Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 77 - Qin Xiaokun Was Fired

Chapter 77: Qin Xiaokun Was Fired

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Qin Xiaokun knew that he had not found a project or solved the company’s funding problem, and he was going to be blamed by the company’s shareholders. However, he did not expect that the company’s shareholders would be so ruthless. “If you can’t solve the problem, you might as well quit!”

“Qin Xiaokun, think about it. Since you became the president, how many contracts have the company lost? We have to make money. This isn’t a school, so we won’t give you time to grow.” Another shareholder stood up. He said earnestly, “Xiao Kun, why don’t you give the position to Xiao Ming?”

Qin Xiaokun could bear the criticism, but he definitely couldn’t bear to give the position of CEO to an illegitimate child. He turned around in disbelief. “Are you guys crazy? He’s an illegitimate child.”

“Of course. I’m just suggesting that we listen to the CEO’s decision.”

Qin Xiaokun turned his gaze to his father. “Dad, do you think this is reasonable? Qin Xiaoming is an illegitimate son. What right does he have to sit in this position?”

His father looked at him and asked in a deep voice, “Xiao Kun, do you know how much damage you’ve caused the company?”

“No matter how much damage I’ve caused, there’s always a way to solve it.”

“Haven’t I given you enough time?” Qin Fu looked at him. “From the time of the accident until now, how many opportunities have I given you? But have you treasured them?”

“What about him? If I’m not qualified, then he’s qualified?”

Father Qin Fu glanced at him and sighed softly, not saying a word.

Another old man who looked at him kindly stood up and said to him, “Xiao Kun, your father didn’t have the heart to tell you. Actually, Xiao Ming has already found a project. He can temporarily solve our funding problem.”

“I think you guys are too indulgent with him. He has already been in the position for so long, but he is still so useless. We don’t expect him to fight for a new project, but he can’t even hold onto the previous project. If it was us, we would have been scolded to death by then. How can we let him quibble?”

Father Qin heard this and turned to look at him. “Xiao Kun, your ability really can’t take up this position. The president position, we will let Xiao Ming sit on it first. After your ability is cultivated, this position will naturally still be yours.”

Who would believe such words? Naturally, Qin Xiaokun didn’t believe it either. He begged Father

Qin, “Dad, give me another chance. A little time is fine too. I’ll go look for a project right away.”

Seeing Qin Xiaokun’s performance, Father Qin’s gaze turned cold. His tone was serious. “Xiao Kun, don’t let others see a joke.”

When Qin Xiaokun heard this tone, he knew that his father was angry. He didn’t dare to say anything else. He could only clench his teeth and hand over the position of president.

At the end of this meeting, no one paid any attention to Qin Xiaokun. It was as if he didn’t exist. When there were important decisions, no one asked for his opinion. He held it in until the end of the meeting. He couldn’t hold it in any longer and turned around to leave the meeting room.

The news of the change of president of the Qin Corporation was spread everywhere. Xu Anning, who was abroad, found out the next day. She was so angry that she was about to ask Qin Xiaokun what was going on when Xu Zhenwei snatched her phone away.

She turned around and looked at Xu Zhenwei. “Dad, what are you doing? I’m going to give Xiao Kun a call.’

“In this situation, is there still a need to make a call? He’s no longer the CEO. It’s meaningless for you to be with him.” Xu Zhenwei’s expression was serious and unquestionable.

“Then what do you want me to do? I’m already engaged to him.” Xu Anning stretched out her hand, wanting to take the phone over.

“Then cancel the engagement with him and get a new fiancé!”.

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