Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

3146 300 rounds of battle

mu weiwei’s expression was incomparably stiff. her fingers moved the mouse mechanically and slid down.

the comments below the post, just as sang ning had said, had completely blown up.

[ ah ah ah ah, i can’t accept this. my male god already has a girlfriend? how was that possible? [ no, i don’t believe it. even if there were a hundred or a thousand photos, i would never believe it! ]

[ sob, sob, sob. i’m crying. why is senior Lance so depressed? didn’t they say that he doesn’t like women at all? ] why did he have to get a girlfriend? [ he’s even looking for H university students … ]

[ i have to know who this little vixen is. what’s so good about her that she could attract senior Lance’s attention? [ i don’t believe that senior Lance likes her. the little vixen must have seduced him using underhanded means. i must find out the truth and let senior see her true colors! ]

[ that’s right. i agree with the above. ] this girl was obviously the kind of girl who pretended to be weak and seduced boys. she must have been very proud when she was seen with senior Lance, but she still hid in his arms and pretended to be pitiful. it was so fake! [ only a straight man like senior can’t tell. ]

[ look at her eyes. they’re so full of love that they’re about to drip water. men can’t resist this kind of love. [ i can only say that our senior Lance is too naïve. he can’t tell whether he’s a person or not. ]

[ that’s right. if i find out who this little vixen is … i’ll never let her off! ]

although the original poster was very open-minded and even called everyone to join in on the cp, most of the comments were still in this very unfriendly style.

most of the girls were maliciously speculating about the girl in the photo. they were certain that she was not a good person and were determined to catch her and punish her severely.

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm

this bunch of jealous people had enough. she liked this old man fu linchen, but did they think that everyone was like them, who liked this kind of bastard who didn’t look like he was?

she didn’t like fu linchen!

besides, she wasn’t fu linchen’s girlfriend at all. she was clearly the girl who hated fu linchen the most in H university. where did these people’s eyes go? couldn’t he see that she had a murderous look in her eyes? where did he see the “affectionate” look?

mu weiwei was furious. her rationality told her that it was the most unwise decision for her to jump out at this moment. it was best for her to play dead and pretend that nothing had happened so that others would not be able to identify her as the girl in the photo. if that happened, she would never be able to clear her name.

however, she was really angry. she tried to hold it in but couldn’t. she logged into her account and started typing.

“are you guys blind? didn’t he see how much this girl hated Lance? obviously, she didn’t like senior Lance at all. she thought he was a bastard. it’s not like he’s rich. do you think everyone should like him?”

mu weiwei felt that she had tried her best to restrain herself and cleared her name with reason and evidence. moreover, she had not exposed her identity in any way. she looked very satisfied and pressed the send button.

however, she did not expect that her post would be attacked by all the girls in the post as soon as it was posted.

[ f * ck, where did this troll come from? he must be a loser. he’s jealous of our senior Lance, right? ]

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