Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 75 - You Help Me Plead With Him

Chapter 75: You Help Me Plead With Him

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After Xu Anran got rid of Jiang Rongyan, she remembered that she had gone to look for Qi Yun the last time and knew the address of Qi Yun’s house. Without thinking, she turned around and went to Qi Yun’s house.

Qi Yun’s house was in a villa area. The villa area was empty and there were not many people. Xu Anran walked around inside and found the place she had been to the last time. Just as she was about to enter, she saw a familiar figure. It was Qin Xiaokun.

Qin Xiaokun clearly saw her too. There was a hint of surprise on his face, but at the same time, he was a little embarrassed. She didn’t know why Qin Xiaokun was here, but no matter why he was here, Xu Anran didn’t want to talk to him. She walked towards Qi Yun’s villa. But Qin Xiaokun was obviously unwilling to let her go.

When Qin Xiaokun saw that she was about to leave, he immediately came to stop her. “Anran, it’s great that you’re here. Help me with something.”

Xu Anran shook off Qin Xiaokun’s hand. “Aren’t you the famous Young Master Qin? What’s wrong? What crisis did Young Master Qin encounter? You actually want me to help you?” Her expression was full of disdain.

Qin Xiaokun could see her unwillingness, but now, to Qin Xiaokun, only Xu Anran could help him. “Actually, it’s like this.” Qin Xiaokun said, “Qi Yun has a hotel, and the hotel’s perfume has always been provided by the Qin family. But since I took over, the quality of the perfume has dropped a lot, and Qi Yun said he doesn’t want to work with us anymore. I really have no choice, so I came to Qi Yun, hoping to salvage the cooperation.”

“What did you say? Their family’s previous partners were you guys?”

” “Yes.

Xu Anran sneered. It was really a narrow road for enemies. What a coincidence. What she wanted to do next was this hotel project.

“Wait, something’s wrong!” Xu Anran tilted her head and looked at Qin Xiaokun. “Didn’t you see Qi Yun last time? Since he’s your partner, how dare you argue with him?”

“Who are you talking about?” Qin Xiaokun didn’t understand.

“Who?” Xu Anran sneered coldly. “Qin Xiaokun, what have you been doing all this time? Aren’t you being too careless? In this situation, you still don’t know what your partner looks like? Don’t you think you’re being a little too ridiculous?”

Qin Xiaokun gritted his teeth. His ability wasn’t very good, but he didn’t like it to be said. His expression turned ugly. “Can’t you speak more clearly? Who is Qi Yun? How did I offend him?”

Ever since he found out that Qi Yun had contacted the company of the female lead, Qin Xiaokun had always wanted to meet Qi Yun. However, he could not contact him after contacting him several times. Hence, he ran to Qi Yun’s place.

“Do you remember coming here?”

Qin Xiaokun nodded. “Yes, I do. It was the last time I came to see a wedding room with Xu

Anning.” After he said that, he suddenly realized something. He pointed at Xu Anran and said,

“No way, right? Are you jealous because of me and Anning going to see a wedding room?”

Xu Anran rolled her eyes. “Jealous? Fortunately, I’m not with you. Thank god. Otherwise, I would be unlucky for eight lifetimes. But don’t you remember this place? Don’t you remember the man who walked out of this villa? Since you don’t remember, then I’ll tell you. He’s Qi Yun.”

Qin Xiaokun remembered. “You mean, the man who provoked me when Anning and I were looking at the wedding room last time?”

Xu Anran nodded meaningfully. “You finally remembered. That’s right, he’s your father. You’d better think about how to beg Father A to forgive you,” she said. She pushed the door open and was about to enter.

Qin Xiaokun quickly pulled her back. “I remember that you have a good relationship with him. Help me plead with him and ask him to renew my contract.”

“Qin Xiaokun, as long as the Great Wall is as thick-skinned as you, even if hundreds of enemies come, they wouldn’t be able to get past.” Xu Anran once again shook off his hand. “Get lost!”.

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