Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Arch Enemy

Chapter 120 - 120 Long and Lasting

120 Long and Lasting

Xu Anran felt very sad when she thought about how he had passed away a long time ago in her previous life.

“That’s why I said that you should take good care of your body. We must be together for a long and lasting time,” Xu Anran said very seriously.

Jiang Rongyan was very touched just now, but when she suddenly said this, he was a little speechless.

“Anran, did I not do enough last night to make you think that my body is not good enough?” He smiled evilly. “Why don’t I show you again?”

Xu Anran felt a sense of crisis, but it was too late.

Jiang Rongyan quickly kissed her, and his hands moved up and down.

Xu Anran could not refuse him at all. She quickly immersed herself in it, and in the end, she could only beg for mercy.

The two of them went downstairs for lunch after a long time. It was already noon.

Jiang Rongyan had been staying with Xu Anran, so he did not look at his phone. Only now did he realize that his secretary had called him a lot.

“President Jiang, you and Miss Xu are trending.” Helpless, the secretary had to send him a message.

Jiang Rongyan opened the trending search curiously and found that the video of him and Xu Anran kissing at the entrance of the company had been uploaded to the internet.

The person who uploaded the video seemed to be just trying to defame Xu Anran. The text was written about Xu Anran’s indiscretions.

However, the netizens’ attention had always been strange. Seeing them kissing so intimately, they actually felt very sweet.

When Jiang Rongyan saw the video, he and Xu Anran were already having a conversation.

Qi Yun also saw the video. Although he did not know what he had missed, he could tell that Xu Anran and Jiang Rongyan were really close.

He had known Xu Anran for so long, but he had never seen her take the initiative so much.

Perhaps he should not be so persistent. Letting go earlier was a good thing.

Xu Anran only found out about the video after she went to work. Although it was a little shameful for the two of them to kiss in front of so many people, she was very happy to see so many blessings from everyone.

After the incident with Qin Xiaokun, she resumed her normal commuting life.

Because there were a lot of things to do at the company, working overtime became Xu Anran’s norm.

However, she would always get off work at midnight, so Jiang Rongyan would always wait for her at home to have dinner together.

But today, he suddenly told Xu Anran that he could not go home, so she had to remember to eat.

Xu Anran was a little confused, but she did not think too much about it. When she returned home, she found that the living room was lit with heart-shaped candles. Jiang Rongyan was holding roses and gifts.

She was very surprised, but she didn’t know what had happened.

“What are you doing?” Xu Anran asked with a smile.

Xu Anran was a little confused. “What fifth anniversary?”

“The fifth anniversary of me having a crush on you.” Jiang Rongyan’s words were so powerful that Xu Anran was also stunned.

She could not help but think back to the wedding. Jiang Rongyan had agreed to marry her so easily. It turned out that he had fallen in love with her a long time ago.

She smiled and walked forward to take the flowers from Jiang Rongyan’s hand. “I can keep the flowers, but I have to correct it.”

“Correct what?” Jiang Rongyan was in a good mood.

“This is the third month anniversary of our marriage!” she said with a laugh.

When Jiang Rongyan heard this, he was shocked to realize that they had been married for three months.

Xu Anran had already walked up and hugged the man in front of her.

Jiang Rongyan also hugged the girl in her arms. He would definitely cherish this hard-won happy life.

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