Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 63 - Discovered Watching a Small Video

Chapter 63: Discovered Watching a Small Video

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Xu Anran didn’t seem to have seen Jiang Rongyan’s icy face. When she heard Zhao Jing’s question, she turned around and glanced at Jiang Rongyan. “Because his eyes are like stars and his features are like a painting, he’s especially likable. You’re not me, so you’ll never be able to experience my happiness.”

After she finished speaking, she walked up to Jiang Rongyan. She reached out and touched his nose. “Hubby, others don’t seem to know how good you are. Only I know that all the men in the world can’t compare to you.”

After listening to Xu Anran’s words, the person whose legs went soft turned from her to Jiang Rongyan. A thin layer of sweat appeared on Jiang Rongyan’s back as she turned her head to look at him. Xu Anran’s expression was serious as she stared at him with bright eyes.

“Young Master Jiang, where did you get your fortune from? You actually found such a beauty, and she’s even willing to follow you wholeheartedly. You actually dare to treat her with such a cold expression? If it were me, I would have already worshipped Sister-in-law.” Zhao Jing clutched his chest. ‘Why

would a single dog like me have to suffer such a blow? Rongyan, I’m really envious of you!” He said this on purpose. His exaggerated expression made Xu Anran laugh.

Jiang Rongyan was very embarrassed and quickly interrupted their conversation. “That should be enough, right? The birthday banquet is about to start. Let’s go in.” Xu Anran and Zhao Jing looked at each other. The two of them held back their laughter and followed Jiang Rongyan into the room.

At the birthday banquet, Xu Anning wore a tight tuxedo dress and walked around among the guests. For her, she was like a fish in water at such an occasion. “Anning has grown up and become a lot more beautiful. When are you free to go to Third Aunt’s house to play?”

“Tm embarrassed by what Third Aunt said. Haven’t I always looked like this since I was young?” She smiled slightly and pushed the wine glass out. She gently touched the wine glass in the other party’s hand. Xu Anning was well-mannered, so no one could find fault with her.

Xu Anran looked at the other person indifferently. She had never liked this kind of occasion, and she was not suitable either. She always played with her phone, and this time was no exception. At this moment, her childhood friend, Wu Yan, sent a picture.


{Why are you also playing with your phone?]

[Is the person sitting next to you your husband?! Isn’t he too handsome?!)

Just as Xu Anran was about to lower her head to type, she saw another message from the other party.

[{—-He’s so handsome. How’s his s*x skills?]

Xu Anran had just taken a sip of red wine when she saw the line of words on the screen of her phone. Fortunately, she swallowed it in time. How would she know how good Jiang Rongyan’s s*x skills were? She had never tried it either.

{Not good, don’t talk.]

After Wu Yan saw the message, she did not believe what she said.

[He doesn’t have much muscles either!]

[Are you lying to me?)

Xu Anran raised her head and glanced at Jiang Rongyan.

[He’s wearing a suit. How did you see his muscles?)

‘When she heard someone calling her, Xu Anran raised her head to look. She saw Wu Yan, who was not far away, give her a look. Wu Yan pressed on her arm.

{Look at the tight muscles on his arm under the suit. It was obvious that he works out. You’ve found a treasure, my Ran Ran!]


Xu Anran opened the video and found that there were two naked people stacked together. Fortunately, she did not open the video. Otherwise, she would have died of embarrassment.

[You really have all kinds of videos.]

After sending it, Xu Anran winked at Wu Yan at the table. Wu Yan stuck out her tongue in response to her. Xu Anran lowered her head and sent an embarrassed emoji. At this moment, a hand reached out from the side and grabbed her phone.

“Don’t watch this video again!” Jiang Rongyan took away her phone and warned her..

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