Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Old general Yun (Part 1)

Thinking this far, Lin Mumu’s face couldn’t help burning somewhat. Once she finished tending to Professor Lin’s flowers, she instantly thought of going to Yun Ting’s courtyard house to take a look. Wrong, it was now her and Yun Ting’s joined courtyard house.

Yun Ting had actually showed her the property certificate. The title deed was handed over along their marriage certificate, and their two names were written on it.

The courtyard house wasn’t too far from Beijing University, roughly two kilometers away. Lin Mumu borrowed Chen Fangya’s bicycle and rode there.

“It seems that it’s still more convenient to buy a bicycle.” While Lin Mumu was thinking about it, she used her key to open the door of the house.

In the courtyard, she found Old general Yun sitting upright while leisurely drinking a cup of tea. While enjoying the surrounding tranquility of birdsongs and fragrant flowers, he would occasionally open his phone to look for new messages. (TN: idiom meaning the intoxication of a beautiful spring day.)

The moment he heard the door opening, he turned around to look at the visitor. His deep and unfathomable eyes held a somewhat gentle feeling as he looked at Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu recognized him at a glance, and actually wasn’t surprised to find him there.

This is Yun Ting’s residence, and Old general Yun was his grandfather. It was only normal for him to come here to drink tea, take a stroll in the garden and look at the flowers.

In the Yun family, Yun Ting had the best relationship with his grandfather, and Old general Yun was also Yun Ting’s biggest bottomless supporter.

(TN: Meaning he would support him without holding back, no bottom line to his indulging.)

Beijing’s climate was very dry, and the early autumn rain couldn’t maintain the flowers and plants in the yard alone, so they still needed to be watered frequently. Old general Yun had already retired but his spirit was still very good. He always wanted to have some fun, and usually came to the courtyard house to water the garden.

“Hello, my name is Lin Mumu. I’m a part-time worker called over by Yun Ting.” Lin Mumu casually made an excuse: “Yun Ting made me responsible for tending to the flowers and watering the garden.”

Lin Mumu was dressed up like a student, and didn’t apply any makeup. She looked clean an elegant, and a bit like a young part-timer.

At least this little girl isn’t a goblin, doesn’t seem too disagreeable. The old man nodded with satisfaction: “There are some flowers in our garden that aren’t easy to raise. Do you know how to raise flowers?”

Chapter 44 – Old general Yun (Part 2)

“I know a little.” Lin Mumu nodded modestly.

“En, then, let’s see, what happened to this jasmine, why did it drop its leaves?”

“Let me see. Wait, why isn’t this pot of jasmine on the other side? How come it came under the grape rack?” Lin Mumu had very good memory, especially concerning her own home.

“I saw it had opened two small flowers and smelled very fragrant, so I moved it over.” The old man probably guessed it was actually his own fault. He laughed a bit awkwardly, and his tone got much better.

“It doesn’t matter, jasmine likes to bask in the sun. If you like, you can place it at the shelf on the side without using the grape rack as support and enjoy the smell from there, it’s better to leave a certain distance away from the plant so that the flowers’ fragrance won’t be too pungent. You will also enjoy different layers of delicate scents. You also need to take note that jasmine isn’t fond of too much watering. Leftover tea especially shouldn’t be poured into it.”

Lin Mumu felt distressed over the pot of jasmine and quickly plowed its soil and lightly watered it before placing it back in the sunlight.

“Hey, little girl, didn’t you just say it shouldn’t be watered too much? I just watered it yesterday.”

“I water it differently from you.”

Lin Mumu’s constitution was somewhat special. Perhaps this was the talent her master spoke about. After her fingers gently stir the water, she uses it to water the flowers, and it acts as the fairy medicine of plants and flowers. Rotten roots, insect bites, withered leaves, all can be cured! The flowers will even become more beautiful and the buds will bloom quickly. Also, the effects were immediately visible! However, she couldn’t scientifically explain this phenomenon.

Old general Yun watched Lin Mumu working her magic to revive the almost dead jasmine pot. Not only didn’t seem in better spirit, the still closed buds instantly bloomed and bursting out with an exquisite fragrance.

“You were right, the jasmine’s scent became richer and more fragrant. It is much better to put it a little further away.” The old general convincedly nodded his head.

Lin Mumu smiled and accompanied Old general Yun to talk about the frequency of watering, the best kind of water that should be used, and so on and so forth.

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