Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 9 - Are You Crazy?

Chapter 9: Are You Crazy?

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“Jiang Rongyan, don’t push your luck!” Qin Xiaokun suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Jiang Rongyan’s collar.

Jiang Rongyan shielded Xu Anran behind him. “Anran, stay back a bit.”

The two men were at loggerheads. They looked like they were about to make a move. Xu Anran saw that the people around them were looking over. Some of them even took out their phones. Xu Anran didn’t want to make a big deal out of this. After all, Jiang Rongyan was a reputable person.

“Qin Xiaokun, are you crazy?!” Xu Anran said angrily, “You went to look for your lover on your wedding day? And you even asked me to save a seat for you? You’ve done a good job.”

When Qin Xiaokun heard that, he instantly lost his temper. “Anran, let me explain.” Qin Xiaokun let go of Jiang Rongyan and walked to Xu Anran.

Xu Anran took two steps back. She kept her distance. “Mr. Qin, my husband is right here. It’s better for us to keep our distance.” Xu Anran walked to Jiang Rongyan and tidied her collar. “Let’s go home and change our clothes. These clothes are dirty. We can’t afford it.” Xu Anran smiled brightly. Qin Xiaokun thought that her smile was very dazzling.

“Okay.” Jiang Rongyan smiled and touched Xu Anran’s head. The two of them looked like a beautiful couple.

Qin Xiaokun knew that he couldn’t get anything from Xu Anran, so, he changed his face. “Xu Anran, did you climb into Jiang Rongyan’s bed long ago and cuckold me? Then, you turned around and made yourself look like a victim?”

Qin Xiaokun’s disgusting face made Xu Anran want to stuff him back into his mother’s womb and make it so he was never born. However, now that she was reborn, she was not afraid that she could not deal with him.

Xu Anran held Jiang Rongyan’s arm and said, “Then you are really stupid. Are you only realizing this now? However, if you ask me these things here, aren’t you asking for humiliation? Do you want to hear the details? I can only say that my husband is much more than a man like you.”

After Xu Anran finished speaking, Jiang Rongyan was very shocked, but fortunately, it did not show. However, Xu Anran’s next words almost made Jiang Rongyan lose his composure. Qin Xiaokun’s face was like a color palette. The red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and violet changed various times on his face.

Xu Anran continued to provoke him. “You don’t understand? Then let me be more clear — you can’t do it!” Xu Anran waved her hand in disgust and glanced at Qin Xiaokun’s crotch.

“You!” Qin Xiaokun was rendered speechless by Xu Anran’s words.

Jiang Rongyan praised this little woman in his heart. He couldn’t tell that this woman was quite ruthless. In front of the man’s sworn enemy, she said ‘can’t do it’ to him. This was insulting the man from the inside out. Pressing Qin Xiaokun to the ground and rubbing him was even more enjoyable than hitting him directly.

After Xu Anran finished speaking, she smiled sweetly at Jiang Rongyan and said, “Husband, let’s go home and change. We still have to meet my parents later.”

“Okay, Wife.” The married couple left together.

Qin Xiaokun knew that he would not be able to take advantage of them here, so he drove to the Xu family. Xu Anran and Qin Xiaokun did not know what they were about to face. However, this did not affect their mood.

The two of them drove back to the villa. On the way, Xu Anran took the initiative to say, “Thank you.” Xu Anran felt that Jiang Rongyan was not as cold as he looked. He was actually quite meticulous.

Jiang Rongyan glanced at the woman in the passenger seat and felt that her emotions were not right. “Stop smiling. It’s really ugly,” Jiang Rongyan said straightforwardly. Jiang Rongyan did not want to see Xu Anran forcefully hold on in front of him and pretend.

Because he did not know why, but when he saw her like that, a sour feeling welled up in his heart, as if…. his heart ached.

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