Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 27 - Not Allowed To Choose

"Prince Yu, did you observe keenly? The crown princess observed the movements of the crown prince first. This is the most important thing in a battle- to know the moves of your opponent. In the beginning, you might feel like losing but once you will learn your foe's movements then, you can easily defeat him," asserted Lei Wanxi and looked at the ground where both crown prince and crown princess were standing with the swords in their hands.

Weng Yu shook his head in agreement with whatever his elder brother told him.

Ying Lili and Sheng Li were moving in a circle, twirling the swords in their hands, shooting glares at each other. "Lili, you used punches on me so, it means I can also use them, right?" Sheng Li questioned Ying Lili.

"Why are you asking for my permission? It is not like you will make it an exception for me," asserted Ying Lili. Sheng Li smiled when Ying Lili directed the swords towards him. Sheng Li moved his right foot sideward and raised the sword to defend against the attack of Ying Lili. They both moved around such that their swords again while retreating made a high-pitched noise. Prince Yu quickly covered his ears.

Ying Lili stretched out her arm which was holding the sword. Joining the two fingers of the other hand, she put them near the blade and glared at Sheng Li who was also turned serious. Both gripped their swords tightly, waiting for the attack.

This time Sheng Li took the charge and threw an overhand cut. Ying Lili parried quickly, reflexively. Sheng Li cut from the other side but again Ying Lili parried and threw her hand back to attack Sheng Li but to her surprise, he again defended that. The blades kept making that high-pitched sound.

Prince Yu from the gap between his fingers looked at the crown prince and crown princess who were fighting like the warriors on a battleground. The Prince gradually removed his hands as he was now excited to see them fighting.

Both the crown prince and the crown princess moved back and forth, attacking each other. The long hair of Ying Lili was swinging in the air as she fidgeted. Ying Lili cut through Sheng Li but he dodged it. Ying Lili again made an overhand cut but Sheng Li leaped backward swiftly, slapping aside the blade of Ying Lili.

Ying Lili retreated and waited for Sheng Li's attack again. Sheng Li by now had read every move of Ying Lili. Indeed, the crown princess was a great sword fighter but her sword skill was not enough to defeat the crown prince although her skills were enough to defeat a general in the Han Army.

When Sheng Li did not attack, Ying Lili took the initiative again and thrust the sword towards Sheng Li who dodged it moving backward and at the same time bringing his sword ahead from the left side. Without wasting any more second, Sheng Li against Ying Lili who could not get enough time to retreat when the sharp blade of Ying Lili's upfront side of the dress was cut by Sheng Li.

She loosened her guard but before she could reflect Sheng Li's sword came hanging right in front of her neck. "You have lost," Sheng Li announced proudly. Ying Lili tightened her grip on the hilt. Her chest was moving up and down as she was tired after that match.

Sheng Li put his hand down and went towards her. There were sweat beads formed on her forehead to which some of her tiny hair stuck. Sheng Li lifted his hand and his finger touched Ying Lili's forehead. Right away, Ying Lili stepped back which did not surprise Sheng Li because he was not allowed to touch her.

He turned to look at Eunuch Xing-Fu who understood and went towards the crown prince. Taking the sword from the crown prince and the crown princess, Xing-Fu went towards the warehouse.

Sheng Li looked at the torn dress and went closer to her. "You did not use your enough strength to defeat me. Now, you have to fulfill my wish," Sheng Li whispered in Ying Lili's ear. General Xiao had lowered his eyes while Lei Wanxi placed his palm over Weng Yu's eyes.

Ying Lili with a sneer looked at the crown prince. "I do not want to fulfill any of your wishes," stated Ying Lili with a stern expression.

"You are not allowed to choose, Lili," Sheng Li asserted and then took out a clean silk handkerchief from his robe. He wiped the sweat from Ying Lili's forehead while Ying Lili told him to stop. "I wish I could but, I want everyone to know that this cruel prince is good to his wife," Sheng Li proclaimed.

From a high-rising platform, Xue Yu Yan was watching them. She tightened her fist. "How could the crown prince get closer to her? Did my marriage with his first brother not affect him? Did he not love me anymore? Just a day ago, he confessed to me then, how could he change his mind this soon? Is it because of her beauty? That wench!! My aspirations to become the next queen have failed but, I will make sure to not let her sit beside him either," Xue Yu Yan thought when a sound of clearing throat interrupted her thoughts.

She turned her head, found Prince Yongzheng and Prince Zemin came there. She bowed her head in front of them to greet them when Prince Rong Zemin spoke, "Miss Xue is not allowed to come here."

Xue Yu Yan lifted her head but her eyes were still lowered. "For real? Then what is the crown princess doing here, your highness?" Xue Yu Yan complained, looking at the Crown prince and crown princess.

Yongzheng was moving his fan right below his chin and opened his mouth to speak. "Miss Xue, the crown princess is an exception. The crown prince is the one who made this exception so, no one shall have any kind of problem with this," Yongzheng pronounced softly.

"May I ask why did the crown prince make the crown princess an exception, your highness?" Xue Yu Yan politely asked, her gaze was fixated on the ground.

"Because her highness is the second supreme lady of this kingdom. Not only that she is trained in the military stuff so the crown prince wants the crown princess to practice with him in the morning hours," Yongzheng replied and noticed the jealous expression over Xue Yu Yan's face. "Miss Xue is going to be the noble consort of the first brother so, she shall focus there rather than in the crown prince's life," Yongzheng taunted Xue Yu Yan who walked away from there.

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