Martial God Asura

Chapter 5511: A Mere Formation Dares to Proclaim Itself Exalted

Chapter 5511: A Mere Formation Dares to Proclaim Itself Exalted

“What are those darned things?” Eggy asked.

“I don’t know. It’s probably a formation,” Chu Feng replied.

“Let me out. I’ll try them.”

“Don’t bother. They aren’t able to deal much damage anyway. Let’s just ignore them.”

Chu Feng decided to leave those imps be since their beating wasn’t too painful anyway. Instead, he turned his attention toward the pool water.

Based on what he had heard from the imps’ words, the reason this place rejected him was the same as he had previously deduced—his lack of monstrous beast blood. He was a human despite possessing bloodline abilities, which was why this place was so hostile toward him.

This was also probably why the imps were mocking him.

They probably saw him as a monstrous beast, just that his bloodline power was so weak that they thought that he was a minor monstrous beast.

“I should try to change the traits of my bloodline.”

Chu Feng stepped away from the pool and constructed a formation, hoping to confuse the pool through it. However, the result was still the same even with the formation. The imps would still appear and smack him with their sticks.

At the same time, the mocking laughter from the other pools became even more jarring.

“I won’t be able to enter the door at this rate.” Chu Feng was put in a spot.

He had tried everything he could think of but nothing worked. This place was an extremely powerful formation by itself. It was his wishful thinking that he could deceive it with his own formation.

“Lad, you look like you need some help,” a familiar voice suddenly sounded.

A wave of relief swept across Chu Feng. He excitedly projected his consciousness into his dantian as he said, “Elder, it’s you! You’re finally willing to respond to me.”

The one who had spoken was none other than the red lightning beast of his bloodline power. Previously in the Ancient Realm, it had revealed itself to help Chu Feng and even left a means behind for him, but Chu Feng had yet to practice the means as the other party said that he only had one chance to grasp it, and failure would mean permanently losing its power.

Since then, the red lightning beast had never responded to Chu Feng. He thought that the red lightning beast wouldn’t respond to him until he grasped that skill, but who could have thought that the other party would talk to him on its initiative?

In his dantian, the red lightning beast stared at Chu Feng as it slowly approached him.

It was humongous, to the point where Chu Feng couldn’t see its full appearance even though they were still a far distance away. Even the lightning bamboo slip lodged in the lightning beast’s body looked immense as well.

That lightning bamboo slip was the means the red lightning beast had left for him, just that he hadn’t gotten to comprehend it yet.

“Elder, are you able to help me?” Chu Feng got straight to the point.

“Lad, the formation here is much stronger than you think. There’s no way you can deceive it by altering your bloodline’s traits through a formation. That being said, this formation works by assessing one’s bloodline, so that method might work. However, you’ll have to undergo extreme pain, and it’ll pose a burden to your body too. Are you still willing to give it a try?” the voice of the red lightning beast resounded throughout Chu Feng’s dantian, making him feel as if he wasn’t conversing with a beast but an entire realm.

This was not the first time Chu Feng was witnessing the power of the red lightning beast, but the incomparable pressure coming from it still excited him. He might still be too weak to control this power at the moment, but it was only a matter of time before it became his.

“Elder, I’d like to give it a try,” Chu Feng answered.

“Heh…” The red lightning beast softly chuckled, having expected Chu Feng’s answer. “Enter the largest pool here. I’ll grant you a small portion of my power. You should be able to clear the trial with that power despite not being a monstrous beast. If that fails, it’d mean that this formation restricts more than just your bloodline power, and you should just give up on it.”

“I understand,” Chu Feng replied.

He made his way toward the biggest pool, but he stopped right in front of it and asked, “Elder, did you hear the earlier voice?”

He was hoping to gather some information from the red lightning beast.

“I only interfered because this formation looked down on your bloodline power. I’m already making an exception here, so you shouldn’t bother asking me anything else,” the red lightning beast replied.

“All right,” Chu Feng replied before leaping straight into the pool.

This pool was at least several thousand times larger than the one he had entered earlier, but it was surprisingly the same depth as the first pool. The water only reached up to his knees.

He immediately sensed a lethal threat, but he didn’t back off this time around because he now had a backing to rely on.

Gulu gulu gulu!

The water started to billow, and several thousand-meter-tall silhouettes rose from the water. They had hideous appearances, and the killing intent they emanated made them incomparably more intimidating than the little imps.

“How dare a paltry demon like you test this exalted? You’re seeking death!” the massive silhouettes insulted Chu Feng as they swung their weapons down on Chu Feng.

“A mere formation dares to address itself ‘exalted’?” The red lightning beast harrumphed.

Chu Feng felt a powerful bloodline power surging from his dantian to his body. The power was so tremendous that he felt like his body was going to tear, but he gritted his teeth and exerted it outward.


Red lightning poured out from Chu Feng’s body. It instantaneously enveloped the entire cavern, dominating the entire area with crackling thunder. It felt like the divine lightning Chu Feng would face each time he made a breakthrough.

Such lightning power usually looked frightening but harnessed close to no destructive prowess, but that wasn’t the case here at all.


The massive silhouettes, who were swinging their blades down on Chu Feng, wailed in agony as their massive bodies dissipated into thin air. At the same time, miserable cries could be heard from the other pools too, though the cries only lasted for a brief moment as they died very soon after.

It was almost ironic how those beings, despite having posed a fatal threat to Chu Feng earlier, had suddenly become so weak before the lightning beast.

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