Martial God Asura

Chapter 27 – Strange Marks

MGA: Chapter 27 – Strange Marks

“Chu Yue, it seems that your harvest is not bad.” Chu Wei’s sound came and his group also slowly came over as well.

“This…You guys went and hunted Sky Spirit Grasses, and you even got so many!” When Chu Wei and the others came and saw the Sky Spirit Grasses in Chu Yue’s arms, they were completely shocked.

The price of one Sky Spirit Grass was equivalent to 20 Ground Spirit Grasses. So the 13 Sky Spirit Grasses in Chu Yue’s arms were already more precious than everything Chu Wei and the others had.

“No, these weren’t hunted by us. They were given to me by Chu Feng.” As Chu Yue said that, she stuffed the 13 Sky Spirit Grasses into her waist purse.

When she did that movement, almost everyone drooled from admiration. Especially the two people that humiliated Chu Feng before. They even had the heart to die from tofu collision.

[TN: Not meant to be literally translated, but it sounds funny.]

It was because their provocation to Chu Feng just now were like beggars with two copper coins boasting their wealth to a rich person with thousands of coins on their waist. It was extremely laughable.

“Chu Yue, you’re saying that these were given to you by Chu Feng, is it possible that…”

Chu Wei and the others lost all colour from their faces as they suddenly remembered Chu Feng’s bags that were extremely full.

“Chu Wei, Chu Yue, something happened, Chu Feng he…”

At that time, Chu Xue and the others quickly ran over and her face was extremely ugly.

“Chu Xue, what happened? Did Chu Feng bully you?”

As they saw Chu Xue’s appearance that seemed like she lost her soul and also Chu Gao’s injuries on his leg, everyone from the Chu Alliance surrounded them and they even thought that it was Chu Feng who bullied Chu Xue and the others.

And when Chu Xue described the events that happened, everyone went silent.

According to what Chu Xue said, to save her, Chu Feng was surrounded and attacked by three level 5 Spirit realm experts. He should have been in danger, and even if he did not die he would have been crippled.

But they saw Chu Feng just now. Not only was he not even scratched, he was full of liveliness. How did that even look like a person that was injured?

And what did that mean? It meant that Chu Feng could not lose against three experts of the level 5 Spirit realm, or he could at least retreat with everything intact.

How did Chu Feng have that kind of strength? They didn’t even want to continue thinking about it, because as they did, they got more afraid.

“Chu Yue, you said that Chu Feng is fine?” Chu Xue asked with a full face of emotions, and at the same time she felt that it was inconceivable.

“Mm, Chu Feng is fine. We just saw him.” Chu Yue nodded and said.

“That’s great, Chu Feng is fine, that is really great…sob…” Her extreme happiness instantly turned into sorrow, and Chu Xue threw herself into Chu Yue’s arms, cried while saying,

“Chu Yue, I was wrong, we were wrong, only you were right…Chu Feng isn’t our enemy, he is the bravest one in our Chu family…If it wasn’t for Chu Feng, then I would have…sob…”

Facing that scene, Chu Yue felt even more gratified, as it seemed that Chu Xue really looked at Chu Feng in a different way.

“It seems that we’ve really looked at Chu Feng wrongly.” Chu Wei sighed and there was a bit of shame on his face. Knowing Chu Xue’s experience, everyone looked at Chu Feng at a different way.

And when all the disciples left the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, a group formed by elders can be the middle-circle of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

At that moment, Su Rou, the master of the Martial Skill Building and various elders gathered there. They were looking at the nearby corpses of the 3 disciples while frowning.

But, with their position, they could only look and did not have the right to speak.

Because next to those corpses, a person wearing a white robe was carefully observing. That person was very significant in the Azure Dragon School, and even core elders had to be careful around him.

That person’s white robe was very special, as it was full of strange marks and special patterns. The white robe was very large as well. Not only did it conceal the person’s clothing, it even concealed his face and tightly covered the entire person.

“After all these years, he has reappeared at last.” Finally, an aged voice came from the white robe.

“Elder Zhuge, you’re saying…it’s the Thousand Bone Graveyard?” Su Rou went up and asked.

“What else could it be other than the Thousand Bone Graveyard?”

“You inner court elders really neglect your duties too much. You only report in after the Thousand Bone Graveyard appears. Do you know that you all delayed a lot of things?”

“Simply a bunch of rice buckets. All of you are garbage. Why do I even need you?” After Su Rou’s question came the white robe old man’s angry scolding. Everyone could feel the anger of that person.

“Hmph” After that scolding, the elder waved his big sleeve and disappeared without even leaving a single trace of him.

After he left, everyone relaxed and deeply exhaled. In front of that person, they really did not even dare to breath deeply, and no one dared to go up and ask a question like how Su Rou did.

“This old guy. Is he not a bit too excessive? This Thousand Bone Graveyard was already like an illusion, and even the spells that he set up could not detect it. How should we know when it would appear!” Su Rou said while fuming.

“Be a bit quieter. It was really too hard for our Azure Dragon School to get this person. Not only us, even the sect head had to be extremely respectful. We really can’t offend this person.” Ouyang went up and dissuaded Su Rou, and he was afraid that she would offend that white robe old man.

“Hmph, I see that he only ungenuinely joined the Azure Dragon School. Searching for the treasures of the Thousand Bone Graveyard would be his real goal.” Su Rou coldly snorted and did not accept that.

“It’s said that the Thousand Bone Graveyard contained treasures, but those were only rumours. Today, anyone who enters would die so it could not be confirmed whether it’s the truth or lie.”

“The Thousand Bone Graveyard is already seen as a danger spot, and everyone’s feelings are anxious about that. If Zhuge can break this Thousand Bone Graveyard, then so what if the treasures are given to him?”

“Just afraid that he isn’t up for it.” Su Rou curled her lips.

“Girl, speak one less sentence.” Ouyang was obviously helpless while facing the stubborn Su Rou, “That’s right, did the Wings Alliance invite that boy?”

“Ahh, that boy really makes my head hurt. I heard Su Mei say that he refused the invitation.” Su Rou sighed as they mentioned Chu Feng.

“Oh?” Ouyang got distracted for a bit, but then smiled and said, “This boy is quite interesting.”

Chu Feng returned to his residence, and the first thing he did was to take a bath comfortably. But just as he took off his clothes and before even entering the path, Chu Feng’s face changed greatly.

“This…This is…”

Looking at his own chest, Chu Feng’s gaze flickered and his face was extremely ugly.

Because on his chest, a strange pattern appeared. The reason why it was strange was because those patterns were created from countless symbols.

Every symbol were as if they were alive. They were moving around in Chu Feng’s skin, and it was extremely horrifying.

Chu Feng used his hand and powerfully rubbed his chest a few times and tried to wipe away the strange patterns, but no matter what, those symbols were like living under his skin and he had no way of getting rid of them.

Seeing those dense symbols that were swimming back and forth in his own skin, Chu Feng was incomparably depressed, yet he could do nothing.

“It seems like I haven’t gotten rid of the curse from the Thousand Bone Graveyard.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng smiled in relief. He knew that this was the souvenir that the Thousand Bone Graveyard left him. No matter if that thing was good or bad, the current him was helpless either way, so he could only leave it up to fate.

Since he could not do anything about it, Chu Feng didn’t bother thinking anymore. Might as well pretend that nothing happened. So, he jumped into the bath and enjoyed his current life.

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