Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 38 - It's Fine. I’m Here

Chapter 38: It’s Fine. I’m Here

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He was a little annoyed. He grabbed Xu Anran’s wrist and gritted his teeth. “You’re so stubborn. Let’s see how stubborn you are later!” As he spoke, he reached out to pull Xu Anran’s dress.

How could Xu Anran let him have his way? She kicked him away and quickly jumped off the bed. However, Li Zhenyuan grabbed her arm tightly. Li Zhenyuan threw her onto the bed and glared at her. “Just accept your fate today! There’s no way you can run away!”

Xu Anran’s back hit the corner of the bed. It hurt so much that she couldn’t stop breathing in cold air. She didn’t want to admit defeat and said sarcastically, “You used such a despicable method. Are you a man?!”

Li Zhenyuan smiled and said, “I’m not a man? You’ll know what a man is in a moment!” As he said that, he grabbed Xu Anran’s other arm and tightly bound her. He didn’t care that she was kicking him. He lifted a leg and crushed her legs to death. “Why are you resisting? Weren’t you very strong just now?” Li Zhenyuan raised his eyebrows and spoke.

Xu Anran’s arms and legs were bound by him at this moment. She struggled desperately but could not move. Even though she had lived for two lifetimes, she was still scared out of her wits. Tears rolled down the corners of her eyes, leaving a trail of tears. Wasn’t god fair? But this wasn’t fair at all… The hard work she had put in was stolen by others, she had used alcohol to drown her sorrows, and she had even been schemed against by others. What was the point of being reborn? At this moment, Xu Anran seemed to have experienced that feeling again. Despair.

Rip — Li Zhenyuan grabbed her skirt and pulled hard. Immediately, Xu Anran’s slender, snow-white waist was exposed.

“Don’t touch me!” she yelled at Li Zhenyuan hysterically. Her tone was full of despair and her voice was mournful.

“Why wouldn’t I…” Before Li Zhenyuan could finish his words, the door was suddenly opened. And before he could react, he was kicked open and collapsed on the floor.

Jiang Rongyan’s gaze was so cold that it was almost murderous. He directly grabbed Li Zhenyuan’s collar and punched his face. Li Zhenyuan’s mouth started to bleed. Then, he punched him in the face a few more times, making Li Zhenyuan’s head feel dizzy and heavy.

“You dare to hit me?!” Li Zhenyuan spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Jiang Rongyan in disbelief with a face full of hatred.

Jiang Rongyan threw him to the ground and looked down at him. There was no warmth in his tone. “Not only did I dare to hit you, I also called the police.” With that, he took a few big steps forward. He took down the phone that was recording the video and smashed it at Li Zhenyuan.

Li Zhenyuan curled up on the ground in pain and screamed. He kept cursing Jiang Rongyan and threatening him with his family background.

Jiang Rongyan suppressed his anger and walked to the bed. Xu Anran cried until she was out of breath. A piece of her clothes was torn. She was in a terrible state as she hugged herself.

“I’m here.” Jiang Rongyan took a deep breath and adjusted his tone, trying to make his tone as gentle as possible. Then, he took off his suit jacket and draped it over Xu Anran’s body, wrapping her up tightly. Immediately, he sat by the bed again and hugged her in his arms. He comforted her, “Anran, don’t be afraid. It’s okay, I’m here…”

Xu Anran smelled a familiar scent and raised her eyes in a daze. When she met Jiang Rongyan’s gaze, she knew that she was saved. She finally let out a sigh of relief. However, her tears were like a kite with a broken string.. She could not control them anymore.

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