Martial God Asura

Chapter 4984

Chapter 4984: Song Xue’er’s Warning

“Big brother Chu Feng, why were you so obstinate earlier? If something were to happen to you, I wouldn’t want to live either!” 

Even though the humanoid monster eventually chose to give Zi Ling the opportunity to enter the Monstrous King’s Soul Mound too, she wasn’t happy about it at all. Instead, she was angry at Chu Feng.

“Silly girl. Do I look like someone who does things recklessly? To tell you the truth, I noticed that elder was very insistent on having me enter the Soul Mound, such that it’s unlikely that he would attempt to harm me at this juncture. That’s the reason why I dared to raise this request,” Chu Feng explained.


Zi Ling was unsure whether Chu Feng was lying or not. She was doubtful of his words because she couldn’t sense anything of what he had just said, but at the same time, she was aware that Chu Feng had sharp observation skills. As ridiculous as it sounded, the fact that things worked out lent credence to Chu Feng’s words. 

“Of course it’s true. Why would I lie to you?” Chu Feng chuckled as he stroked Zi Ling’s hair. 

The earnest look on his face dispelled Zi Ling’s doubts. Even the crowd believed him as well. 

However, the truth was that Chu Feng was lying through his teeth. He was just trying to appease Zi Ling. There was no way he could be certain that the humanoid monster wouldn’t kill him. 

It was not that he didn’t fear death, but he was willing to take a risk for Zi Ling’s sake. 

The mysterious existence in the Blood-red Ancient Tower had explicitly told Zi Ling to enter the Monstrous King’s Soul Mound, which meant that this was likely to be an important opportunity for her. 

If Zi Ling could grasp this opportunity well, she might just be able to free herself from danger and even reap unexpected gains. 

How could he possibly not help Zi Ling at a time like this?

That was the reason why he fought relentlessly to obtain this opportunity for Zi Ling. 

“This opportunity didn’t come easily, so you mustn’t squander it away. You should hurry up and enter the ancient remnant lest anything happens,” the Lady of Dao Sea said.

Thus, Chu Feng and the others began making their move into the ancient remnant.

Right before Chu Feng was about to pass through the entrance, he suddenly received a voice transmission.

“Chu Feng, be careful of Yun’er.”

Chu Feng was surprised to hear that because he recognized the voice. It was from Song Xue’er. 

Song Xue’er was the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother and close sisters with Song Yun. It was hard to comprehend why she was would suddenly tell him to be careful of Song Yun. He wondered if there might be a rift between them despite their friendly exterior.

Or could it be that there’s really something dangerous about Song Yun?

Chu Feng betrayed no hint of having heard the voice transmission. He passed through the entrance together with Zi Ling and the others without any change in his expression. 

The black mist covering the entrance felt indestructible, but Chu Feng and the others were able to walk through it without a hitch. 

However, the moment they passed through the black mist, all four of them halted their footsteps. What appeared before them was neither a long corridor nor a grand palace; it was a brand new world.

The world was bright red, and the sky was filled with storm clouds and flashes of lightning. However, what was the most terrifying of all was a volcano located not too far away.

The volcano was so huge that it seemed to be connected to the sky, and it was constantly spilling out lava. Even from a far distance away, Chu Feng and the others could feel the intense heat. 

On closer look, the volcano was also emanating a whiff of blue smoke—soul power. 

Without a doubt, that was where the Monstrous King’s soul was located. 

“Big brother Chu Feng, I’ll lead the way,” Song Yun said excitedly.

She began making her way toward the volcano, but Chu Feng stopped her by grabbing her arm. 

“Wait a moment, don’t move yet.”

Chu Feng began forming a series of hand seals to construct a formation that manifested an identical clone of him. Then, he directed the clone toward the volcano with a point of his finger, and the clone immediately did as it was told to.


Moments later, the clone suddenly exploded into pieces. A massive fireball had swallowed it whole.

To be more exact, the fireball had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and it wielded might that made it impossible for anyone beneath Half-God to survive the explosion. 

“Chu Feng, what’s going on?” Wang Yuxian asked.

“It’s a secret mechanism. While it might look safe on the surface, there are many traps hidden all around,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s simple. I can give it a try.”

Song Yun waved her hand, sending out a powerful burst of martial power that rippled out in front of her.




Countless fireballs exploded in response, but there were noticeably places where the fireballs didn’t appear. Those were likely to be the safe roads.

“Those places should be safe,” Song Yun pointed to the places without fireballs and said.

“Try it once more,” Chu Feng said.

Without any hesitation, Song Yun released another burst of martial power in the same manner as before.




Countless fireballs appeared once more, but the result astonished Song Yun.

“How could this be?”

Horror could be seen reflected in Song Yun’s beautiful eyes. Zi Ling and Wang Yuxian also had tight frowns on their foreheads, perplexed by the sight before them.

Those places which they had determined to be safe earlier were producing fireballs even larger than before. In other words, the safe grounds had become dangerous.

“The mechanism is changing every second, resulting in a shift in the location of the fireballs,” Zi Ling said.

“Yes, the mechanism at work here is dynamic. Give me some time. We have to ensure that it’s absolutely safe first before making our move,” Chu Feng said. 


Zi Ling, Song Yun, and Wang Yuxian obediently nodded their heads.

If not for Chu Feng’s reminder, they wouldn’t have been able to see through the dangerous traps lying ahead of them. It was not to say that the three of them were careless. In truth, they had already activated their own discernment skills as soon as they entered the ancient remnant because they were aware of the dangers lying in wait here, but they still failed to sense the existence of the mechanism. 

It was fortunate that Chu Feng was around, or else they might have already lost their lives by now. 

While they were enlightened to the existence of the mechanism now, they were still completely helpless about it. They could only rely on Chu Feng now.

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