Martial God Asura

Chapter 4720: Chu Feng Enters

Chapter 4720: Chu Feng Enters

When Chu Feng noticed that Song Xi was in danger, he quickly rushed down to save him. He left in such a hurry that he didn’t realize that behind the stone pedestal, there was an indentation that was used to carve one’s name in.

The name ‘Dugu Lingtian’ still remained there.

Chu Feng’s view of the Snowy Heavenly Peak only lasted for a brief moment before vanishing. As a result, despite leaping all the way down to the bottom, he wasn’t able to ascertain where Song Xi was right away. He could only search around the area.

While Chu Feng was searching for Song Xi, the latter was already floored by the two disciples from the South Vermilion Hall. Fang Yunshi pressed his legs down on Song Xi’s face to humiliate him publicly.

“Song Xi, the likes of you dare to compete with me? Hand over the Icydew Crystal!”

After Fang Yunshi, Song Xi, and the others cultivated for a while in the region, the reward appeared. It was an Icydew Crystal.

Harnessing the power of the world, it was beneficial to the advancement of one’s cultivation, though it wasn’t of much use to cultivators of their level.

However, there was only one Icydew Crystal, and only the person who had shown the greatest willpower in the area would be able to obtain it. In a sense, it was a mark of honor, and it appeared right before Song Xi.

Naturally, Fang Yunshi was unwilling to let things rest like that and attempted to snatch it over. Song Xi also didn’t back down, choosing to fight back. A fight ensued.

Initially, it was a 1-on-1, and Song Xi was still able to hold his ground against Fang Yunshi. Unfortunately, there was another rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator from the South Vermilion Hall in the area, and upon seeing that Fang Yunshi was unable to deal with Song Xi alone, he chose to make a move as well.

To make things worse, he launched a surprise assault on Song Xi.

Song Xi didn’t expect to be assaulted from the back and ended up sustaining severe injuries. As a result, he quickly fell into a disadvantageous position.

In truth, there were disciples from the East Dragon Hall and West Tiger Hall present too, but they were happy to watch the commotion, so they didn’t bother to step in and intervene.

Seeing that Song Xi was in a bad position, Wang Ziyan tried to persuade him to step down, “Senior Song, just give it to them. It’s just an Icydew Crystal.”

“The Icydew Crystal chose me. It’s mine! It’s against the sect rules to snatch my item. I’ll definitely inform Lord Protector of the matter later on!” Song Xi glared at the two disciples from the South Vermilion Hall coldly, refusing to yield at all.

“You’ll inform Lord Protector of the matter? Hah, won’t you need a witness for that? Who here would be willing to testify for you?” Fang Yunshi said as he glanced at the surrounding crowd.

“Don’t involve us in this. We’re concentrated on cultivating and saw nothing at all.”

“Indeed, go on and do whatever you need to.”

Those from the East Dragon Hall and West Dragon Hall said with a chuckle.

They weren’t afraid of Fang Yunshi, but they simply wanted to avoid the hassle from intervening. And in truth, Fang Yunshi had expected things to turn out like this.

The disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect knew not of justice anyway.

Besides, these people knew that Fang Yunshi was backed by Bi Jingjing and Xia Ran, so no one in their right mind would choose Song Xi, a disciple from the North Tortoise Hall, over him.

Since no one was intervening in this issue, the only ones Song Xi could count on were his fellow disciples from the North Tortoise Hall.

“Wang Ziyan, Hei Yao, are you going to testify for him?”

Fang Yunshi looked at the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall as he asked.

Song Xi also turned his gaze over.

Wang Ziyan and Hei Yao avoided Song Xi’s gaze, refusing to say a word at all.

However, Fang Yunshi raised his voice menacingly and bellowed, “I’m asking you a question here! Are you mute?”

“We dare not to, Senior Fang! We saw nothing at all!” Wang Ziyan hurriedly shook her head.

The other disciples of the North Tortoise Hall followed her lead too.

“Senior Fang, i-it’s Song Xi who snatched your Icydew Crystal. You were simply taking back what you deserve!”

Hei Yao also quickly expressed his stance, but that he went a step further. He actually chose to lie and side with Fang Yunshi, but his actions delighted Fang Yunshi greatly.

“Indeed. It looks like Junior Hei is the wise one here,” Fang Yunshi said as he nodded his head in contentment.

Then, he put his hands into Song Xi’s robe and snatched the Icydew Crystal over. This time, Song Xi didn’t fight back. He had already given up on it.

He felt greatly despaired. He thought that there would at least be some people whom he could count on when he was in danger, but all of them actually shied out away out of fear of being implicated.


However, barely after Fang Yunshi grabbed hold of the Icydew Crystal was taken by Fang Yunshi, it suddenly floated out of his grasp and flew into another person’s hand.

“Chu Feng?”

Everyone was stunned to see him.

After the commotion Xia Ran caused earlier, everyone cultivated here could recognize him.

“Isn’t Chu Feng of the lowest aptitude? How is he able to get here?”

A huge commotion broke out amidst the crowd.

As Chu Feng was the first to be teleported away, everyone simply assumed that he had been brought to the lowest level of the Snowy Heavenly Peak. Based on the rules here, one would be teleported to the level of his limits, which meant that it should have been impossible for Chu Feng to reach here.

However, what they didn’t know was that Chu Feng had already been here for a while, just that he didn’t rush to show himself.

“Stealing the possessions of your fellow peers in broad daylight; Fang Yunshi, you sure are audacious,” Chu Feng said as he fiddled with the Icydew Crystal in his hand.

“In terms of audacity, there should be no one who can surpass you, no? I was intending on heading down to look for you afterward, but you came knocking on your own accord instead. Very well, I’ll let you have a taste of my fist then!”


Fang Yunshi took a step forward, and his body suddenly blurred into a flash of light, rushing toward Chu Feng as fast as lightning.

“Chu Feng!!”

Seeing that Fang Yunshi had turned his target to Chu Feng, Song Xi immediately panicked. He tried to get up to help him.


But before he could rise up, he was stomped back down to the ground by a foot. It was the other rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator from the South Vermilion Hall.


But soon after, a cry of agony sounded.

The crowd turned their eyes over, only to be shocked to learn that the voice had come from Fang Yunshi!

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