Martial God Asura

Chapter 5721: You’ll Only Harm Them

Chapter 5721: You’ll Only Harm Them

The lightning clouds in the sky dissipated, and the killing intent in the sky scattered. Long Lin’s expression mellowed down into helplessness.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I admit I have lied to you. Taking in the dragon essence comes with its dangers, but I promise that I can extract the dragon essence from your body. I have tried to take in the dragon essence as well, and I would have died if I couldn’t extract it. I’m just worried that you would refuse to help me once you know the truth, which is why I hid it from you.”

At this point, Long Lin turned to the unconscious Long Xue and said, “You have diagnosed her condition. You should know she doesn’t have long to live. It wasn’t easy to find someone who was able to nurture the dragon essence. I had no choice.”

“Elder, I trust you, but I have a condition. Open that gate and allow me to meet them. I promise you that I’ll spare Elder Long Xue once I meet them,” Chu Feng said.

Long Lin hesitated.

“What do you have to fear if you harbor no malicious intention? Elder, you should be able to tell how dangerous my formation is despite not being a world spiritist. I’m not haggling with you. You have no choice but to do as I say,” Chu Feng said.

Long Lin would have usually gone on a massacre if anyone else dared to threaten him in such a manner, but he succumbed to Chu Feng’s threat. “Fine, we’ll do as you say.”

A vicious glint flashed across Long Lin’s eyes as he continued, “But young friend Chu Feng, if anything happens to Long Xue, not only will I take your life but everyone else from the Totem Dragon Clan too. I won’t spare your mother, Jie Ranqing, either. I am a man of my word.”

He didn’t emanate his killing intent, but his vicious expression looked even more chilling. It wasn’t just empty words. He intended to go through with it.

“Rest assured. I won’t hurt Elder Long Xue as long as you keep your promise,” Chu Feng said as he returned to the gate with Long Lin while holding Long Xue hostage.

As he took out his token, Long Lin glanced at Chu Feng and warned, “Young friend Chu Feng, Long Xue is the only reason I am still alive. Know that there’s nothing I won’t do if something happens to her.”

Following that, he unlocked the gate.

Chu Feng quickly entered the gate together with Long Xue.

His sudden entrance alarmed the Totem Dragon Clan, and they put up their guards as if they had encountered an enemy, but their expressions turned into confusion and incomprehension when they saw it was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng?”

“Elder Clan Chief, there’s no time for words. Please send out a voice transmission and summon everyone over. I can bring you out of here,” Chu Feng told the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief via voice transmission.

The Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was initially on his guard, not because of Chu Feng but because he thought there was something amiss about the situation. However, when he confirmed that the person before him was indeed Chu Feng, he quickly did as he was told out of trust for the latter.

In truth, most of the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clansmen had managed to escape. The only reason they failed to do so was due to a traitor amongst them. All in all, there were only three thousand people imprisoned here.

And these three thousand people stayed together despite the vast world they were in. Thus, it didn’t take long for them to gather around Chu Feng after the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief issued his order.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I’ll give you time to ask anything you want, but you mustn’t hurt Long Xue,” Long Lin said.

Astonishingly, Long Lin had walked into the spirit formation gate too.

“You traitor! I’ll kill you!”

Many of the Totem Dragon Clansmen flared their killing intent upon seeing Long Lin. Some of them even charged at him.

“Don’t move!” the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief ordered.

That snapped the Totem Dragon Clansmen out of their daze. While there weren't any shackles on them on the surface, their cultivation had been sealed off. They weren’t a match for Long Lin at all.

Chu Feng looked at Long Lin and said, “I want to bring them out.”

“You may leave this place, but you can’t take them with you. Chu Feng, the situation isn’t as simple as you think. You won’t be able to take them away. You’ll only harm them if you attempt to do so,” Long Lin said.

“Does this mean it’s a breakdown of negotiation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, please don’t make things hard for me,” Long Lin said.

“Elder, I don’t know what your intentions are, but I’m determined to take them away with me today,” Chu Feng said as incredibly potent spirit power gushed forth from his body.

It was coming from Qin Jiu’s talisman!

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?!” Long Lin quickly surrounded Chu Feng with his oppressive might, but he stopped short of exerting it on him.

At the same time, he formed a hand seal with the token in hand, and a mysterious surge of energy enveloped the realm. A sealing formation enveloped the entire forbidden land.

“I’ll return Elder Long Xue to you, but I’ll take the Totem Dragon Clansmen away with me,” Chu Feng said as the spirit power transformed into teleportation energy.

Without any warning, Chu Feng and the others vanished into thin air, leaving Long Xue behind.

Long Lin didn’t expect Chu Feng to have such a treasure with him. He was unable to stop the latter despite his best attempt at it. The first thing he did was to rush to Long Xue, and he found that the dangerous formation on her hadn’t been released yet.

He had to use his bloodline if he wanted to stop the formation from further expanding.

Chu Feng had intentionally left this behind to stop Long Lin from pursuing them, knowing that the latter valued Long Xue over everything.

Thus, Long Lin continuously infused his bloodline power into the formation, fearing that a mishap might befall Long Xue. His face distorted in anger as he roared, “Chu Feng, you scum! Do you think you can get away?”

Long Lin took out a golden compass bearing a dragon insignia. The compass lit up, revealing a massive map of the realm. More than three thousand light dots appeared on a specific location on the map. That was where Chu Feng and the others were.

Long Lin took out a token and wrote on a talisman behind it. Every word he wrote disappeared into the talisman. He was ordering his men to head to where Chu Feng and the others were and apprehend them alive.

He then formed a hand seal, and the talisman grew wings and flew into the distance.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng and the others appeared in the desert. He had specifically chosen this place after invoking Qin Jiu’s talisman. He figured that it would be difficult for others to find them here since it was a remote location.

However, as soon as he stepped into the desert, he felt a strong binding force rising from the ground and enveloping him. It was the energy that had previously bound the dragon essence to him, but it was now binding him too.

Knowing that this would happen, Chu Feng quickly activated the formation he had prepared beforehand, and that helped him partially ward off the binding energy. However, he quickly realized that the Totem Dragon Clansmen were in pain too.

He was initially confused, but he soon noticed a golden silhouette rising from the ground and enveloping them all. It looked like vines, but upon closer look, they resembled a dragon’s beard instead. The dragon’s beard emanated an aura similar to the energy binding him, but it was even stronger.

Chu Feng was still barely able to move, but the Totem Dragon Clansmen struggled to take even a step forward. It was only then he understood Long Lin’s words.

You won’t be able to take them away. You’ll only harm them if you attempt to do so.

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