Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 60 - Ridiculing Scum

Chapter 60: Ridiculing Scum

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Xu Anning and Qin Xiaokun were originally here to look at a wedding room, but they didn’t expect to see Xu Anran here. Moreover, they had just seen her coming out of the villa in front of them.

Xu Anran looked at them. “I also want to ask, why are the two of you here?”

‘When she heard this… Xu Anning quickly turned around and grabbed Qin Xiaokun’s hand. “I’m here to look at a wedding room with Xiao Kun. Oh right, I’ll announce our engagement at Grandma’s 8oth birthday party. Remember to come when the time comes. Don’t hide at home and be sad.”

Xu Anran laughed lightly and said mockingly, “Of course not. Besides you, no one else is willing to marry him. Sad? I’m more than happy that you’re with him.”

“What’s so funny?!” Xu Anning was hurt by her smile. She took a deep breath and saw Qi Yun coming out of the house. She said with a fake smile, “Of course I’m not as good as you. You’re already married, but you still casually enter another man’s house. How shameless!”

“At least I can enter.” Xu Anran looked around. “But I’m afraid you can’t even enter the house here, right? Oh, I forgot. Based on my understanding of the two of you, let alone the house, you can’t even afford a toilet, right?”

Qin Xiaokun clenched his fists and said angrily, “Xu Anran, I abandoned you. You don’t have to use such words to mock me, right? You don’t have anything else except money.”

“It’s true that you don’t have anything else, but you don’t know much about money.” Xu Anran tilted her head and asked Qi Yun, “Mr. Qi, may I ask what the prices of the house here are?”

Qi Yun heard their conversation and found it very interesting. It was rare for him to feel like this, so he raised his hand and made a figure.

“Isn’t it just 50 million? I can afford it,” Qin Xiaokun shouted.

Qi Yun heard this and smiled. “Add a zero.”

‘When Xu Anran heard this, she was also very surprised. This house could actually be sold for 500 million? This wasn’t the price of a house with a river view, right? “You didn’t go to the backyard. There’s a big lawn and a swimming pool at the back,” Qi Yun noticed her expression and spoke with a smile.

Clap, clap, clap– Xu Anning couldn’t help but clap. “I calculated with my fingers and found that I can indeed afford it. However, the two of you might have to take on a mortgage for 30 years. In 30 years, you’ll be over 50 years old. By then, you’ll already be old and yellow, so you should indeed enjoy it

early. You’re not like our Xiao Jiang, who owns a few villas with the river view at such a young age.”

‘What was there to be proud of? Xu Anning pinched her palm. Her nails dug deep into her flesh, but she couldn’t feel any pain. Qin Xiaokun was indeed not as rich as Jiang Rongyan. Not only was he not as rich as Jiang Rongyan, but the difference in wealth between the two of them was not small. However,

this matter concemed Qin Xiaokun’s face, so she could only grit her teeth and endure it. Otherwise, she would lose a thigh like Qin Xiaokun.

After Xu Anran finished speaking, she raised her eyebrows and looked at Xu Anning and Qin Xiaokun. She forced the two of them to be speechless. Qi Yun couldn’t help but feel amused. She was too interesting.

“Are you done?” Qi Yun asked Xu Anran gently. “Didn’t you say you were going back? It’s getting late. Get in the car.”

Only then did she realize that she was still at the client’s house. She did not dare to delay and hurriedly sat in the passenger seat. Qi Yun was very rich. The car he drove was also a limited edition luxury car. He could not get it without 50 million yuan. Seeing Xu Anran get into the luxury car, Xu Anning’s

nails dug deeper into her flesh.

Xu Anran put on her sunglasses. Before she drove off, she turned around and said to the two people outside the window, “Goodbye, environmental protection guards.” With that, Qi Yun drove Xu Anran away.

After a long while, Xu Anning finally reacted. “Environmental protection guards? She, she said that we like to pick up trash!”

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