Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 36 - The Biggest Lion Is In Front Of You!

"We have to leave for the Palace before anyone will be suspicious of us," Sheng Li opined with a stern expression.

"How can someone get suspicious of the crown prince. You can come up with many excuses. Please, let's go to the market. I have never been to the market of the capital. I also want to see what kind of food the people eat here and this is the best opportunity for us," Ying Lili tried reckoning Sheng Li.

Lei Wanxi and General Xiao looked at each other. "Can you see general Xiao how much the crown prince has changed himself? A woman has the power to change a man and it is truly visible. The crown prince agrees to the crown princess choices easily which is highly noticeable," Lei Wanxi proclaimed as he looked at the two.

"Prince Lei is right. The crown prince acts differently around the crown princess. I have never seen him like this," General Xiao affirmed and looked at the crown and crown princess.

"Lili, you are not a common person neither is me. If someone will notice me then, things can get wrong. Can't you put your little brain?" Sheng Li stated as he flicked at Ying Lili's forehead who passed a low scream and rubbed her forehead.

"Sheng Li, we can hide our faces then, no one will find out," Ying Lili proclaimed.

"Then, how will we suppose to eat?" Sheng Li questioned.

"We will. Let's go to the market," Ying Lili asserted as she grabbed Sheng Li's arm who looked at her hand so, she put it down right away.

"Lantern festival is coming soon. We can go that day," Sheng Li stated.

"That will be more dangerous. Moreover, I do not think I will be allowed to go outside the Palace that day. I will be busy that day," Ying Lili replied and sighed. Sheng Li gazed at Ying Lili who was appearing a child to him at that moment. "Why am I even listening to her? I shall take her back to the Palace but something is strange. Something is stopping me from doing that," Sheng Li thought in his mind.

"Cover your face from this," Sheng Li asserted and took out a white-colored silk handkerchief from inside his robe. Ying Lili's eyes gleamed as the crown prince was ready to take her to the market. "But, how will you screen your face?" Ying Lili queried him with an inquisitiveness.

Sheng Li turned to look at General Xiao. "Xiao, we are going to the market. How shall I cover my face so that people cannot recognize me?" Sheng Li asked from the general.

"Your highness, a conical hat will cover your face to some extent but, if someone will gaze at you intently then, one can recognize you," suggested General Xiao.

"Why don't you try a mustache, brother sheng? Wait, I have a fake one inside the hut. I am bringing it. I have saved it for such time only," asserted Lei Wanxi with a smile and went inside the hut. Ying Lili was delighted and quickly covered her face with the white silk handkerchief. "Do not create any trouble for me there and try cooperating with me," Sheng Li told Ying Lili who shook her head in agreement.

Lei Wanxi came to the crown prince and put the fake mustache above Sheng Li's upper lip and pressed it hard against his skin. "Be gentle," Sheng Li told Lei Wanxi who smiled and pressed it even harder. General Xiao came with two conical hats in his hand and handed that to Lei Wanxi. "Brother, wear this hat and take care of my lovely sister," attested Lei Wanxi.

Sheng Li took the cone-shaped hat and wore it on his head. Tying the knot right below his chin, he looked at Ying Lili. "The market is quite far from here," Sheng Li expressed the concern.

"Brother Sheng, do not worry. The Palace people only think that you two are spending time with each other. So, you can enjoy your time outside the Palace as much as you can. It is going to benefit you only," Lei Wanxi in a teasing tone said.

"Sister Lili, here wear this hat and remove the handkerchief from your mouth," Lei Wanxi suggested to Ying Lili. The conical hat had a veil around it which would hide her face. The veil was white-colored and was translucent.

Sheng Li took the hat from Ying Lili's hand and removed the mask from her face which she had made from the handkerchief. Later, he put the conical hat over Ying Lili's head and put the veil down this, covered her face.

"We will meet you after two hours," Sheng Li told them.

"Your highness, take this with you. You are going outside so, it will be needed," General Xiao worriedly said as he handed a dagger to the crown prince. Sheng Li took that and hid it near the waistband. "Let's go," Sheng Li told Ying Lili and the two walked away from there.

As they were walking, Ying Lili found difficulty while walking through the stony path and was wavering when Sheng Li grabbed her wrist. Ying Lili peered at the crown prince but she did not oppose this time and followed him.

"How long will it take us to be there?" Ying Lili asked Sheng Li.

"Minimum 20 minutes that too depends on your speed," Sheng Li answered as they were descending the naturally carved stairs. "You can leave my hand. The path seems okay now," Ying Lili proclaimed. Sheng Li promptly released his grip from Ying Lili's wrist.

"Why are you walking behind my back? Do you want to be the food of an animal here?" Sheng Li questioned Ying Lili who immediately came beside him. "There are wild animals as well?" Ying Lili in a tense expression asked and looked around.

"Hmm…General Xiao was telling that last time two village people were killed by a lion here," Sheng Li asserted. Ying Lili looked at Sheng Li and then gulped. "You seem scared," Sheng Li told Ying Lili as he peered into her eyes through the veil. "Don't scare me," Ying Lili with a stern expression said when they heard a roar of a lion.

Ying Lili halted at her place and told Sheng Li that they should return. "Why? We are going to reach there soon," Sheng Li asserted.

"Are you not frightened? T-the lion," Ying Lili's voice stuck in her throat because of the fear.

"The biggest lion is in front of you, Lili!" Sheng Li with a grin said.

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