Martial God Asura

Chapter 48 – Tomb Robbing

MGA: Chapter 48 – Tomb Robbing

“Come come come! Let me give you an introduction. This is the newest member of our Wings Alliance, Chu Feng. He may seem young, but he is no simple person.” Su Mei smiled and started the introductions.

“Is he any younger than you Su Mei?” The white-clothed male walked over and politely clasped his hands towards Chu Feng, “I am Bai Tong. I have heard of you before, and seeing you today, you are really no ordinary person.”

“Thanks.” Chu Feng also clasped his hands in reply. To those who treat him with courtesy, he would always treat them back with courtesy.

The young man who wore a gown with peach flowers and the young female that wore a masculine clothing also walked over. That male said extremely solemnly, “I am Ye Taozi. This is my future wife, Zhang Tingzi.”

[TN: Tao -> “Peach” | Ting -> “Graceful”]

Chu Feng also smiled and clasped his hands towards the two of them. But, he said in his heart, “Damn. Ye Taozi, Zhang Tingzi, these two really are made for each other. Just with that name they are a perfect match!”

“Chu Feng, we welcome you to the big family of the Wings Alliance. We hope that you don’t put the previous things before in your heart, because the both of us were actually…” The Dragon and Tiger brothers walked over and hiddenly looked at Su Mei as they spoke.

“cough cough” Seeing that, Su Mei quickly coughed two times and viciously glanced at the two of them. Instantly, they put away the words that they were going to say from fear.

The Chu Feng that had the strong Spirit power already saw the inklings. He guessed that it must have been Su Mei that forced the Dragon and Tiger brothers to do something.

“Chu Feng, you have quite some nerves. The Wings Alliance kindly invited you and you dared to refuse? Do you have any virtues or abilities?” Just at that time, the cold-faced blue-clothed young man spoke.

“Jia Yunfeng, you shut up!” Seeing that, Su Mei was going to show her true stripes.

“Ahh, Su Mei, let him finish.” But Chu Feng pulled Su Mei behind him, smiled, stared at Jia Yunfeng then said, “What do you want to say? Spit it out!”

“I’m saying that you are not worthy to join the Wings Alliance.” Jia Yunfeng bellowed.

*whoosh* Chu Feng’s expression changed and he suddenly moved his hands. One Illusionary Palm came out and patted towards Jian Yunfeng’s chest.

At that instant, everyone was shocked. No one would have thought that the kind-faced Chu Feng would attack without any signs.

“Illusionary Palm?”

Jia Yunfeng was no ordinary person. He instantly recognized the skill that Chu Feng used. The aura of the 7th level of the Spirit realm started to revolve. He turned his hand and punched out. A wave of boundless power exploded from it. The skill that he used was a rank 4 skill.

Seeing that, although Chu Feng was a bit surprised, he was not afraid at all. He changed his skill and used the 1st Thunder Style. With a blink, he arrived behind Jia Yunfeng. Following that was another Illusionary Palm and it went towards his back and attacked.


That palm stuck without any accidents. Jia Yunfeng could not defend and he face-planted on the floor. After fiercely lying on the floor, he fled a few meters before stopping.

“This guy has really strong methods.”

Seeing that, all the people on scene, other than Su Mei, were all shocked with their eyes lit up. Especially the Dragon and Tiger brothers. They were even shocked to the point of opening their mouths.

The Chu Feng in their memories was a very weak person. Or at least weak in front of them two.

But now they discovered that they could not be any more wrong. If Jia Yunfeng was not Chu Feng’s opponent, then the brothers would not be able to beat him even more.

This clearly showed that Chu Feng hid his strength before. In the exchange before, he was obviously letting the two have their ways.

At that instant, the two of them knew why Su Rou and elder Ouyang recommended Chu Feng to join the Wings Alliance at all costs. It was because Chu Feng really did have the qualifications.

“Do you know whether I am worthy or not now?” Chu Feng coldy smiled and said while looking at the Jia Yunfeng who was climbing up from the ground.

“You bastard!” Just as Jia Yunfeng rose, he suddenly angrily yelled and leaped towards Chu Feng once again.

