Martial God Asura

Chapter 4710: Spirit Power Battle

Chapter 4710: Spirit Power Battle

The rise of the light dragon caused the surroundings to plunge into silence. However, this silence only lasted for a brief moment before a huge commotion broke out amidst the crowd.

Exclamations and discussions sounded amidst the crowd.

No matter how foolish the crowd was, they could tell that a peculiar phenomenon was going on at the moment. However, this was a phenomenon that none of them had ever seen before, so they had no idea what was going on.

“DId I win?”

Chu Feng stepped down from the stone platform before asking Bi Jingjing.

“Brat, you sure are shameless! You resorted to such underhanded methods in hopes of winning the battle!”

But before Bi Jingjing could speak up, Fang Yunshi had already interjected with a fuming voice.

“Underhanded methods? Oh hoh, I never thought that I would hear such words from you. Looks like you’re a sore loser?” Chu Feng chuckled lightly.

He had seen far too many such people to pay them any heed.

“The aptitude test should only have five different colors, white, gray, blue, purple, and golden. They represent lowest, low, mid, high, and pinnacle respectively. But what was it that you showed earlier? Do you think that you’re performing a circus act? Did you think that you can fool us just because you made it fanciful? You must be taking us as fools!” Fang Yunshi roared.

No one thought that there was anything wrong with what Fang Yunshi said.

The phenomenon Chu Feng produced as amazing, but it was already beyond what the stone platform was supposedly capable of doing. In other words, there was something amiss about Chu Feng’s test.

“We’ve lost this round.”

But at this very moment, Bi JIngjing suddenly spoke up.

“Junior Bi, you…”

Bi Jingjing’s sudden declaration made Fang Yunshi stare at her in incomprehension.

“Pinnacle aptitude isn’t the limit of what this stone platform can test. God aptitude, that’s the limit of this stone platform,” Bi Jingjing said.

“God aptitude? I have never heard of that before.”

The disciples present began whispering to one another in bewilderment.

“Junior Bi, are you making a mistake here? Even the Ten Hidden Dragon Disciples are only at pinnacle aptitude. How could that man be of god aptitude?” Fang Yunshi also found the matter hard to believe.

“It’s indeed god aptitude. I’ve heard my grandfather speak of it once before. He has seen someone using the stone platform to produce the phenomenon that came about the revelation of someone with god aptitude. It’s exactly as we have just seen,” Bi Jingjing replied.

“Someone else has induced such a phenomenon in the past? Why have I never heard of it before?” Fang Yunshi asked.

The other disciples such as Song Xi were curious about it too.

“You might not have heard of the event, but I’m certain that you would recognize the person,” Bi Jingjing said.

“Who is it?”

The crowd asked anxiously.

“Dugu Lingtian,” Bi Jingjing said.

“Ah? You mean Lord Dugu Lingtian?!”

There was a complicated look on everyone’s faces when they heard the words ‘Dugu Lingtian’. They hurriedly turned to look at Chu Feng with conflicted looks on their faces.

If it was Dugu Lingtian they were talking about here, it wouldn’t be too surprising for him to be of god aptitude. However, they found it hard to believe that Chu Feng was of god aptitude as well.

“Junior Bi, could you have made a mistake? How can this man be compared to Lord Dugu Lingtian?” Fang Yunshi asked.

Even though Chu Feng had already proved his worth, he still refused to believe that Chu Feng was indeed of the legendary god aptitude.

This time around, Bi Jingjing chose to ignore Fang Yunshi and, instead, turned to look at Chu Feng.

“You’ve won the first round on aptitude. We’ll be moving on to the matches on spirit power and martial power. If you can win another round, it’ll be considered as your victory,” Bi Jingjing said.

She was still talking to Chu Feng with a high and mighty voice that made it sound as if she was talking to a mere ant, but right now, her attitude was much more respectful, and her hostility had vanished too.

“Since you decided on the rules of the first round, shouldn’t we be allowed to decide on the rules of the second round then?” Chu Feng asked.

“How do you intend to go about it?” Bi Jingjing asked.

“The second round is the round on spirit power, right? One-on-one is too boring and a huge waste of time. Why don’t I challenge all of you from the South Vermilion Hall single-handedly instead? Of course, we’ll only be using spirit power in this battle,” Chu Feng said.

