Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 58 - Was Not a Date

Chapter 58: Was Not a Date

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If he was jealous, he was jealous. Why did he look so angry? Xu Anran chuckled. She took off her coat and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Early the next morning, when Jiang Rongyan woke up, he saw that Xu Anran, who was sleeping on the floor, had disappeared. He pushed open the door and saw Xu Anran sitting in the living room. Xu Anran was dressed exquisitely. She wore light makeup and had two pearl earrings that she had never

wom before.

“You’re going on a date?” Jiang Rongyan asked with a cold face. Didn’t she say that she had nothing to do with Xie Si last night? Wasn’t this development too fast? She was going on a date today?

“Who’s going on a date? I’m going to work.” Xu Anran took out her phone and clicked on the offer that Xie Si had sent her. “If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. I’m the specially appointed chief perfumer.”

‘When Jiang Rongyan saw the offer, he let out a sigh of relief. “If you’re not going on a date, why are you dressed like this?”

“Tm a perfumer. The most important thing is the fashion sense. Of course, it has to be reflected in the clothes.” Xu Anran put on her high heels and turned to Jiang Rongyan. “Bye, I’m going to work.”

Jiang Rongyan watched her leave. He did not realize how lucky he was when the date he thought he had turned into work.

It was Xu Anran’s first day at work, so she went earlier than the others. When she arrived at the office, she waited for quite a while before the personnel arrived. After she applied for the position, the personnel brought her to Xie Si’s office. “President Xie asked you to come and look for him.”

She nodded and followed the personnel to the door of Xie Si’s office. She knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Xie Si looked up and saw that it was her. He gestured for her to sit down. He handed her a document. “There’s a job here that needs you to do. Take a look at the requirements on this document. After you’re done, I’ll tell you about the client.”

Xu Anran took it and looked at it carefully. While she was looking at the requirements, Xie Si lowered his head and went to do his own work. After about two minutes, Xu Anran looked up. “I’m done.”

Xie Si nodded. “Let me introduce you to this client.”

“Client, gender male, CEO of a listed company, young and talented, meticulous in his work. How should I put it? He’s a little rigid and meticulous. He likes to leave a serious and responsible image for others when they first meet.”

“What are his requirements for the perfume?”

“The smell is light. It’s best if you can smell it and know that this person is very cold. Oh right, it has to be high-class. However, it can’t be sensational. People have to ignore him when they smell the perfume.”

This person’s requirements were really… strict and meticulous. He was too fussy. When Xu Anran heard this person’s requirements, she even felt that she could give the same words to Jiang Rongyan without changing them. Jiang Rongyan was the same as him. He was fussy, but his taste was very high.

When they first met, she knew that this person liked to control everything in his hands. He was very delicate. It was very stressful to stand with him, but she would not hate him because of it. He was a person who knew his limits. But, in fact… Xu Anran thought of Jiang Rongyan, who had quarreled with

her. In fact, his delicacy was real, but this person’s explosive personality was also real. How could he be so cold?

“There’s no more information flow. With this information, can you make a perfume that will satisfy the customer?” Xie Si asked worriedly.

Xu Anran thought about it in his mind. To make a perfume for someone like Jiang Rongyan, she had to make a perfume that would satisfy him.. But Jiang Rongyan didn’t even know how to write the word ‘satisfied’!

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