Martial God Asura

Chapter 5781: Unnecessarily Worried

Chapter 5781: Unnecessarily Worried

As soon as Huangfu Shengyu said those words, Chu Feng blurted out, “Beg you? You’re thinking too much. Who do you think you are?”

He turned to Long Chengyu and the others and said, “This is a trial for our respective bloodlines. The three of them have the same Heavenly Lightning Bloodline as me, so I’ll shoulder their burden.”

“Chu Feng, you want to shoulder the burden of all four of us alone? To think that you’re a world spiritist; you can’t even distinguish between dream and reality,” Huangfu Shengyu sneered.

Chu Feng ignored Huangfu Shengyu and said, “Let’s begin.”

The group simultaneously infused their bloodline powers into the purple aura. Soon, the purple aura emanated a bloodline power that suffused the room.

“Look for your corresponding bloodline power. Don’t let your bloodline power dissipate in vain!” Chu Feng instructed aloud.

The others roughly knew what they had to do thanks to Chu Feng’s advice. They soon found their corresponding bloodline powers. The gist of this trial was simple—to fight bloodline power with bloodline power. It was a 1-on-1 for the others, but Chu Feng had to deal with four shares of Heavenly Lightning Bloodline alone.

Long Chengyu was having trouble dealing with his own bloodline power, so he couldn’t help worrying about Chu Feng, who had to deal with four all on his own. He glanced over, and what he saw made him curse under his breath, “Damn! I’m worrying in vain.”

Despite dealing with four Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines alone, he looked extremely relaxed as if it didn’t pose the slightest challenge to him. It was like he had only leisurely placed his hand on the chest and wasn’t doing anything else.

“Young master, what’s with that fellow?” Huangfu Jiangyao and Huangfu Shangyang were confused.

“How am I to know?” Huangfu Shengyu growled. He was equally confused too.

Having been shrouded by the aura earlier as well, they understood how that formation worked. That was not an easy formation to deal with, or else Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan, and the others wouldn’t have warped expression. It didn’t make sense for Chu Feng to be so relaxed.

Little Fishy, Xianhai Shaoyu, Feng Ling, Xian Miaomiao were relaxed too, but it was a different story for Chu Feng. Those four were dealing with their share of the bloodline power, whereas Chu Feng was dealing with four shares of bloodline powers simultaneously.

“Chu Feng, why aren’t you tired at all? Are those three’s bloodline powers that inconsequential to you?” Feng Ling intentionally asked.

“It’s not tough at all. Feels as easy as breathing,” Chu Feng replied.

“I understand. Their Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines are nothing compared to yours anyway. It’s like an elephant carrying a load of three ants—it would be surprising if you’re tired,” Feng Ling replied with a chuckle.

“Who are you calling ants?” Huangfu Jiangyao roared.

“Calm down, we’re civilized people here. Don’t get offended by the truth,” Feng Ling mischievously winked at Huangfu Jiangyao as she spoke.

“You bastard!” Huangfu Jiangyao gritted his teeth, but he dared not make a move. He didn’t have the confidence to deal with Feng Ling after witnessing her means.

Under their hard work, it didn’t take long for the purple aura to retract and morph into a purple spirit formation gate. This spirit formation gate was unique, in the sense that its borders were tangible with complicated runes inscribed on it, and the center was the formation.

“We opened the chest and breached the formation, and it suddenly turned into a gate. Why can’t they make trials more straightforward?” Long Chengyu was getting frustrated.

He thought that whatever trial awaiting them inside the spirit formation gate was bound to be tougher than what they had encountered so far.

Chu Feng, Xianhai Shaoyu, and the others carefully examined the spirit formation gate, knowing that the runes inscribed on the borders were likely clues about what they had to do.

“If more people enter the spirit formation gate, the trial will be less difficult and the rewards will be fewer. If fewer people enter the spirit formation gate, the trial will be more difficult and the rewards will be more plentiful. Is it telling us to fight over slots?” Xianhai Shaoyu remarked.

Under such a setting, they ought to fight it out among themselves and have just the strongest few enter the gate, so as to maximize the rewards.

Huangfu Shengyu and the others didn’t participate in the earlier trial, so they lost their qualification to enter the spirit formation gate. But those who were qualified to enter were on close terms with one another, perhaps with the exception of Ling Xiao and Jie Baobao, so it was hard for them to decide the slots too.

Xianhai Shaoyu was not absolutely confident of what he had deciphered, so he turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Brother Chu Feng, what do you see?”

“I got the same message as you too.”

They ought to enter the spirit formation gate together given their relationship, but Chu Feng thought that this was a rare opportunity for all of them. After all, they weren’t here to fool around but to grasp fortuitous encounters and grow. There was no reason for them to take less than what they could.

Thus, Chu Feng turned to the crowd and said, “If we enter together, the trial will become easier, but our rewards will be limited. If you trust me, I’ll enter the spirit formation gate alone, obtain the greatest reward, and share the reward equally with all of you. If only one person is entitled to the reward, I’ll offer you treasures that are equivalent in value. If the reward exceeds what I have at the moment, I’ll make sure to compensate you correspondingly in the future.”

Chu Feng’s words were directed toward everyone including Ling Xiao and Jie Baobao, since the two of them had participated in the earlier purple aura formation too. Needless to say, the three Huangfus were not included in the equation.

“Brother Chu Feng, you go ahead. You don’t have to share anything with me,” Long Chengyu said.

“Indeed. You can represent us there. You don’t need to give us anything.”

Little Fishy, Xian Miaomiao, Xianhai Shaoyu, Feng Ling, and the others expressed the same stance too.

“Chu Feng, we wouldn’t have been able to enter the chest at all if not for you. All of us saw how complicated it was to decipher it. On top of that, you shouldered their burden and opposed four shares of bloodline powers alone. It’s thanks to you we’re able to come this far. Be it contribution or strength, you’re the most qualified one to enter the spirit formation gate. If you wished to, you could have hogged the reward all by yourself too. You don’t owe us. Go ahead,” Qin Xuan said.

He glanced at Ling Xiao and Jie Baobao after saying those words, as the two of them were the only ones in a different faction aside from the three Huangfus.

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