Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 81 - Xu Anning’s False Accusation

Chapter 81: Xu Anning’s False Accusation

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“Hiss–” Xu Anran supported herself on the bed and slowly sat up. Her head was drooping, and her other hand kept patting her head. “How much did I drink yesterday? Why does my head hurt so much? How did I get back?” Xu Anran slowly got off the bed, pushed open the door, and walked out. After washing up, she slowly walked towards the living room.

Jiang Rongyan was already in the living room. When he saw her, he saw that she was in a daze. When he saw that she did not have any reaction, he knew that she must have forgotten what happened last night.

“What happened to your mouth? Were you allergic?” Xu Anran noticed that his mouth was swollen. She slowly walked over and sat down. She looked at him with an impure expression. “Or…”

“It’s okay. Don’t look at me. Just take care of yourself.”

Xu Anran pouted. “If you don’t want me to look, then I won’t look. There’s nothing to look at anyway.” She took out her phone. Just as she took a look, she saw the news that popped up on it.

[Xu Anran publicly announced that she had broken up with Qin Xiaokun. The reason for the breakup was actually because this person interfered. Click on it to check the relevant reports.] Xu Anran:

She opened Weibo and saw Xu Anran’s name hanging on the side. Not far away, her own name was also there. It turned out that Xu Anning had publicly stated on Weibo that she had broken up with Qin Xiaokun. She had even posted a photo of Qin Xiaokun holding her hand.

Xu Anning’s meaning was very obvious. She was saying that she had broken up with Qin Xiaokun because of Xu Anran.

Xu Anran: “Heh.”

It was all because she saw that Qin Xiaokun had lost his position as the CEO and wanted to kick him away. Why did she need to use her as a shield? She was really cheap. Xu Anran rolled her eyes. A jerk and a sl*t. They really came together. They were simply too disgusting. She clicked on the comments on Xu Anning’s Weibo to see how the passersby were discussing this matter.

Qin Xiaokun’s reputation had already been ruined. Everyone thought that he was a jerk and even Xu Anran was implicated. He was scolded very harshly.

[A female b*tch and a dog will last forever.]

[A scumbag and a b*tch are a pair. Sister Anning, don’t be sad. There’s a better man waiting for you.]

[Didn’t she say that she hooked up with Qin Xiaokun first? Xu Anning said that Qin Xiaokun broke off the engagement with her because of her.]

Xu Anning did not reply to the few comments above, but only replied to this one. [She knows who snatched who. I don’t have a sister like her.]

Some of the onlookers were still waiting to see what would happen, but the moment these words were spoken, it was as if Xu Anran had been convicted. Those who did not know her began to curse. [When the birthday banquet interview was published, I already felt that Xu Anran was not a good person. As expected, she really is not a good person.]

[Just because she looks good, she can do whatever she wants?] Xu Anran liked to hear this.

She put down her phone, put on her clothes, and went to the office. She still had to go to work, so she didn’t have time to tangle with these people. Entanglement with them would only affect her earnings. When she arrived at the office, Xu Anran realized that the way everyone looked at her wasn’t right. However, she didn’t care, so she turned around and walked to her office.

After a busy day, when it was time to get off work, Xu Anran packed her things and slowly walked downstairs. When she reached the stairs, Xu Anran did not see the scene outside at all. When she went out, the reporters outside saw her coming out and all of them squeezed in, squeezing the people around her out. She was the only one left.

The reporters pushed her and placed their cameras and mics in front of her. Their mouths kept jumping out. “Xu Anning heard that you and Qin Xiaokun have an ambiguous relationship. What do you think about this?”

“Miss Xu, say something. Do you know that Xu Anning exposed you?”

“Miss Xu, what is your relationship with Qin Xiaokun?”

Xu Anran held her breath. Just as she was about to speak, someone blocked her way..

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