Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 521 - He Will Not Let Me Down

Huo Jin arrived in the morning at Xiandong Village. Chuntao was taking breakfast to the room when she saw Huo Jin. "Brother Huo Jin," she said with a smile and stopped. 

"Greetings to Sister Chuntao," Huo Jin bowed and went near her. 

"Brother Huo Jin shall take rest. He has returned from a long journey. I will bring breakfast to your room," Chuntao said. 

"I will have my breakfast with Nianzu. Sister Chuntao shall also do breakfast with us," asserted Huo Jin. Chuntao hummed, and the two went to the room where Nianzu was waiting. 

Huo Jin pushed the door in and greeted Nianzu. He walked in and sat around the table in front of Nianzu. Chuntao also sat down and set the breakfast table. 

"Glad to see that you returned safely," Nianzu stated. 

"Have your breakfast first," Chuntao told them and handed them the chopsticks. 

"I will bring more," Chuntao told them and went to the kitchen. 

"You shall start," Nianzu told Huo Jin.

"Let Sister Chun come. Then, we will eat together," Huo Jin replied.

"How is everyone doing in the Palace?" Nianzu asked.

"They all are doing well. The Sixth Prince misses you the most," Huo Jin informed Nianzu.

"Brother Wanxi might be upset with me as I did not meet him." Nianzu lowered his head and looked at the chopsticks in his hands. 

Chuntao entered the room with another tray in her hands. Nianzu helped her and after a while, they started to eat. Once they finished breakfast, Chuntao quickly cleaned the table. She returned and found them talking. 

"The Crown Prince has made a plan. His Highness is aware of your mother. He punished those Ministers, who had aided your mother. The Crown Prince wants you to return through this Civil Services Examination. After the results are announced, His Highness will reveal his plan," Huo Jin informed Nianzu, who drew his eyebrows together. 

Chuntao peered at Nianzu. She also had sent a message to the Crown Prince regarding revoking the decision of the Emperor. 

"Nianzu, the Crown Prince did not tell me about your mother. However, General Wang told me a few things. She blamed the Crown Prince for your departure. Also, the three Consorts and many Ministers think that the Crown Prince cleared his way. That was the main reason your mother decided to kill both the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess," Huo Jin told Nianzu, who was dejected to learn about the truth. 

"Brother Sheng did not tell you about this," Nianzu asked again. 

"No. General Wang informed me. The Crown Prince was hurt that your mother plotted against him. Because of you, he spared her life. Also, your mother had arranged the poison for the Emperor," Huo Jin revealed another truth to Nianzu. 

Nianzu could not believe his ears. His mother arranged the poison! 

"The Crown Prince has given Her Majesty a chance because of you," asserted Huo Jin. 

Tears formed in Nianzu's eyes. "How could she do this? Father made her the Empress, and she--" His voice quivered, and it made him guilty. He recalled Weng Wei's face. His mother was no less than Weng Wei or even worse. He could feel Sheng Li, who always considered Nianzu's mother as his. 

"Why could she not understand the heart of her own son? How could she blame it on Brother Sheng and plot against the Imperial Father?" Nianzu muttered and clutched his fists. 

Chuntao and Huo Jin looked at each other. 

"Nianzu, that's why your return to the Palace is important," Huo Jin concluded. Nianzu could not agree with him as they would never give the wife status to Chuntao. They would keep her separate and someone might harm her. Other than that, Nianzu did not want to get involved in those fights. However, after hearing Huo Jin, he felt as if he became the reason for more evil plans in the Palace. Sheng Li had to fight with everything on his own. 

"I have to leave for the workplace. I will see you two later." Nianzu stood up from the cushion and so did they. Chuntao handed him the bag and the lunchbox. Nianzu thanked her and left the house. 

Chuntao saw him off till the gate. Once he disappeared from her sight, she turned and looked at Huo Jin, who was standing near the pillar. Her worries had increased more. She felt because of him, they all had to undergo so much pain. 


Sheng Li went to the Emperor's manor in the morning. The wives of the Emperor were coming out of the chamber. Sheng Li greeted them. However, none of them responded to his greetings. They walked past him. He went ahead and walked in.

The Emperor had awakened, but he had closed his eyes. Sheng Li asked Eunuch Jin, who whispered near his ear, "His Majesty is a little weak."

Sheng Li hummed and sat down on the chair which, was placed near the bed. "Father, good morning," Sheng Li in a soft voice said. Han Wenji opened his eyes gradually and tilted his head. He passed a faint smile to Sheng Li. 

"How are you feeling?" Sheng Li asked. 

"Not so good," Han Wenji replied in a low voice. 

"It's fine. You will soon be healthy after taking a good rest," Sheng Li assured his father. He put his hand over his father's hand to caress it. 

"I do not think so. My death is approaching, Crown Prince," Han Wenji said in a low voice. The faint smile on his lips had not disappeared. Eunuch Jin's eyes turned misty as he heard the Emperor. 

"Father shall not speak this way," Sheng Li stated. 

"I want to meet your mother," Han Wenji asserted. "It's been long. You have to take care of everything. Become the Emperor after I will leave this body," Han Wenji told Sheng Li. 

"I do not want to. I am not ready," Sheng Li immediately refused. His tone was a little high because of sudden anger. However, it was the anger that he had on himself. 

"It is your duty. Only you can perform it. I want to get free from this pain. I really want to," Han Wenji asserted as he put his hand on his chest. 

"Hu Jingguo had told Lili that there would be a time when your condition might deteriorate. But he had left a cure behind for that as well. The pain will go away with that medicine," Sheng Li told Han Wenji, keeping a smile on his lips. 

"Sheng Li, Hu Jingguo also said that with time pain will increase only… gradually. Medicine cannot make me live longer. One day or the other, I have to leave this body," Han Wenji affirmed. 

"Eunuch Jin, tell Father not to speak this way," Sheng Li asserted. 

Eunuch Jin lowered his head. What could he say? The condition of the Emperor was not good. He had also left the hopes. 

"The medicine can relieve you from that pain. Father shall not talk negatively. Everything will be alright," Sheng Li stated to cheer up his father. 

"I am only telling you the truth. You need to lead this Empire, and keep this Royal Family intact. You need to bring peace and prosperity to the Empire," Han Wenji repeated his words and started to cough. Sheng Li titillated his father's chest and put the handkerchief on Han Wenji's mouth. Once he stopped, he pulled his hands back and saw the blood on the handkerchief. He got teary-eyed. It was the same situation as his mother had years ago. 

"I have faith in Sheng Li.. He will not let me down ever," He heard Han Wenji, who was smiling. 

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