Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 17 - Filled With Dog Food

Chapter 17: Filled With Dog Food

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After the call ended, Jiang Rongyan slowed down the car and asked, “Zhao Jing and I are good brothers. He’s not a bad person. He won’t ask anyone else to join him. Do you want to go?”

Xu Anran heard this and turned to look at Jiang Rongyan.

When they reached the traffic light, Jiang Rongyan turned his head and met her gaze. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Xu Anran shook her head and said, “It’s nothing. Let’s get together. Since we’re going to put on a show, we’ll have to do the whole thing. It just so happens that I’m a little hungry.”

After saying that, she gently pinched her palm.

She did not know how many times she had fallen head over heels for this man. She was clearly not a fan of looks!

Hearing Xu Anran’s agreement, Jiang Rongyan nodded. He stepped on the accelerator and drove towards the hotel.

After about half an hour, they arrived at the hotel. Xu Anran looked at her little white dress and asked, “Is my outfit okay?”

Jiang Rongyan naturally held her arm and said, “Yes.”

When the two of them arrived, Zhao Jing was already holding a glass of water and waiting.

When he saw the two of them walk in, Zhao Jing immediately put down the glass of water. His eyes were shining.

“Hey, Old Jiang!” He patted Jiang Rongyan’s shoulder and curled his lips like a ruffian, looking like he wanted to be beaten up.

When he saw Jiang Rongyan’s Moments, he thought that Xu Anran was beautiful enough. He didn’t expect that she was even more beautiful than in the photo. She even had a bit more spiritual energy.

“Hello, I’m Zhao Jing, Old Jiang’s buddy!” Zhao Jing smiled and greeted Xu Anran.

Xu Anran replied politely, “Hello, I’m Xu Anran, Jiang Rongyan’s wife.”

Zhao Jing: “…” He did not expect to be stuffed with dog food before they even started eating.

Zhao Jing chose a private room for four people. Xu Anran sat in a seat in the back, and Jiang Rongyan sat next to her.

Zhao Jing sat opposite the two of them.

“Old Jiang, I thought you would be single for the rest of your life. I didn’t expect you to be the first to get married!” Zhao Jing raised his eyebrows and teased.

When his words entered her ears, Xu Anran turned to look at Jiang Rongyan.

Zhao Jing was right. In her previous life, Jiang Rongyan had died a long time ago in an accident. She had never heard of him getting married.

But in this life, she was blessed by the heavens and was reborn.

Jiang Rongyan drank a mouthful of water and lowered his head with a faint smile. “Fate has arrived.”

Zhao Jing almost choked on his water. He secretly looked at Jiang Rongyan’s expression and said to Xu Anran, “You don’t know, but Old Jiang has never been in a relationship before, and I have never heard him say that he likes any girl.”

“We brothers all thought that he liked men! We even hid from him for a period of time!”

“Pfft–” Xu Anran couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She turned her head and saw that Jiang Rongyan’s face seemed to have been quenched with ice, so she forcefully held it back.

“Zhao Jing.” Jiang Rongyan’s face was dark, and his tone was full of warning.

Zhao Jing felt the temperature drop instantly. He pursed his lips and complained, “Old Jiang, you’re really boring!”

However, he did not continue to joke around. Jiang Rongyan looked serious, but if he was really angry, he would be scarier than anyone else.

After the dishes were served, Xu Anran saw that Jiang Rongyan had started eating. She did not stand on ceremony and picked up her chopsticks to take a bite of the food.

After eating the food, she frowned slightly. She looked at Jiang Rongyan and said, “Hubby, this tastes similar to the food cooked by your personal assistant!”

“And this looks quite similar too!”


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