Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 25 - I Was Playing With You

Ying Lili flinched her brows upon hearing the crown prince. "Leave us alone," Sheng Li ordered the servants there. Court Lady Xu and Eunuch Xing-Fu who were standing a few meters away from the crown prince and crown princess gestured to the servants to leave and then they two walked out, shutting the door behind them.

"Serve the food," Sheng Li told Ying Lili.

"What do you mean?" Ying Lili asked. "What do you mean by I have to die?" Ying Lili confusedly questioned Sheng Li, peering into his eyes.

"Why? Will you sacrifice your life?" Sheng questioned Ying Lili.

Ying Lili chuckled at the question of the crown prince. "Why would I sacrifice my life just to fulfill your wish? Is my death that important to you? Oh, I forgot that your beloved will not be your official wife. You both are really power-hungry. Just kill me as you killed my father," asserted Ying Lili and averted her gaze from him.

Sheng Li found Ying Lili was raged. "I did not kill your father. I do not know why you do not believe my words," stated Sheng Li and snickered. "And, take your words back regarding Xue Yu Yan and me," Sheng Li in a threatening tone said.

Ying Lili frowned at him. "No one will believe a man who is barbaric like you and I will not take my words back. You have to see me in front of your eyes every day but, I will not die until I will kill you," Ying Lili pronounced proudly and stood up from the seat.

The crown princess turned to leave when she heard Sheng Li laugh which befuddled Ying Lili and she turned to look at him. "Why are you laughing?" Ying Lili queried him. Sheng Li stopped laughing and replied, "I was playing with you. I wanted to see what will your reaction be when I will say that you have to die. As I expected, you crossed your limits in cursing me." Ying Lili doubted his answer and skeptically peered at him.

"Do not doubt my intentions. Like I earlier said, if I had to kill you then I would not have taken you here. The food is getting cold and we are getting late for a very interesting match between us," Sheng Li with a smirk remarked. Ying Lili's anger subsided and she took her seat.

"You trusted my answer so quick," Sheng Li stated, smiling at her. "Do not confuse me," Lili sneered at him and served him the food. "Eat," Ying Lili said and then filled her plate with the food. Sheng Lili started eating and recalled the morning incident after he was done taking the bath.

"General Wang, you here? In this early morning?" Sheng Li asked while the servants were helping him in wearing the red-colored overcoat.

"Yes, your highness. I thought to meet you before leaving for the Southern province," replied Wang Hao. Sheng Li told the servants to leave the chamber and sat on a ground seat made on the left side of his room on a cushion and gestured Wang Hao to take a seat who did so.

"Your highness, there is something you must know. Our top spy found out about this from the Prime minister's manor," asserted Wang Hao in a serious tone. After the general narrated the information to the crown prince he asked his highness what he would do then.

"Wang Hao, what do you think of Ying Lili?" Sheng Li asked Wang Hao who was bewildered by the crown prince's question. "What has it to do with the crown princess? I did not understand the words of his highness," Wang Hao stated, lowering his eyes.

"Nothing," Sheng Li replied. Wang Hao saw the sadness and disappointment in Sheng Li's eyes. "His highness was in the military campaign for a long time so maybe Miss Xue had a change of heart," stated Wang Hao softly and waited for the response of the crown prince.

"Wang Hao, is this information true?" Sheng Li asked for confirmation in a damp voice.

"Your highness, I confirmed it. Miss Xue is after the throne. You know how badly the first prince wants the throne but his one wrong decision four years ago, made him lose the position of the crown prince. The Empress is from the family of the prime minister so, it was conspicuous that Miss Xue will go according to them," stated Wang Hao.

"You are not telling lies, right?" Sheng Li asked Wang Hao doubtfully.

Wang Hao felt bad that the crown prince was doubting him but, he also knew that the crown prince surely admired Xue Yu Yan since his childhood days. "Your highness, I do not dare to lie to you," Wang Hao proclaimed.

"Forgive me for doubting you. It is just I told Xue to wait for me but, I think I got late for that. The first prince always eyes on the things I have- first, the throne and now my lover Xue Yu Yan," asserted Sheng Li with a dejected look.

"Your highness, I do not think that the first prince eyes on Miss Xue instead, he eyes on the crown princess. He even sent a spy as the personal attendant for the crown princess. Your highness, as a close friend of yours I would like to suggest to you that to see the crown princess as your woman. The most unexpected relationships turn out to be beautiful sometimes. Your longing for Miss Xue was during the childhood and teenage days. Her highness is a pure-hearted woman and calm like an ocean. You two make a great pair," Wang Hao declared proudly.

"Calm like an ocean?" Sheng Li laughed inwardly. "Do not ever use such praise words for her in front of me. She is not calm like an ocean but she is a wild cat who is always ready to snap at me. No one has dared to call me by my name but that woman does not fear me," Sheng Li complained.

Wang Hao smiled hearing the words of the crown prince towards the princess but then he retreated to his neutral face. "Your highness, that's why her highness is the most perfect woman for you. Most of the men like timid, meek, and easy-going women but you are different from them. A bold, strong, and fierce woman suits you well," Wang Hao proclaimed.

Sheng Li gave a faint smile to Wang Hao. "I do not think so," Sheng Li replied. "General Wang, you shall leave. Have a safe journey and keep giving me the information regarding you," Sheng Li stated. Wang Hao shook his head in agreement and stood up from the seat. "Your highness, take care of yourself and her highness," saying this Wang Hao left the chamber.

Sheng Li felt a jerk on his arm and he came out of his thoughts. Ying Lili was beside him, looking at him confusedly. "What are you thinking? I was calling out your name for a long. I have finished my meal and you did not even eat a single grain," Ying Lili asserted. "Is he thinking of a way to get rid of me?" Ying Lili thought and went back to her seat. Sheng Li did not reply to her and resumed eating.

"You did not put spices to my meal today, why?" Sheng Li curiously asked as he chewed the food inside his mouth.

"You want me to?" Ying Lili asked with a raised brow.

"Why do you always question me instead of answering?" Sheng Li annoyingly asked. An-Ying Lili did not reply to him. "What is he hiding? I had thought if he would marry Miss Xue then, I would not have to see his face. But he changed his decision so suddenly. Shall I talk to Miss Xue?" Ying Lili thought.

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