Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 54 - Senior Zhang Extended An Olive Branch

Chapter 54: Senior Zhang Extended An Olive Branch

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“Are you done laughing?” Jiang Rongyan raised his head and looked at him. “If you’re done laughing, then get lost.”

“It’s not that I want to say this, but Sister-in-law is probably not a dog, How could she bite our Young Master Jiang’s handsome face?” Zhao Jing laughed so hard that he rocked back and forth.

“Tl say it again, get lost!” Jiang Rongyan gritted his teeth and said with a grimace.

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll get lost immediately.” When Zhao Jing left, his smile did not stop until he left the office.

Xu Anran was at home thinking about the next step of her plan. If she wanted to destroy the Xu family and the Qin family, it was obviously not enough to rely on her own ability. She had to find someone to work with. In front of her, the best partner was, of course, Qin Xiaokun’s opponent, Jiang Rongyan.

However, Jiang Rongyan had helped her too much. Recently, when she was in trouble, he had been running around to take care of her. Moreover… she did not want to involve too many matters related to interests between them.

She wanted to support a new company. This idea had always been in her mind. The previous company was obviously not very reliable, so she could only give up. Xu Anran tried to send messages to several companies that she had worked with before. These were the connections and resources that she had

accumulated in the Xu Corporation in the past. At that time, the cooperation between them was very pleasant. She thought that she would not be rejected, but who knew that not long after her message was sent… She received rejection letters from various companies.

“That’s impossible.” Her strength was obvious to everyone. Even if a few of these companies did not like her, they would not reject her so quickly without even thinking about it? After thinking about it, there was only one possibility — the Xu Corporation sent a message to these companies and refused to

hire her!

It seemed that the Xu Corporation really wanted to exterminate her.

Xu Anran closed her computer and was about to lose control of her anger. At this moment, her phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was a message from her senior, Xie Si. “I heard that you haven’t found a job yet. I wonder if you’re interested in my company? If you want to come, your salary will

definitely not be low.” At the end of the message was the name of the company.

Xu Anran had never heard of this company before. She turned on her computer and entered the company’s name into her browser. She found a few introductions about Xie Si’s company. This company did things like custom-made perfume and took the high-end route. The customers were elites in various

fields. The target group was successful people around the age of 25 to 50.

“Isn’t this the job that I want in my dreams?” Xu Anran was very excited. Sure enough, waiting was not necessarily a strange thing. Perhaps there was a better choice waiting for her.

This opportunity was very precious to her. She did not want to miss this good job, so she quickly replied to Xie Si on her phone. ~~ “I have seen the message you sent me. I have some understanding of the nature of the company. I am very interested in this job. If you are free, let’s meet this afternoon and

have a good talk about this matter.”

Not long after the message was sent, the other side replied. “No problem, see you later.”

“Yes!” Xu Anran was very happy. It was really not easy to find a job that made her happy. But while she was happy, she thought of Jiang Rongyan. She had been rescued by Jiang Rongyan several times. This time, she should tell Jiang Rongyan that she was going out. She picked up her phone and called

Jiang Rongyan. The phone rang a few times and the call went through.

She briefly recounted what had happened and was very happy. “I’m going to meet senior this afternoon, so I won’t be coming back for dinner. But you don’t have to worry about me. Senior is a good person.”

Jiang Rongyan’s voice sounded light, as if he was happy for her, but he still told her, “Go. Be smart. Don’t make me save you again..”

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