roar, countless fluctuations on the silver giant horn instantly condensed and swept out. Once again, another vast beam of light shot out directly.

The fiery long saber in Ye Xiwen’s hand burned blazingly. Ye Xiwen confronted it fearlessly. He traversed while leaving splendid traces in mid-air and slashed directly onto the light beam.


Accompanied by the sound of a massive explosion, the confrontation set off endless wind and waves. The terrifying waves took the form of a sphere before bursting in mid-air. Many onlooking warriors emitted a thick protective body qi to stop the overpowering wind from injuring them.

To everyone’s surprise, Ye Xiwen did not choose to dodge the attack. The direct confrontation was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Multiple gusts swayed the fiery long saber in Ye Xiwen’s hand continuously, as if it would be extinguished in the next second.

Ye Xiwen’s Wood-burning Saber was ethereal manifested through his qi. Hence, it appeared even weaker.

That terrifying beam of light was approaching Ye Xiwen’s face in the distance less than a foot. However, Ye Xiwen’s fiery long saber halted it solidly.

After the shocking collision, the fiery long saber and the beam of light radiated dazzling light. Ye Xiwen did not cower but confronted head-on.

“Shua!“, like a silent picture, the fiery long saber in Ye Xiwen’s hand split the light beam. His silver horn failed to sustain the light beam continuously.

It happened in just a moment, albeit the long description.

At this time, this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast darted over. His hill-like figure that darted out was menacing as if a hill crumbled towards you.

His front paws swept towards Ye Xiwen, leaving a gloomy trace in mid-air. The sky was boiling as if condensed into a huge cage. It shrouded toward Ye Xiwen all of a sudden.

Those trapped would be strangled to pieces on the spot.

Ye Xiwen did not show any weakness either. His reaction was faster than this silver-horned giant demonic sea beast. He slashed out several times to confront the cage. Each saber aura was capable of tearing the sky and earth, setting the sky ablaze.

Both sides kept exchanging blows and displayed their mighty combat power. All the onlookers were amazed by it. This is the Transcendent Realm Eighth Level Peak combat strength.

Perhaps this was a combat strength unattainable throughout their entire life. They were certain that even if they attained Transcendent Realm Eighth Level, it was impossible to achieve such combat strength in this realm.

This marked the difference in everyone’s potential. Some warriors had an earth-shattering difference, albeit the same realm.

This was particularly true and exaggerated in Ye Xiwen’s case. Transcendent Realm Fifth Level had overwhelmed a demonic sea beast of Transcendent Realm Eighth Level!

Many warriors felt an invisible pressure on their hearts. Who is the actual beast here? I am afraid that Ye Xiwen, who can crush the Transcendent Realm Eighth Level silver-horned giant demonic sea beast, is more like a monster in human skin.

What’s more frightening was that as the fight continued unreservedly, both sides would naturally have injuries that would gradually intensify.

But even in this situation, Ye Xiwen did not have this problem. On the contrary, he became more ruthless as the battle continued. It seemed that there was no injury affecting him at all.

His saber technique was unfolded with domineering tactics, slashing straight away. If the opponent chose not to defend it, the result would be death. However, what they were facing were unimaginable impacts.




Ye Xiwen’s slash beat the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast into retreat non-stop.

Cracks began to appear on the beast’s body scale armor. When Ye Xiwen managed to land a slash, another crack would appear. Immense blood flowed down the cracks.

His lantern-like eyes were filled with disbelief. Was the being in front of him an actual human? His physique was not weak at all. Ordinary human flesh would tear on the spot. After numerous exchanges of blows with Ye Xiwen, it had no effect. Is my power so insignificant?

No way, this is impossible!

Judging from the intensity of the flame saber that Ye Xiwen slashed, the human had a powerful physique, but it was not up to the point where the opponent could neglect his attack. What is going on?

Ye Xiwen did not give him too much time to think about it. His next wave of attacks was approaching. The silver-horned giant demonic sea beast’s physical state had been declining as time went by. Ye Xiwen was unhindered. There was almost no pause, and the constant attacks came over.


Ye Xiwen’s fiery long saber finally seized the opportunity to break through all the protections of the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast. The attack directly pierced the beast’s body, tearing a massive wound.

“Roar!” The silver-horned giant demonic sea beast was in pain. He roared fanatically and swept toward Ye Xiwen. The massive body came crushing over. The claw attacks cracked the vast sky while approaching.

“Hmph!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly and retrieved the long saber. He then punched out directly.

“It’s time to end this!”

The surrounding space quickly turned into cosmic space. Countless star power condensed towards Ye Xiwen’s fist.

“Meteor Explosion!” Ye Xiwen punched over with the fist might pierced the vast sky and hit the silver-horned giant demonic sea beast directly.

“Boom!” The silver-horned giant demonic sea beast was blasted away. His physical body was collapsing.

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