Married To The Cruel Crown Prince

Chapter 22 - We Were Wild Last Night

Sheng Li was not able to sleep because of the restlessness he was having. He turned himself and saw Ying Lili was totally stuck to the wall without a blanket but, she was sleeping. Sheng Li looked at the face of Ying Lili which was slightly visible in the dim light of the candle. "Goodness, she finally agreed on something with me," Sheng Li murmured and then, averted his gaze from her. "If you would be here then, I guess you would love this woman," Sheng Li murmured and closed his eyes.

"Why am I feeling as if someone has put loads on me," Ying Lili thought in her sleep. She put her hand on her belly when it touched a hand that was not hers. Feeling an unfamiliar touch, she recalled she is in the Crown prince's manor. Instantly the crown princess opened her eyes. She was stunned to see that she was lying beside Sheng Li and her one hand was rested on his chest.

She pulled her hand back and moved away from him swiftly. "How did I end up inside this blanket? Did he do something to me at night? How could I put my guard down and fall asleep," Ying Lili thought and checked her clothes. The crown princess was comforted as nothing was done to her. The crown princess decided to leave the bed-chamber. She stood up on the bed and decided to jump over the crown prince as there was no other way to got out of the bed. Moreover, the crown princess did not want to wait for the crown prince to wake up, and then she would leave.

Lifting her leg slightly up, the crown princess almost jumped out of the bed when she found the crown prince had woken up. Meanwhile, Sheng Li was thinking about what Ying Lili was doing. He bored his cold gaze on Ying Lili who pulled her leg back. "What are you doing?" Sheng Li asked in bewilderment in a threatening tone.

Ying Lili stepped back when she was entangled in her own dress. Unable to balance herself she fell over Sheng Li who winced in pain and moaned. Ying Lili's soft lips landed on Sheng Li's lips but the impact was huge because of which Sheng Li got a cut on his upper lip and it started bleeding. Right away, she lifted her head and looked at Sheng Li who was shooting glares at her. "F-forgive m-me," Ying Lili stuttered when she saw blood on Sheng Li's lips. She touched it and murmured, "blood." Sheng Li pushed Ying Lili and quickly sat up on the bed. He touched his upper lip and then looked at his thumb which had blood.

"What were you trying to do?" Sheng Li shouted at her. Ying Lili lowered her eyes. "Answer," Sheng Li's voice roared in the chamber. Ying Lili lifted her eyes and saw the blood was still coming from Sheng Li's upper lip. She instantly sat on the bed and then reached her hand out to touch his lips when Sheng Li slapped it off.

"Do not touch me," Sheng Li tempestuously put his thumb again on his upper lip.

Ying Lili moved closer to Sheng Li. "It is bleeding too much. Let me check it once. Do not be a stubborn kid," said Ying Lili with a concerned look and touched his thumb. Ying Lili put away Sheng Li's thumb and then looked at the wound. She pulled her hand back and took out the handkerchief from the pocket made on her robe.

"Get out," Sheng Li told Ying Lili who did not listen to him, and gently wiped off the blood from Sheng Li's lip. "Forgive me," Sheng Li heard Ying Lili. "I wanted to leave before you will be awake so, I thought to jump over you," Ying Lili told the crown prince. She blew the air over Sheng Li's lip who was peering at her.

"Hmm, it is clotted," Ying Lili proclaimed and lifted her head to look at Sheng Li when she found their closeness. "When I kissed you in your bed-chamber which was a part of an act you slapped me then, what shall I do to you who stole my kiss and then hurt me?" Sheng Li asked Ying Lili who widened her eyes in astonishment.

"I-I was startled that time and it was without my permission," Ying Lili asserted.

Sheng Li snickered and spoke, "Even I was startled and then without my permission you fell on me and then touched my lips." Sheng Li was grinning at her.

Ying Lili blinked her eyes and then closed her eyes. "Here, you can slap me too," Ying Lili with a stutter said. Sheng Li chuckled and looked at Ying Lili's face. "Lili, indeed I am a cruel man but I do not slap women," Ying Lili heard Sheng Li whispering those words against her lips.

Forthwith, Ying Lili opened her eyes and asked, "But for you, there is no gender. Because I made a mistake, I am r-ready to take the punishment." Ying Lili proudly told Sheng Li who was looking amusingly at her.

"You are true that for me there is no gender but it does not mean I will slap a woman especially you who is my official wife now. It is surprising to see you are asking for a punishment willingly," Sheng Li pronounced and waited for Ying Lili's answer. Ying Lili had never thought the crown prince would be that considerate towards her. "Is this really Sheng Li or is he playing with me with his words?" Ying Lili thought when Sheng Li snapped his fingers in front of her.

Ying Lili came out of her thoughts and looked at Sheng Li. "Thinking that how could this merciless man saying such words?" Sheng Li asked Ying Lili who did not say anything.

Sheng Li leaned closer to Ying Lili's ear and whispered, "I will wait for you on the military grounds. One who will lose will kill a person inside the jail." Ying Lili was shocked to hear that. She turned her face and looked at Sheng Li who was smirking at her. "So, try to defeat me else you have to kill someone, Lili," his threatening, deep voice terrified Ying Lili for a second.

"Get out of here before I will throw you out," asserted Sheng Li and got down the bed. Ying Lili quickly got down the bed, wore the shoes, and left the bed-chamber as fast as she could. Seeing the crown princess coming out of the chamber, Eunuch Xing-Fu went to her. Bowing his head, he greeted her. "Your highness, the palanquin is ready of you," Xing-Fu told Ying Lili who nodded and walked away.

Xing-Fu, on the other hand, went inside the crown prince's chamber and saw his injured lip. A tiny smile formed on his lips. "What is the reason for your smile?" Sheng Li asked Xing-Fu.

"Your highness, this eunuch is happy to see the growing relationship of the crown princess with you. But, it seems you two were too wild last night," Xing-Fu stated and again smiled.

"Indeed, we were wild last night," Sheng Li proclaimed, recalling a few incidents with Ying Lili where he had to control his anger at her. "Inform the imperial majesty not to call for the Royal Astrologer. We two will spend such nights on our own," Sheng Li ordered Xing-Fu.

"Yes, your highness," Xing-Fu accepted the order of the crown prince.

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