Martial God Asura

Chapter 3856 - Extremely Ill-intended

Chapter 3856 - Extremely Ill-intended

“All you people from the All-heaven Sect, scram out here for this young master!!!”

Chu Feng’s voice was incomparably loud, and resounded throughout the entire Red-dress Holy Land.

Practically everyone in the Red-dress Holy Land was startled by Chu Feng’s voice.

At that moment, many rays of red light streaked through the sky.

Many elders from the Red-dress Holy Land were rushing towards Yin Zhuanghong’s residential island.

In fact, there were even many disciples that were rushing over. Merely, the great majority of the disciples were unqualified to set foot on the island, and could only watch from outside.

Only a small portion of disciples with high status and noble identities were able to step onto the island to investigate things.

Naturally, the people from the All-heaven Sect were also alarmed by Chu Feng’s voice, and rushed to the island.

The only difference was that the people from the Red-dress Holy Land had rushed over out of curiosity, whereas the people from the All-heaven Sect were rushing towards the island in a rage.

In fact, after they approached the island, even the sky changed color.

The sky had turned dark and gloomy. It seemed like a torrential storm would soon engulf the entire island.

The All-heaven Sect was the overlord of the entire All-heaven Starfield.

As for those elders and disciples, they were people with status in the All-heaven Sect.

Normally, people would flatter and show incomparable reverence for them wherever they went.

Yet, someone actually dared to curse at them. This caused them to be furious.

And, after arriving on the island and discovering the situation there, all of them became so furious that they were about to explode with rage. In an instant, boundless killing intent filled the entire island, and extended even to the entire Red-dress Holy Land.

After all, the person lying on the ground was Nangong Yifan.

Nangong Yifan was their All-heaven Sect’s future Lord Sectmaster.

“Bastard! Who did this?!” The elders from the All-heaven Sect asked furiously.

Their killing-intent-filled sharp, ice-cold gazes were sweeping across the people from the Red-dress Holy Land.

Facing those ice-cold gazes, even the elders from the Red-dress Holy Land were shivering in fear.

At that moment, they all looked at Chu Feng with confusion in their eyes.

They were unable to comprehend his actions.

Instead of fleeing after offending the All-heaven Sect, he actually cursed out the All-heaven Sect, and lured all of their experts. His actions were simply akin to courting death.

That said, even though the people from the All-heaven Sect were looking at them furiously, the Red-dress Holy Land’s elders did not reveal that the matter was done by Chu Feng.

After all, Chu Feng was their benefactor.

Unfortunately, they were powerless to protect him. They could only hope that he would properly beg for forgiveness, and that the All-heaven Sect would be merciful enough to forgive him. Only with that would Chu Feng’s life be spared.

That being said, they felt that to be something that wouldn’t possibly happen.

It wasn’t that they thought that Chu Feng wouldn’t beg for forgiveness, but rather that they felt the people from the All-heaven Sect wouldn’t possibly spare Chu Feng.

However, to their surprise, at the moment when they were all worrying about Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly spoke. “Are you all deaf or what?”

“Apart from you people from the All-heaven Sect, there’s only me, Asura, that’s a male in this Red-dress Holy Land.”

“Could it be that you all were incapable of determining whether the voice from earlier was a man’s voice or a woman’s voice?”

Chu Feng had an extremely ice-cold gaze as he said those words. He ran his ice-cold gaze across every single person from the All-heaven Sect.

Chu Feng’s action successfully attracted their attention to him.

“It’s you?!”

“You’re the one who injured Nangong Yifan?!” The All-heaven Sect’s elders asked fiercely.

One could even hear them gritting their teeth as they asked those questions.

They resembled furious wolves itching to tear Chu Feng to shreds.

“That’s correct." said Chu Feng.

“Courting death!!!”

Suddenly, several waves of oppressive mights swept forth explosively. Like a tide, they rushed to attack Chu Feng.

Not only were the people from the Red-dress Holy Land greatly startled, but even Yin Zhuanghong’s expression changed enormously from worry.

They knew that that oppressive might contained killing intent. Furthermore, those were not only oppressive mights from peak Exalted. Even Utmost Exalted-level experts had unleashed their oppressive mights to attack Chu Feng.

That was not only a tide of oppressive might. Instead, it was an enormous life-demanding and soul-snatching wave.

Should one be struck by that wave, they would undoubtedly be killed. Not even Chu Feng would be an exception.


At the moment of imminent peril, that terrifying tide of oppressive might actually disappeared.

At the moment when the crowd were confused as to what had happened, a red dress fluttered in the air and descended from the sky, landing before Chu Feng.

Once that person appeared, the surroundings changed completely. Even the dark and gloomy sky turned sunny and cloudless.

The appearance of that person was more than the descent of a ruler. It was simply the descent of a god.

Naturally, that person was the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster, Han Xiu.

After Han Xiu appeared, everyone realized what had happened.

It was most definitely Han Xiu who had dispersed the oppressive mights of the All-heaven Sect’s elders.

“Han Xiu, are you trying to protect that man?!” the All-heaven Sect’s elders asked ferociously as they pointed at the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

They were truly enraged. Even though the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster was before them, they were still not giving her any face.

