Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 39 - I Want To Be Yours

The crown prince and the crown princess arrived at the palace along with General Xiao through the secret route. The good thing about the route was that they made it near the crown prince's inn so that no one could ever doubt it. Ying Lili found that from the crown prince's inn there was a route to Zhenzhu Inn as well, which made him wonder when and why those routes were constructed that way.

Out of curiosity, Ying Lili questioned Sheng Li. "Why is there a secret route that directed to my chamber? And, how can no one know about this?" Ying Lili queried Sheng Li.

"I would love to answer your query but, I do not think it is necessary for you to know. Keep in mind never tell this to anyone. Only five people know about this route- Lei Wanxi, General Xiao, General Wang, You and I," asserted Sheng Li. The two were now in the crown princess chamber while General Xiao had gone to the crown prince's chamber.

Sheng Li removed the mustache from his skin and took off the overcoat. "Bring me the water," Sheng Li ordered Ying Lili and sat on the soft mattress. Ying Lili went to the table and picked the jar. Pouring the water into the silver glass, Ying Lili handed that to Sheng Li. He drank the water when he heard Ying Lili.

"Are you still angry with me?" Ying Lili looked at him with an inquisitiveness.

Sheng Li put the glass on the table beside the bed. "Indeed, I am angry. I have never run like that. I was looking like a coward. Then, I had to hear many things about myself. Those petty people have to die tomorrow," Sheng Li with exasperation stated.

"Do not kill them. They were saying what they truly feel about you. They do not know that you also have a soft heart," Ying Lili stated, keeping the tiny smile on her lips.

Sheng Li put his wait on the left elbow and his right leg was slightly bent while his left leg was straightened. "Lili, just because I saved your friend that does not mean that I am kind. A kind person thinks that if a person does a single act of kindness is called 'Kind' but it is not so. You will soon find my cruel side. Till now I was playing with you because I wanted to see what a kind woman likes you think. To tell you the truth, no one defied me ever but you are the first one who amused me since the day I met you," stated Sheng Li with a stern expression.

"Sheng Li, do you want me not to know about you?" Ying Lili asked a question which Sheng Li did not expect.

"What do you mean, Lili?" Sheng Li queried her with an inquisitiveness.

"His majesty told me you were not the person in the childhood which you have become now," Ying Lili pronounced. "You had suffered, right?" Ying Lili asked him. Sheng Li furrowed his brows and stared into the eyes of the crown princess for a while and a chuckle escaped Sheng Li's mouth.

"Who has the dare to make me suffer?" Sheng Li questioned.

Ying Lili smiled. "Your mother's demise," Ying Lili answered and observed Sheng Li's expressions, who slightly laughed. "Father told you about my mother as well?" Sheng Li asked Ying Lili.

"He did not tell me everything. Father said that he could not spend his time with you when you needed him the most. It was tough, right?" Ying Lili asked Sheng Li whose intent gaze was giving chills to Ying Lili.

"Lili, what do you want?" Sheng Li questioned. "You shall not deduct the things about my personal life. We are husband and wife to the outside world only. Do not even try digging about me. I dislike when someone talks to me about my mother," Sheng Li declared and then sat up. With one swift movement, he pinned Ying Lili to the bed.

Ying Lili was not afraid of him this time because she had found out by now that the crown prince would never touch her. Both were staring into each other's eyes. "Palace people shall believe now that we two actually spend a good time together," saying this Sheng Li took out the dagger from his waistband.

"What are you doing?" Ying Lili queried Sheng Li with bewilderment.

"Just a slight cut will be enough," Sheng Li said. Before Ying Lili could act, Sheng Li grabbed Ying Lili's index finger and gave a minor cut on it. "Ahh," Ying Lili passed a low scream and kept her gaze fixed at Sheng Li.

"This blood is for your sparing the life of your friend," Sheng Li stated as he pressed against the cut and more blood dripped from there on the sheets. "Thank you for the cooperation, my dear crown princess. Let's see each other tomorrow." He stood up from the bed and looked for his dragon overcoat, which was placed on a table there. He wore that and left for his chamber.

Ying Lili sat up on the bed and looked at her finger. She dabbed it and the bleeding stopped. Court Lady Xu came inside and bowed her head. "Your highness, the empress has sent a message for you," Lady Xu stated.

"What message?" Ying Lili asked.

"You did not go to her majesty's chamber for weaving session. Her majesty is angry with you for not listening. Your highness, you shall leave for there quickly," Lady Xu asserted politely.

Ying Lili stood up from the bed. "I want to take a bath before going there," Ying Lili proclaimed.

"Yes, your highness. Please follow me, your highness," Lady Xu stated, and the two left for the bathhouse.

Sheng Li was going to his chamber when he encountered Xue Yu-Yan, who bowed her head after seeing him. Sheng Li ignored her and walked ahead when Xue Yu-Yan stopped him. "Your highness, you did not stop my marriage with the first brother. May I ask why?" Xue Yu-Yan asked.

"You shall ask this from yourself. You changed your love for me," Sheng Li answered.

"What are you saying, your highness? Shall I not say that to you? You promised me when you were 16 that you will marry me only. I cannot get angry at his highness," Xue Yu-Yan pronounced and lowered her eyes. Sheng Li turned to look at her and spoke. "Then forgive me, because I cannot fulfill your promise. Since her majesty has selected you for the first brother so, I do not want to object her," Sheng Li cleared himself.

Xue Yu-Yan lifted her eyes and looked at the crown prince. "Your highness, I will kill myself if you will not stop this marriage today. I want to be yours and I love you only. If I cannot be with you then, I cannot see myself with the other man," Xue Yu-Yan pronounced with an affirmed tone.

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