Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 24 - Thick-Skinned Ex-Fiancé

Chapter 24: Thick-Skinned Ex-Fiancé

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Xu Anran immediately got up and ran to the bathroom. She immediately saw herself in the mirror. There were two lines of bright nosebleeds under her nose… It was too embarrassing! Fortunately, no one saw it. She quickly washed up and kept brainwashing herself: Think of it as a dream…

Just as she finished washing up and sat in front of the table, the phone’s ringtone entered her ears. Xu Anran glanced at her phone and a hint of mockery flashed across her face. She immediately reached out and swiped the screen. A familiar male voice immediately came from the phone:

“Anran, what are you thinking!? Everyone in the company is saying that you’ve angered Uncle by saying that you publicly said that Anning is not as good as you?” Qin Xiaokun’s tone was urgent and mixed with anger.

Xu Anran placed her phone on the table and turned on the speaker. She focused on her own skincare. “I’m telling the truth. Xu Anning is not as good as me, to begin with.”

“Anran, I’m so disappointed in you!” Qin Xiaokun said coldly.

Xu Anran found it hilarious. Yesterday, he was on the same side as Xu Anning, and now he was here to criticize her. She retorted, “Qin Xiaokun, have you forgotten how intimate you were with Xu Anning yesterday? What right do you have to criticize me now?” Her words were light, but Qin Xiaokun was speechless.

Qin Xiaokun was stunned for a moment before he replied, “Anran, I’m doing this for your own good. I’m preparing for our future!”

Xu Anran smiled sarcastically. “Our future? You weren’t the one holding Xu Anning’s hand yesterday?”

Qin Xiaokun thought that Xu Anran was jealous, he softened his tone and coaxed her. “Anran, you know that you’re the only one in my heart. Can you stop fooling around? Your reputation has been ruined by you. Who else would like you other than me?”

Xu Anran thought to herself, ‘Good fellow, this has only just begun!’ In her previous life, when she heard his words, she was mesmerized to the point of death. She was willing to work for him, but now, she would not.

“Qin Xiaokun, are you shameless?” Xu Anran retorted mercilessly.

Qin Xiaokun only thought that she was still jealous and had a rare bit of patience. “Anran, Uncle is also very angry. You should properly apologize to Uncle and Anning. When this matter is over, you can continue to work at the company.”

Xu Anran replied coldly, “I will never return to the company again. No matter how much I do for the company, it’s just to pave the way for Xu Anning. You, on the other hand, are really meddling in other people’s business.”

“Xu Anran, this matter is clearly your fault. I was kind enough to advise you to turn back, but you still don’t know how to repent!” Qin Xiaokun was very angry.

Xu Anran was also suppressing the fire in her heart. “I don’t feel that I have done anything wrong. I don’t need you to teach me! Moreover, I am now the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family. It has nothing to do with you!” After saying that… she quickly hung up the phone and swiftly blacklisted Qin Xiaokun.

She did not expect Qin Xiaokun to say such words. He was simply eating from the bowl and looking at the pot. If the Great Wall used his face as material, even ten thousand intruders would not be able to penetrate it!

Qin Xiaokun tried to call again, but he found that he could not get through. After calling a few times, he realized that he was blacklisted! His face instantly turned as black as coal. A moment later, his phone rang. He glanced at it and saw the big word ‘Anning’. When he thought of Xu Anning’s delicate and lovely appearance, the fire in his heart slowly subsided.. He picked it up. “Hello?”

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