“Elders, before we figure out what exactly happened here, I will not allow you to injure young master Asura.” said the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“That would depend on whether or not you can protect him.”

The All-heaven Sect’s elders were planning to attack Chu Feng again.


Right at that moment, another voice was heard.

Then, another figure descended from the sky and landed before the All-heaven Sect’s elders.

That person was the All-heaven Sect’s Supreme Elder, Tuoba Chengan.

“Lord Supreme Elder, that bastard dared to injure Yifan, and the Red-dress Holy Land is protecting him. Lord Supreme Elder, you must uphold justice for us!”

Seeing Tuoba Chengan, the people from the All-heaven Sect all reacted as if they’d seen their savior.

“All of you, shut up!”

However, to their surprise, Tuoba Chengan shouted angrily at them. He even had a look of blame on his face.

This completely bewildered the elders of the All-heaven Sect. They were unable to understand why their Lord Supreme Elder would berate them at a time like that.

Most importantly, their Lord Supreme Elder was not someone who normally behaved like that.

Their Lord Supreme Elder had always been someone who would stand up for them.

Even if they were the ones in the wrong, their Lord Supreme Elder would still help them against outsiders. Why would he suddenly be shouting them down and protecting outsiders at that moment?

Although they were confused, they still shut their mouths.

The reason for that was because they knew how terrifying a person their Lord Supreme Elder was.

No one dared to go against him.

“Young master Asura, were you the one that injured our sect’s Nangong Yifan?”

Tuoba Chengan looked to Chu Feng and questioned him.

Compared to the other elders from the All-heaven Sect, Tuoba Chengan’s attitude was much more amiable.

“That’s right, what about it?”

Chu Feng was neither servile nor overbearing. He was very strong-willed as he said those words. It was as if what he had done was the correct thing to do.

This completely terrified the elders from the Red-dress Holy Land.

After all, they’d all heard of Tuoba Chengan’s terrifying reputation.

The other elders from the All-heaven Sect were extremely arrogant, despotic and completely unreasonable.

However, Tuoba Chengan’s ruthlessness was many times worse than those elders.

It was one thing for Chu Feng to refuse to give face to those elders. However, for him to dare to act in the same manner towards Tuoba Chengan, he was simply courting death.

Yet, to their surprise, even though Chu Feng’s attitude was so bad, Tuoba Chengan was not angered at all. Instead, very patiently, he asked, “May I know why young master Asura decided to do that?”

“Instead of asking me that, why don’t you ask Miss Yin?” Chu Feng looked to Yin Zhuanghong as he spoke.

“Miss Yin, what happened here?” Tuoba Chengan asked.

Then, Yin Zhuanghong revealed everything in full detail.

After hearing the course of events, Tuoba Chengan’s expression finally changed.

Anger appeared on his crafty face.

He seemed like a homicidal maniac about to unleash a massacre.

At that moment, the elders from the Red-dress Holy Land all turned pale with fear. The disciples all hid themselves behind their elders, and were shivering.

At the same time, they were all looking at Chu Feng with sympathy in their eyes.

They all felt that Chu Feng was definitely toast.

“You absolute disgrace!”

Suddenly, Tuoba Chengan let out a furious roar.

His voice caused heaven and earth to tremble violently. It seemed like doomsday had arrived.

In the next instant, the elders and disciples from the Red-dress Holy Land were all stunned.

Although that furious roar came from Tuoba Chengan, his shout was not aimed at Chu Feng. Instead, he had shouted at Nangong Yifan.

“Lord Supreme Elder, I…”

Nangong Yifan was completely dumbstruck.

He did not understand why the situation would become like that. He was clearly the one that had been beaten up; why would his Lord Supreme Elder shout furiously at him?

Although he was confused, he didn’t know what to say when facing the furious-looking Tuoba Chengan.

“You what?! Upon our return, I will properly punish you!” Tuoba Chengan let forth another angry roar.

Then, he looked to the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster and, with a surprisingly apologetic expression on his face, clasped his fist respectfully. “Headmaster Han, Miss Yin, I’ve failed in discipling our sect’s disciple. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

The completely unreasonable and famously ferocious Tuoba Chengan actually took the initiative to apologize.

“It’s alright. Youngsters sometimes do things out of impulse. It’s inevitable, let’s forget about it." said the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

“I am truly sorry.”

“However, please rest assured, I will definitely disciple him rigorously upon our return.”

“I will definitely give you a proper accounting of this matter.”

After saying those words, Tuoba Chengan grabbed Nangong Yifan and planned to leave with the others from the All-heaven Sect.

Seeing this scene, the people from the Red-dress Holy Land looked at each other in dismay. They simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

They truly never would’ve imagined that things would end like this. The famously arrogant and unreasonable All-heaven Sect not only did not unleash a massacre after their top genius was beaten up, but they instead apologized and then left?

This was completely different from the All-heaven Sect that they knew.


However, right at that moment, an ice-cold voice sounded.

When that voice was heard, the relieved crowd grew nervous once more.

The reason for that was because that voice belonged to Chu Feng.

Furthermore, his tone was extremely ill-intended.

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