Martial God Asura

Chapter 5988: The Ancient Era and the Present Era, the White-haired Black-armored Man

Chapter 5988: The Ancient Era and the Present Era, the White-haired Black-armored Man

Chapter 5988: The Ancient Era and the Present Era, the White-haired Black-armored Man

Chu Feng looked over and saw a two-meter-tall man. f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

The man was dressed in exquisite black armor that had suffered all kinds of damage—sword slashes, saber cuts, and even martial skill dents. His skin was glowing brightly, blurring his outlines. He had long white hair that cascaded to his armor and an imposingly upright posture.

This man didn't seem to harbor enmity toward Chu Feng.

“Elder, you’re the owner of this remnant, which means that you’re in control of the formation here. You should have overheard our conversation. Elder Huahua respects not just this place but you as well. Why did you provoke her into entering the formation?”

Chu Feng could tell from the other party’s current attitude that he had intentionally goaded Huahua into entering the formation.

“It’s because of you,” the white-haired, black-armored man replied.

“Me?” Chu Feng was astounded.

“You are Chu Feng, the most talented junior cultivator and junior world spiritist in the present era. Why didn’t you challenge this formation?”

“I listen to advice.”


“It’s clearly stated that this formation is dangerous.”

The white-haired, black-armored man laughed before replying, “That’s the nicer way of putting it. You can also say that it’s cowardice too. This is different from the Chu Feng I have heard about.”

“Elder, there’s no use provoking me, unless there’s a benefit to clearing the formation. Based on my observation, I don’t think there’s a treasure left here,” Chu Feng replied.

“There’s indeed no treasure here, but what about respect?”

“Respect?” Chu Feng was perplexed.

“Have you seen your peers from the Ancient Era?”

“I have.”

“They were born within the last hundred years, so they can be said to be from the present era too. Yet, they insist they are from the Ancient Era and look down on the present-day cultivators. Do you know why that’s the case?” the white-haired, black-armored man asked.

“That’s because their clan has stood steadfast in the Ancient Era, and they have inherited their clan’s bloodline. In comparison, the cultivators of the present era...”

At this point, Chu Feng paused.

“What’s wrong with the present-era cultivators?” the white-haired, black-armored man asked.

“Beyond this is all my conjecture. There’s no basis behind them,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Let me hear your conjecture.”

“My conjecture is that, contrary to popular belief, the humans and monstrous beasts of the present era didn’t come into existence in this era. Rather, we descended from the Ancient Era too. However, this begs the question of why we don’t have any treasures or legacies from the Ancient Era.

“I suspect that our ancestors were ordinary people in the Ancient Era, those who were at the lowest echelon. It was not that they were unable to pass down their treasures and legacies but that there was nothing for them to pass down. Perhaps, some of our ancestors might not have even been cultivators but mortals. This explains why many people in the Lower Realms have no bloodlines.

“An incident must have happened in the later years of the Ancient Era involving the more powerful sects and clans, causing them to fall into deep sleep. Due to that, it is our ordinary ancestors who continued their lineages instead.

“That incident caused many people to lose their memories, which is why our ancestors forgot about the Ancient Era too. This led them to think that they simply came to be in the present era.

“There are very few survivors from the Ancient Era, so most of us are born in the present era. However, the powerhouses from the Ancient Era insist on drawing a line to differentiate the two because they despise us.

“They think that we are only able to dominate the world of cultivation in this era because they have fallen asleep. They see us as a bunch of monkeys claiming to be kings when the tiger is out of the mountain. No, perhaps they see us as mere ants.

“To them, we will always be ordinary mortals from the Ancient Era, the lowest of the lowest. A single breath from them could destroy everything we have built up thus far. We only came this far because we stole their resources and treasures while they were asleep.

“Ultimately, they think that our lineage is inferior to them and that we will never become as strong as them. They think that we have just gotten lucky.”




The white-haired, black-armored man suddenly began clapping.

Chu Feng quietly stared at him.

“It isn’t a guess. You have come to this conclusion based on what you have seen and heard. Observation and analysis are the basic skills that a world spiritist should have. Your foundation is there. I can tell you that your analysis is on the dot.

“All lives are rooted in the Immemorial. The Ancient is merely a continuation of the Immemorial, just like how the Present is a continuation of the Ancient. In every era, there will be powerhouses and normal civilians. It’s only normal for powerhouses to look down on the normal civilians,” the white-haired, black-armored man said.

“Elder, do you look down on us too?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, respect is to be earned, not given. The weak do not earn respect; they are merely granted pity at the whims of the strong. You can preach about ethics and morals, but the choice ultimately falls on the strong.

“Take that woman who entered the formation, for instance, she didn’t have a high opinion of you at the start. Her attitude only started shifting when you brought out that formation blueprint of yours. This is the respect you earned from her. Similarly, if you wish to earn our respect, you need to prove yourself worthy of it. Why else should we respect you?

“Why do you think our ancestors have worked so hard? Do you think it’s to protect the world?

“Of course not. Our ancestors worked hard so that we could tower above others. We want to become powerhouses so that we can govern not just our fates but those of others too. That’s why we cultivate.”

Chu Feng didn’t respond to the white-haired, black-armored man’s words.

Everyone had their philosophy about cultivation, but he knew that the latter’s words were true for most cultivators, not just in the Ancient Era but in the present era too, and it would likely remain so in the future.

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