Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 356 - Ch. 356

Ch. 356

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“Heh.” Yun Ting laughed out loud. It turned out that this little girl was still thinking about joining the team.

“Our team doesn’t accept women.”

“Why not? You are discriminating based on gender! If you have the ability, don’t get married!” Lin Mumu was furious, but she didn’t refute Yun Ting anymore. Her black eyes rolled around, and she was silently calculating in her heart.

Yun Ting found her little appearance funny, so he simply reached out and pulled her into his arms, and talked to Lin Mumu earnestly: “I am their captain. When performing tasks, all decisions must be made by me. I cannot be influenced by anything. You are my weak spot. With you around, I am afraid that I will have to take more care and that I will not have the determination to make the most correct judgment.”

“So you just look down on me and despise me for being incompetent!” Lin Mumu pouted unhappily, but did not reject Yun Ting’s broad shoulders.

Not leaning on warmth and comfort would be a waste!

After watching the group dragging Inoue Noko away, the lively scene ended. Lin Mumu pouted: “Are you feeling sorry for your admirer?”


Yun Ting nodded seriously.

Lin Mumu felt choked and depressed!

She was obviously joking and being petty, knowing that he would not like and sympathize with Inoue Noko.

But he actually said um!


What does um mean?

Lin Mumu looked at Yun Ting angrily, as if she was saying, “If you don’t give me an explanation, don’t even think about sleeping in the bed tonight.”

“Isn’t my admirer Lin Mumu’s classmate?” Yun Ting nodded at Lin Mumu’s angry nose with a smile: “If I don’t feel sorry for you, who else can I feel sorry for? If you don’t believe me, I can only show my feelings with actions.”

After Yun Ting said that, he pulled Lin Mumu into his arms and jumped off the roof.

It was such a high roof, and he was holding someone and just jumped down like that? Did he think he was an aerialist?

Lin Mumu hugged Yun Ting’s neck nervously, but Yun Ting pushed the door open a little anxiously, carried her into the bedroom, put Lin Mumu on the sofa, and moved closer.

Seeing Yun Ting’s face getting closer and closer, Lin Mumu panicked a little and subconsciously reached out to push him.

But her action was an encouragement to Yun Ting.

The more she pushed, the closer he got.

The air between the two became hot.

“You said, you don’t let me sleep on the bed? Huh?” Looking at Lin Mumu who was as frightened as a frightened kitten, Yun Ting was in a good mood to tease her.

“So, we’ll do it on the sofa.”

“Commander, I was wrong! You sleep on the bed!” Lin Mumu quickly admitted her mistake. At this time, could she be stronger than Yun Ting?

At this time, the attitude of admitting mistakes should be correct!

“What did you call me?” Yun Ting’s face dimmed. She actually called him the commander?

“Husband, I was wrong~~” Lin Mumu’s voice softened, soft and a little flattering.

Yun Ting simply rolled her up and the two rolled onto the bed together.


Lin Mumu felt that she had dug a big hole and buried herself this time.

A man and a woman, a legal couple, at night, in bed.

It seemed that something would be wrong if nothing happened.

Lin Mumu closed her eyes resignedly, letting him take her up and down, knocking her into a series of continuous waves.

The wind rose, the clouds moved.

The whole world was quiet, only the rhythm of him going in and out, and her soft subconscious calls, intertwined into a symphony in this small world.

When a brilliant release like fireworks hit, their world returned to peace.

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