Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 48 - Abused Him?

A few moments earlier:

"Brother Nianzu, do you not think that this place is not good to converse about a private matter? Shall we talk sometime later regarding this?" Ying Lili suggested.

"Your highness, this is the perfect place for the conversation. The Palace has spies and if we will converse in the private, many suspicions will arise," Nianzu asserted politely.

"If there are spies, then it means they could be among those servants," Ying Lili proclaimed.

"They are loyal. The servants assigned to you this time are loyal to the crown prince so, they will never betray you. I have only one who is with me since my birth," Nianzu pronounced and looked at the bamboo flute in his hand.

"Your highness, Sheng Li was a four years kid when he lost his mother. According to the royal physician, his mother was suffering from a rare and incurable disease, which started after the birth of Sheng Li. Han was not an empire, but just a small territory at that time. Father was in a war so, he could not take care of them that much.

He was a quiet child and used to be scared by anyone. As a child, he was also abused by the first brother and some of his friends," Han Nianzu told Ying Lili. Ying Lili never expected that the first brother would be like that.

"The first brother abused him? But why? What about his majesty and the other brothers?" Ying Lili questioned Han Nianzu.

"The crown prince's mother was beloved of his majesty, so was Sheng Li. But, it does not mean that father never cared for us. It is just the first Prince did not like Sheng Li's presence. Since I am a son of a concubine so, I had no right to stop the first brother in any way," Nianzu proclaimed.

"What about her majesty and the other brothers? Did she not stop the first brother from doing so?" Ying Lili asked another question.

"What does the crown princess think?" Nianzu looked for an answer.

"That's why he despises them because they favored this," Ying Lili muttered. Han Nianzu agreed to her. "I told her highness only a few things about Sheng Li's past. Rest you have to know yourself by getting close to him," Nianzu advised the crown princess who was befuddled.

"Why did brother told me all these things?" Ying Lili amusingly asked.

"Because I want you to understand the crown prince. His majesty agreed to the marriage of yours with Sheng Li because of a reason. When your late father came here, almost a month ago, I was also in the personal meeting because I was the one who brought your father here," Han Nianzu pronounced.

Ying Lili was in bewilderment after hearing all those things. "What is the reason? His majesty did not tell me anything," Ying Lili asserted.

"Because he gave me the task to tell her highness," Nianzu replied and smile. "An Empire does not need only an Emperor to rule it, but an Empress as well. The first brother was crowned as the crown prince earlier, but he made a huge mistake. Our father was going to die but Sheng Li, using his intelligence saved our father. Sheng Li was crowned and many potential princesses were looked for him until we heard about you from the first brother who wanted you to be his concubine.

Father sent me to Juyan with this marriage proposal but your late father expressed his desire to meet the Emperor himself. I took him here with no one's notice. Their father and late King of Juyan went with this marriage alliance.

Sheng Li has a bad temper and a king shall not have anger management issues. A woman who can help him control his mind was needed and the Emperor thought of you as the most suitable woman for him."

Nianzu had narrated everything to Ying Lili. "Sheng Li is turned like this because of a reason and that reason I have told you. Hope you will mend your relationship with the younger brother soon. The prime minister's daughter is married to the first Prince so, soon palace politics will start. But, the throne shall not fall in the wrong hands," Nianzu concluded his conversation.

Ying Lili's eyes turned teary. She lowered her eyes and spoke, "Did his majesty find out who killed my father? I am asking because it seems brother is his majesty's personal advisor."

Nianzu smiled. "Your highness, the crown prince is not the one who can go against the orders of the father. It was indeed your uncle. For the throne, brothers usually fight, but the investigation is still going on. A few days later, you will find the culprit with evidence. But, I can assure you that Sheng Li never killed your father," Nianzu stated with assurance.

"What shall I do to get close to Sheng Li? We mostly end up fighting with each other. Every time I ask him about his personal life, he ignores it. There are indeed misunderstandings between us but, now I found out the reasons so, I want to give my best to support him fully." Ying Lili lifted her eyes and looked at Nianzu who was smiling.

"Your highness, I am poor in love-related things. Her highness has to find yourself. My work is done here," Nianzu asserted. Ying Lili nodded and thanked the fourth Prince to make her aware of Sheng Li's past.

"Do not say thank you, your highness. I wish you success in everything you do from today onwards." Nianzu's cheerful words encouraged Ying Lili. She stood up from the stool and bowed her head slightly. Prince Nianzu did the same. Ying Lili put the Flute on her waistband and took her to leave from there.

"I hope the crown prince let the crown princess come near him," Prince Nianzu muttered and again started playing the Flute.

Oppositely, Ying Lili's mind was filled with thoughts regarding Sheng Li's past. Although the fourth Prince briefed her about the crown prince's past, which shook her heart. She regretted arguing with the crown prince when he told her to be away from the first Prince.

"Is there something in my eyes? You are staring at me for almost fifteen minutes," Sheng Li questioned Ying Lili who did not realize when her foot was dressed by the Royal physician and when the Royal physician left the chamber.

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