“Surely I’m not hearing things? Did you just say that you would challenge all of us alone? Putting aside the authenticity of your aptitude test result, but you sure are arrogant to make such a challenge.” Feng Yunshi looked at Chu Feng mockingly.

Bi Jingjing immediately shot a glare at Fang Yunshi, which made the latter reluctantly lower his head and zip up his mouth.

“You sure are confident to challenge all of us alone. However, I should advise you not to look down on our South Vermilion Hall,” Bi Jingjing said.

“I have no intention of looking down on any of you. I just don’t want to stall things out for no reason,” Chu Feng said.

“Are you certain about this?” Bi Jingjing asked.

“Yes, I’m certain,” Chu Feng replied.

“Good. Since you’ve said this yourself, I hope that you don’t blame us for taking advantage of you then!”

Bi Jingjing accepted the challenge before turning to the crowd behind her.

“Disciples of the South Vermilion Hall, did you hear those words? We’re being looked down on by this new junior from the North Tortoise Hall! Surely I need not tell you what we must do now? Whoever wishes to join the battle, step out on your own!” Bi Jingjing shouted.

“Junior Bi, I shall fight him!”

“Me too!”

A huge crowd from the South Vermilion Hall walked out, numbering in several dozens. They released their spirit power, revealing a hint of a dragon’s silhouette in their prowess.

As it turned out, they were all Dragon Mark Spirit-cloak world spiritists.

“There are actually so many Dragon Mark Saint-cloak world spiritists amongst them… There’s no way we could win this battle!”

The North Tortoise Hall frowned upon seeing the impressive line-up of their opponents. This time around, however, they didn’t blame Chu Feng.

The North Tortoise Hall was far weaker when it came to spirit power, such that even if they went with the original format of fighting three separate rounds, they still wouldn’t have been a match for the South Vermilion Hall.

This was also the reason why no one spoke any words of opposition when Chu Feng challenged everyone in the South Vermilion Hall earlier. From the start, they had already given up on the spirit power round.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was eyeing his opponents calmly. After doing a quick scan, he said, “Is that all you’ve got?”

“I’m joining the fight too,” Bi Jingjing said as she released her spirit power too.

She was also a Dragon Mark Spirit-cloak world spiritist too, but her spirit power was far stronger than the other disciples of the South Vermilion Hall, reaching a level comparable to a rank two Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

“Rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation. I didn’t expect Bi Jingjing to be this formidable! We’re definitely going to lose this match.”

This sight brought a tight frown to the faces of the disciples of the North Tortoise Hall.

If, in the past, they were still harboring a sliver of hope for Chu Feng’s victory, right now, their hope had been completely shattered after witnessing Bi Jingjing’s prowess.

“Can we begin now?” Chu Feng asked calmly.

“This fellow sure knows how to put on an act,” Fang Yunshi snorted coldly.

He couldn’t stand just how arrogantly Chu Feng was acting. However, out of fear of Bi Jingjing, he dared not to openly offend Chu Feng anymore.

“Construct the formation!”

Bi Jingjing shouted as she released her great spirit power. The other disciples of the South Vermilion Hall also quickly channeled their spirit power over, assisting her in the construction of the formation.

Their coordination was on the dot, hinting that this was not their first time collaborating with one another on a formation.

Soon, a huge formation beast towering at a height of over ten thousand meters materialized before them. In the face of this massive beast, the cultivators beneath looked extraordinarily insignificant.

The disciples of the North Tortoise Hall felt despaired upon seeing this.

In truth, if they could exert their martial power, this beast wouldn’t be anything of fear to them. However, since the battle was limited to just the usage of spirit power, their hands were tied.

“Chu Feng, admit defeat now! It’s still not too late!”

Instead of attacking Chu Feng right away, Bi Jingjing shouted at Chu Feng and advised him to give up. It looked like she was reluctant to hurt Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng smiled calmly and asked, “Are you done with your preparations?”

“What do you mean by that?”

Bi Jingjing was confused as to what Chu Feng was up to.

“If you’re done, it should be my turn now.”


Chu Feng flung his sleeves, and a great deluge of spirit power poured out from his body, washing down the humongous body of the formation beast. All it took was the blink of an eye for the collaborative formation constructed by Bi Jingjing and the other disciples of the South Vermilion Hall to be destroyed!

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