Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 6 - Jiang Rongyan, I’m Hungry

Chapter 6: Jiang Rongyan, I’m Hungry

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He had always been a person who did not reveal his emotions, especially since the two of them had just met and still wanted to continue working together. Therefore, he could only forcefully suppress this unexpected emotion. He only said coldly, “This belongs to Ms. Li. If you don’t want it, you should return it to Ms. Li.”

“But…” Xu Anran still wanted to say something, but Jiang Rongyan had already turned around to look at the style of the house. It was clear that he did not want to have any more discussions on this topic. She could only give up for the time being and decided to return it to Jiang Rongyan’s mother in the future.

“Wait, where do I stay?” Xu Anran called out to Jiang Rongyan. Jiang Rongyan looked around and said, “Pick any room you want to stay in. We’ll talk about it after this period of time.”

What he meant was that it was not certain whether they would live here in the future. They were just dealing with his parents. There was no need to be so serious. Xu Anran felt that his attitude was colder than before. She could not help but feel something inexplicable, but she did not think too much about it. She followed his instructions and randomly chose a room with a balcony and a private bathroom to stay in.

Jiang Rongyan chose the room opposite her. The layout of the two rooms was the same. The north and south were transparent and there was plenty of light. He did not have many things. He had already asked his assistant to pack up, so he took a shower and planned to sleep. Just as he finished showering, someone knocked on the door before he could dry his hair.

“Jiang Rongyan, I’m hungry.” Xu Anran looked at Jiang Rongyan pitifully through the crack in the door.

“Order takeout. What do you want to eat?” Jiang Rongyan casually raked his hair and came out of the room in a bathrobe.

They had just moved in and there was nothing in the fridge. Moreover, neither of them knew how to cook, so it was faster to order takeout. Thinking of this, Jiang Rongyan felt a little guilty.

Since Xu Anran got married today, she probably hadn’t eaten much since morning. He had eaten lunch, so he didn’t feel very hungry. No matter what, she was still a partner, so it was really inappropriate for her to be hungry. He still needed to pay attention in the future.

“Let me see what food is around here.” Xu Anran took the phone. The next second, she exclaimed, “D*mn, what kind of takeout is this? Why is it so expensive?” Xu Anran protested to the phone like a miser. “This delivery fee is too expensive. It’s twenty yuan!” Xu Anran shook her head repeatedly. “The ones I ordered before were all free.”

“Why do you feel sorry for spending my money?” Jiang Rongyan found it funny.

“I can’t spend yours either!” Xu Anran puffed up her cheeks and said. She protected the phone in front of her chest. When Jiang Rongyan saw that she was protecting her chest, he turned his head uncomfortably and did not take the phone.

“Then I won’t order it,” Jiang Rongyan said. “Ask my assistant to come over and cook. His cooking skills are not bad.”

The chefs in star-rated hotels often took private orders after work and specially came over to cook. In the past, when he was busy, he had ordered a few orders. It was a little expensive, but it was faster and tasted good. However, when he thought about how this girl was not even willing to fork out a delivery fee, let alone this kind of expense, Jiang Rongyan, out of the blue, told her a white lie.

Xu Anran didn’t notice it at all and asked for confirmation. “Free?”

“Free.” Jiang Rongyan was a little helpless. At least this little woman still knew how to save money for herself. When he thought about it, a strange sense of joy arose in his heart. He called the chef and asked him to bring the ingredients over to cook.

“When you come, just say that you’re my assistant. Don’t say that you’re a cook,” Jiang Rongyan specially instructed.

The chef: “…” What kind of rich person’s taste was this?

Not long after, the chef brought fresh ingredients to the villa. Remembering his instructions, he said that he was Jiang Rongyan’s assistant. The two of them had a sumptuous meal.

“Your assistant’s cooking is quite delicious,” Xu Anran said with satisfaction.

“Well, it’s good that you like it.” Jiang Rongyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After eating, he sent his ‘assistant’ away. Xu Anran felt sleepy and waved her hand at Jiang Rongyan. “Then I’m going to take a shower too. Good night.”

The bathroom was decorated in the same luxurious style as the entire villa. Although it felt wonderful to take a shower in such an environment, the bathtub was still very comfortable. It could fit two people. Xu Anran soaked in it comfortably. After one or two hours, she felt more relaxed. She was going to put on some clothes and go to bed, but she suddenly realized that she didn’t bring any change of clothes in!

There was no bathrobe or towel in the bathroom either. Xu Anran was completely dumbfounded.. She could not possibly let her run around naked in this luxurious style, right? That scene was too eye-catching.

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