Martial God Asura

Chapter 4945

Chapter 4945: Defeated In a Single Strike

“Judging from your expressions, it looks like you aren’t willing to accept our challenge? It can’t be that you weren’t able to groom even a single rank seven Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist despite everything Situ Qi has left for you?” the blue-cloaked woman asked the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief with a contemptuous smirk.

“Milords, the talent of our clan members is limited. It’s inevitable that we’re unable to stand on par with the Situ World Spiritist Clan. We don’t have juniors who can spar with this young master,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief replied.

“It matters not. A duel should be fair, or else others might accuse us of bullying you. Do you see that? If two juniors enter that palace, their spirit power will be forcefully equalized to the same level,” the blue-cloaked woman pointed to the palace formed by the white kitten and said. 

The crowd from the Zhuge Clan assessed the palace with a sliver of hope in their eyes. 

Under normal circumstances, Zhuge Feiluan wouldn’t have been a match for Situ Gouyue, but if their spirit power were equalized to the same level, they were more inclined to side with Zhuge Feiluan.

It was hard for them to keep up with the growth of world spiritists from major world spiritist clans given the disparity in resources, but in terms of skills, they felt that Zhuge Feiluan wouldn’t pale in comparison to anyone else. 

“If that’s the case, we’re willing to give it a try,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief replied.


The blue-cloaked woman chuckled softly.

“Since you have accepted the battle, I should offer you a warning. My treasure equalizes the spirit power of the juniors, which means that you just have to dispatch a junior with sufficient skill. Everything else can be neglected. 

“Even if you aren’t able to win, you should at least put up a proper fight so that things don’t look ugly for you,” the blue-cloaked woman replied arrogantly.

She wasn’t showing any respect to the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief at all.

Even so, the members of the Zhuge Clan still maintained smiling faces, albeit strained ones. It could be seen that they were extremely fearful of the Situ World Spiritist Clan. 

“Milord, thanks for your reminder,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said. 

“Young master Gouyue,” the blue-cloaked woman said.

Situ Gouyue entered the palace.

“Feiluan, there’s no need to go too far,” the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief said, though he was secretly sending a voice transmission to Zhuge Feiluan to inform him to give it his all. 

Those from the Zhuge Clan knew that these were just pleasantries, but those from the Situ World Spiritist Clan saw it very differently.

“You’re still thinking of going easy on me? What arrogant words. Very well. If I can’t defeat you in a single strike, consider it my loss!” Situ Gouyue pointed his finger at Zhuge Feiluan and declared proudly.

“A single strike?”

Those words displeased the crowd from the Zhuge Clan. Even Shengguang Buyu and the others were surprised.

“The junior from the Situ World Spiritist Clan sure is arrogant. He really thinks that Zhuge Feiluan is a pushover,” Shengguang Baimei told the others via voice transmission.

As much as he detested the Zhuge Clan, he had to concede that Zhuge Feiluan was indeed talented.


Zhuge Feiluan entered the palace too.

“How should we duel?” Zhuge Feiluan asked courteously.

“We’ll both take fifteen minutes to construct a formation. Regardless of whether you have completed your formation by then, I’ll launch my attack right away. Don’t expect me to hold back. If you’re afraid, you may admit defeat now,” Situ Gouyue said.

“Very well, we’ll go with that,” Zhuge Feiluan replied.


With a sneer, Situ Gouyue began constructing his formation. Zhuge Feiluan quickly followed suit.

Spirit power began seeping out as they started to construct their formation. Their spirit power had been equalized to that of a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator, just as what the blue-cloaked woman said. 

“That Situ Gouyue can’t be looked down on, but Zhuge Feiluan still stands a chance,” Shengguang Buyu commented.

He was able to tell a thing or two from how they were constructing their formations. In his view, both Situ Gouyue and Zhuge Feiluan were equally skilled in terms of their control over spirit power. 

Fifteen minutes passed quickly.


Situ Gouyue made his move. 

The formation before him still looked ordinary a moment ago, but the next moment, a white formation dragon rushed out from within. It was much more exquisite and powerful than the one Chu Feng had constructed earlier. 

He was the offspring from a major clan, after all. His skills were bound to be at a different level.

The dragon swiftly expanded from just a hundred meters in length to over ten thousand meters. 

On the other hand, Zhuge Feiluan didn’t counterattack right away. Instead, he waited till the white formation dragon was coming close before finally activating his formation.

“Barrier Formation, activate!” Zhuge Feiluan bellowed.

Spirit power gushed toward the sky like a reverse waterfall, and the formation manifested into a giant that towered at a height of over eight thousand meters. The giant wore silver armor. It had a shield in its left hand and a spear in its right. It looked so real that it was hard to believe that it had manifested from a formation. 

It was like a giant warrior protecting Zhuge Feiluan.

“Impressive. They were able to set up such formations within just fifteen minutes. As expected of prodigies!” Shengguang Buyu remarked. 

As a world spiritist himself, he was more excited to see a duel between junior world spiritists than junior cultivators. This duel particularly interested him because Zhuge Feiluan and Situ Gouyue appeared to be on par with each other. 


There was suddenly a furious roar, and Situ Gouyue’s white formation dragon shuddered before splitting into ten dragons. They were still equals a moment ago, but the splitting of the dragons turned the situation into an overwhelmingly advantageous one for Situ Gouyue. 

An utter suppression ensued.

The armored giant tried its best to fend against the ten dragons, but it could only last for moments before it was torn apart. 

“I admit defeat,” Zhuge Feiluan quickly surrendered.


Yet, the moment he declared his surrender, the ten white formation dragons rushed toward him. At such close distance, he couldn’t avoid their assault at all.

By the end of it all, Zhuge Feiluan was lying paralyzed on the ground with blood all around him.


Those from the Zhuge Clan were horrified.

“What are you screaming for? He isn’t dead yet.”

Situ Gouyue lifted Zhuge Feiluan up as if he was holding onto a dead dog. He walked out of the palace and tossed Zhuge Feiluan toward the Zhuge Clan.

Zhuge Feiluan was still conscious at the moment, but his injuries were severe. Situ Gouyue could have stopped his assault right there, but he chose not to.

The Zhuge Clan were infuriated, but they dared not to utter a word of protest at all.

“Just as I’ve thought, the Zhuge Clan is unqualified to retain the legacy formation. Since that’s the case, we’ll be taking it away with us,” the blue-cloaked woman said.

“Wait a moment.”

Situ Gouyue suddenly spoke up.

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