*whoosh* But just at that time, Bai Tong’s body flashed and instantly appeared in front of Jia Yunfeng. As he blocked he said in a heavy voice,

“Just now, Chu Feng already left some face for you. Don’t look for unhappiness.”

Jia Yunfeng was obviously a bit afraid of Bai Tong. After thinking of Chu Feng’s attack before he also coldly snorted and said no more.

“8th level of the Spirit realm?!”

As for Chu Feng, he hiddenly sighed in surprised. He could feel Bai Tong’s aura from before. He was the same as Su Mei, also being in the 8th level.

“Okay, this is called ‘You won’t know each other without fighting’. Time is tight so let’s hurry up and go.” At that time, Ye Taozi spoke.

Under his call, several people started walking out from the temple. Su Mei walked in front of Chu Feng and said while smiling,

“You are quite overbearing. They didn’t even say anything yet you directly attack him.”

“He asked for it.” Chu Feng curled his lips.

“Fine. Actually, I like your temper when it’s like this.” Su Mei sweetly smiled and pulled out a book from her waist purse then gave it to Chu Feng.

“What is this?” Chu Feng received it and found out that the book was quite old. The shabby pages were quickly breaking.

But when Chu Feng saw the words on the book, his eyes lit up. Written on it was, “Beginning level Mysterious Technique, Breathing Technique”!

“It’s actually a Mysterious Technique, this…”

“Quiet.” Hearing that, Su Mei immediately used her hands to cover Chu Feng’s mouth. She nervously looked outside the temple and was afraid that the people outside would hear them.

“Su Mei, you…”

“This is nothing. I promised you yesterday if you joined the Wings Alliance, I would give you the Mysterious Techniques to cultivate in. I am just fulfilling my promise.” Su Mei said indifferently.

With those words, it made Chu Feng feel very uncomfortable. Yesterday, the sisters helped him so Chu Feng already owed them a huge favour. He did not need to use the Mysterious Techniques as the price.

But Su Mei did not bother about those things and it made him feel very apologetic so he said quietly, “Thanks!”

“What thanks? Hurry up and put it away. Don’t let them see it.”

“Also, do not give it another person to cultivate or else I will split your skin apart!” Su Mei fiercely waved her little fist in front of Chu Feng then ran out while jumping and bouncing.

Seeing the cute, beautiful and sincere girl, Chu Feng’s impression towards Su Mei got several times better.

Chu Feng and the group kept on walking towards the west. After two days and two nights on horses, they already left the borders of the Azure Dragon School and they were obviously not doing a school mission.

“Su Mei, what are we actually doing? Aren’t we wasting too much time by going so far?” Chu Feng asked quietly. He felt that for one mission, if they needed to spend so much time on the road, it was a waste of time.

“I’ll secretly tell you. We are going to rob a tomb.” Su Mei happily smiled and said.

“Robbing a tomb? Really? That’s quite lacking in ethics!” Chu Feng’s face was full of disdain.

“What do you know? This is a tomb of an expert in the Profound realm. Not only are large amounts of Spiritual medicines hidden in there, there are even Origin medicines and even Profound medicines.”

“Other than that, there will also be a lot of Mysterious Techniques. It is simply like a huge treasure vault. If you feel that these actions lack ethics, then you can not come.” Su Mei coldly snorted and said.

“It’s the tomb of a Profound realm expert? Origin medicine? Profound medicine? Mysterious Techniques?”

Chu Feng was astonished. On the road of martial cultivation, the known realms were: Spirit realm, Origin realm, Profound realm, and Heaven realm.

If the Origin realm was reachable with decent aptitude, the Profound realm could only be reached by geniuses that had extremely good talent.

According to what he knew, the current master of the Azure Dragon School was only in the Profound realm. It was a realm that only the strongest in the Azure Province could reach.

As for the Heaven realm, it was a realm that made people walk on air or travel tens of thousands of miles in a day. It simply broke the bindings of the heavens and earth, exceeded the limits of humans, and it was a realm like the legends.

The experts of the Heaven realm did not appear in the Azure Province yet. However, Chu Feng had heard before, that the overlord of the Nine Provinces, within the Jiang Dynasty, there were indeed people in the Heaven realm.

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